Ontario (Toronto bypass): Toronto through Barrie, Orillia and to Parry Sound via #400

Barrie Waterfront

Why travel between Toronto and Parry Sound?

This route follow Highway 400 from Toronto, heading north from the 401, and up through the York Region, past several industrial plants and bedroom communities, and over the Holland Marsh agricultural hub up to Barrie. From here you continue northward toward Parry Sound, crossing the Trent-Severn Canal, passing the Muskoka cottage country to the east and the Georgian Bay cottage country to the west. Those travelling to/from Toronto may take routes in and out of downtown including 427, the Allen Expressway, and the Don Valley Parkway, or head on the 401 to the Pearson International Airport.

Here is the itinerary for the 219 km route along #400 and #69 from Toronto through Barrie, Orillia and to Parry Sound. This route continues from Parry Sound to Sudbury (which is on the Trans-Canada)

Canada's Wonderland rides, near Vsughan, just north of Toronto The "400" section is the Ontario Highways designation for the portion of Highway 69 already "twinned". Originally (back in the late 1960s) Highway 400 only connected Toronto to Barrie, and has since been exteneded northwards to roughly Parry Sound. There is significant work undeway on this stretch of the hihgway, with construction underway the 25 km from Sudbury to Estaire, and the 11 km from Nobel south to Parry Sound. A short stretch south of Parry Sound, through the Wahta Mohawk First Nation is also in progress. Watch for construction crews during summer travel season in theese areas.

Barrie, as viewed across Lake Simcoe The Holland Marsh is a flat intensive farming region with extremely fertile organic peat moss soils. It is located in the floodlands of the Holland River, a waterway that flows into Lake Simcoe. The marsh was a source of food for natives, and the marsh grasses were used as mattress stuffing in the early 1900s. A University of Guelph professor investigated the soil's quality for growing vegetables, and suggested draining the marsh. In 1925 a canal and dikes 28 km long and 2 m deep were constructed around the marsh to divert the Holland River. Pumps were installed to control the water table within the dikes and drainage operations began in 1930. The marsh today produces carrots, onions, lettuce, potatoes, celery, parsnips, cabbage, cauliflower and beets. Area greenhouses also grow tomatoes, cucumbers and commercial flowers.

Ste Marie Among the Hurons indian village at Midland The Trent-Severn Canal is 385 kilometres (240 miles) and connects Lake Ontario at Trenton with Georgian Bay / Lake Huron at Port Severn. The first European to visit the area was Samuel de Champlain, who arrived in 1615, roughly following the canal's path from Lake Huron back to his base at Montreal. From Lake Ontario the canal climbs 181 m through 36 locks to its highest point on Balsam Lake at Kirkfield, before dropping 79m through another 10 locks to Lake Huron, for a net climb of 100 metres. The waterway and connecting lakes have over 1609 km of shoreline and contain 160 islands, and is traversed by 18,000 pleasure boats each summer season.

Penetanguishene Marina, on Lake Huron's Georgian Bay To the north of Lake Simcoe, the canal passes through the Narrows into 16 kilometre (10 mi) Lake Couchiching, which has the resort town of Orillia at its southwest corner, which was home town to humourist Stephen Leacock. From the northern end of the lake you enter the rugged 32 km (20 mile) Severn River, which passes boaters through 5 locks before reaching Georgian Bay.

At Big Rapids, boaters drop 14 m (47 feet), with the 1919 marine railway replaced by locks in 1965. At Big Chute, boaters travel on a marine railway, first built in 1919 and rebuilt in 1977 (to handle boats up to 100 ft in length) which climbs 19 m (58 feet) in 182 metres (600 ft). At the western end of the canal, the waterway cuts through red granite rocks, topped by white birch trees and dark green pines. This rustic scenery was popularized in the early 1900s by the artists known as the Group of Seven.

