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Newfoundland-Nova Scotia Ferries on Trans-Canada Highway

Marine Atlantic
North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques and Argentia, Newfoundland
Marine Atlantic provides a vital link between the island of Newfoundland and the Canadian mainland. Its modern fleet includes Canada's two largest superferries, MV Caribou and MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood. It also includes the MV Leif Ericson. Passenger and vehicle service is provided year-round between Port aux Basques and North Sydney, with additional service in summer between North Sydney and Argentia. These routes are served by the ships MV Caribou, MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood, and MV Leif Ericson. North Sydney is 429 km (266 mi) from Halifax and 457 m (284 mi) from Moncton. Argentia, on the eastern end of Newfoundland, is 31 km (81 mi) from Saint John's, and Port aux Basques, at the southwestern tip of the island, is 919 km (571 mi) from St John's.

Crossing times to Port aux Basques are 5-1/2 - 6 hours in the summer, and in wintertme daylight crossings, though for wintertime night crossings, the time is 7 hours. Crossing Times to Argentia are 14 hours, but just from June 21 to September 30. Schedules are available online or by calling 1-800-341-7981, and you can check rates and make reservations online.

There are typically 1-3 crossing a day to Port aux Basques in off-peak season, and 3-4 crossings during the summer. Summertime schedule: Ferries depart from North Sydney at 9 am, 4:30 pm and 11:30 pm with Sunday & Tuesdays and extra ferry 1t 10:30 am, and Saturday at 00:30 am. Ferries depart from Port aux Basques at 8 am, 3:45 pm, and 11:30pm, with bonus trips Sunday at 5 pm, Wdensday at 00:30, and Fridays 7 am and 9 am instead a single 8 am departure.

The ferry from North Sydney to Argentia runs Monday, Wednesday, at 6 am and Friday at 3:30 pm, from June 21 - September 14, and just on Mondays from Sept 15-30. The ferry from Argentia to North Sydney runs overnight leaving at 11:00 pm on Monday, 8 am Thursday and Saturday June 21 - September 14, and just on Mondays from Sept 15-30.

  • The Non-Smokers Health Act: Smoking is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Passengers are not permitted to remain in their vehicles during the crossing. If it is necessary to return to your vehicle while at sea, you must be accompanied by a member of the crew. Doors are locked and visits to the vehicle deck are scheduled.

Other Island Ferry Services

Change Islands - Farewell: 709-627-3492
Fogo Island - Farewell: 709-627-3448
Francois - Grey River - Burgeo: 709-842-3339
LaPoile - Grand Bruit - Rose Blanche: 709-292-4302
Gaultois - McCallum - Hermitage: 709-551-1446
Little Bay Islands - Shoal Arm; Harbour Deep - Jackson's Arm: 709-292-4300
Ramea - Grey River - Burgeo: 709-292-4300 / 4327
Long Island - Pilley's Island: 709-292-4300 / 673-4352
Rencontre East - Bay L'Argent - Pool's Cove: 709-292-4327
South East Bight - Little Paradise - Petite Forte: 709-891-1050 / 895-3541
St. Brendan's - Burnside: 709-895-3541 / 677-2204
Bell Island - Portugal Cove: 709-895-3541 / 488-2842
Blanc Sablon - St. Barbe: 866-535-2567
Goose Bay - Cartwright - Lewisporte: 866-535-2567
Nain - St. Anthony: 866-535-2567
Fortune - St. Pierre: 709-832-2006 / 800-563-2006
Quebec North Shore - Blanc Sablon: 418-461-2656

Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Map

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