Radar detectors and laser detectors are illegal to use in New Brunswick.

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Trans-Canada Highway #2

No reports, as yet.

Saint John

Near Dry Dock
Any of the following roads are terrible mostly in the morning and around 4 pm when the Dry Dock & NBCC get out: Heatherway, Hickey Rd., Grandview Ave. The cop that patrols this stretch is really strict! He will pull you over for anything they he can find. The speed limit on these roads is 60 km/h, and you can be pulled over for any speed over 70. And there is no WARNINGS given, you will be given the largest possible find and will be forced to have your car towed if you can't produce proof of insurance or if your inspection sticker is expired. There is also a 50 km/hzone of Grandview that many people forget about and are usually hit for a $160 ticket and 7 points if you are going anything over 75 km/h.

Highway 1
There is currently a trap on Highway 1 heading into SJ from the direction of St. Stephen / Fredericton. He sits on the onramp for the Tourist Bureau to ruin your day. Speed limit: 100 kp/h

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