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Highway Point & Features


Exit #228 Highway 124 Parry Sound Dr (W) North access into Parry Sound, access to sports facilities (Parry Sound)  216.7 
1.8  North Rd Overpass (no access) (Parry Sound)  223.7 
2.8  Quarry Rd (E) and Parry Sound Dr (W), SW to viewing point of Mill Lake Dam (Parry Sound)  202.7 
3.3  Crossing Mill Lake, Mill Lake Dam to W (Parry Sound)  193.9 
3.9  McDougall Rd (E) and Louisa St (W) (Parry Sound)  225.9 
Exit #224 Bowes St W into Parry Sound, all services, W to Parry Island Indian Reserve (10 km), town of Depot Harbour (Parry Sound)  226.2 
6.5  Underpass McGown Rd (W) Lovell Lane (E) (no access) (Parry Sound)  227.1 
8.5  Exit #220 Highway 518 (Hunter Dr), W to Parry Sound and Oastler Lake PP (4 km) (Parry Sound)  237.7 
11.5  Exit #217 Badger Rd (E) and Oastler Park Dr (W) (Parry Sound)  244.1 
14.5  Exit #214 Sequin Trail Rd, W to Parry Sound KOA campgin, E to Horseshoe Lake Rd (Parry Sound)  231 
15.5  Exit #213 to Rankin Lake Rd, access to Highway 69 S, Horseshoe Lake Rd (E) and Blackstone Crane Lake Rd (W) (Parry Sound)  247.5 
20.5  Elbow Ridge Rd (E) to Elbow Lake (Estaire)  218.2 
22.5  Exit #210 Highway #114, E to Parry Sound -Georgian Bay Airport, Highway 69, accommodation, golfing (Parry Sound)  252.7 
27  Railway underpass 250.2 
32.5  Healey Lake Rd W to Woods Bay, camping (20 km), E along Stewart Lake Rd to town of MacTier (4 km) (Parry Sound)  252.7 
36  Exit 189 Tower Rd (W), to Hwy 69 (E), E to access to Highway 11, town of MacTier (5 km), shopping, services, on Stewart Lake, E to Hwy #169 to Bracebridge (50), Gravenhurst (53 km) 238.7 
39.5  Junction of Pit Rd (E) 232 
40.5  Crossing Moon River and Moon River Rd (N side), Jack Knife Rapiss to E, Seven Sisters Rapids to W 220.1 
41.5  Junction of Highway #12 (Twelve Mile Bay Rd), W to Moose Point Indian Reserve (18 km), O'Donnell Point Nature Reserve (22 km) 227.1 
42.7  North Boundary of Wahta Mohawk Nation (highway twinning in progress to S) (Wahta Mohawk)  216.7 
44.5  W to Iroquois Canberry Growers (Wahta Mohawk)  219.5 
46.5  Crossing Musquash River (entering Wahta Mohawk Territory), Highway twinning in progress to N, hiking path from S side to Georgian Bay (3 km), from N side to Big Eddy Generating Station (3 km) (Wahta Mohawk)  203.3 
50.5  Junction of Highway #32 (Go Home Lake Rd) W and Highway 38 (E) access to camping on Webster Lake, Wahta Mokawk Territory, community of Bala (18 km) (Wahta Mohawk)  198.4 
51.5  Crossing Gibson River, waterfall to E of hwy (Wahta Mohawk)  193.9 
52.5  Junction of Global Tower Rd SB 202.1 
53.5  Exit # 174 Highway #33 S Gibson Lake Rd 203.6 
54.5  Junction of Heather Path Trail (SW) 196.6 
57.5  River crossing with Crooked Lake Dam to E of hwy 194.5 
58.5  Exit # 168 Crooked Bay Rd, access W to Georgian Bay Rd, access E to Haskett's Dr 202.4 
60.5  Hidden Glen Road (W) to camping 207.6 
60.9  underpass, with Six Mile Lake PP to E of hwy 201.8 
64.5  Crossing Georgian Bay channel 192.6 
66.5  Exit #162 Junction of Highway #48 (W) to Honey Harbour (10 km), Highway # 34 (E) to Six Mile Lake PP (2 km), Big Chute (10 km), Severn Falls (16 km) 193.2 
70.2  Barron's Lake to W of hwy 179.8 
72.5  Exit #156 Junction of Highway #5 Port Severn Rd (E) to Port Severn (2 km), and Muskoka Rd (W) to community of Honey Harbour (11 km) 177.1 
74.5  Water way over Georgian Bay & Trent Severn Canal (Port Severn)  172.8 
74.5  Crossing Vertical Island (Port Severn)  173.7 
74.5  Water way over Georgian Bay & Tug Channel of Trent Severn Canal (Port Severn)  177.4 
75.5  Exit #153 Port Severn Rd S (N) to town of Port Severn, Bluff Point Rd (S) access to West Service Rd (Port Severn)  186.8 
79.5  Exit #149 Junction of Highway #59 (Quarry Road), access to W Service Rd and Hodgins Rd 178 
80.5  Bridge over Georgian Bay (NW) inlet into Matchedash Bay (SE) (Waubashene)  175.6 
80.9  railway underpass (Waubashene)  182.3 
81.5  Exit #147 Junction of Regional Rd #12 W to town of Waubashene(1 km), Sturgion Beach (3 km), Regional Rd #16 E to Matchedash Bay (Waubashene)  186.8 
82.2  OPP police station (Still River) 184.4 
83.6  Fesserton Sideroad overpass (no access) E to Matchedash Bay Provincial Wilderness Area (Waubashene)  231.6 
87.5  Exit # 141 Junction of Highway #12 Sturgeon Bay Rd E to town of Coldwater (2 km), Highway #23 (Vasey Rd) W to Orr Lake (18 km) 201.5 
90.5  Reservoir Rd overpass 186.5 
93.5  Exit #137 Lower Big Chute Rd, to Reservoir Rd, Golf Course, and Hwy #12, & Regional Rd #17, S to town of Orillia (23 km) 187.1 
94.5  Exit #136 Junction of Highway #19 (Moonstone Rd ), W to community of Moonstone Hill (2 km) (St Louis Moonstone)  199.6 
98.5  Exit #131 Mt St Louis Moonstone Ski Resorts, at highway,SW to community of Mount St Louis 95 km) (St Louis Moonstone)  210.3 
100.5  Line 6 N underpass (no access) 236.2 
103  passing marshy pond to S of hwy 253 
107  Road to Copeland Forest Resource Management Area 258.2 
107.5  Crossing Sturgeon River 249.3 
108.5  Exit #121 Junction of Highway #93 (Penetanguishene Rd), N to Pentanguishene Rd (31 km) 249.6 
112.5  Exit #117 Junction of Highway #22 Horseshoe Valley Rd W, E to ski resort (7 km) 245.1 
113.5  Crossing Railway 254.5 
118.5  Exit #111 Junction Forbes Rd /Highway #43 (W) and Old Barrie Rd / Highway #11(E), E to Orillia 272.8 
122.5  Partridge Ski Trail Sideroad undercross (no access) 265.5 
125  Shawanaga River crossing, waterfalls to W of hwy 213.4 
125.5  Junction of Kings Highway #11, View to Little Lake to W, W to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (11 km), Orillia (29 km), North Bay (250 km) 231.6 
128.5  Exit 102 to Ducksworth St, N access to dowtown Barrrie, shopping gas, services, accommodation (Barrie)  263.3 
130.5  Exit #98 Bayfield Street, Junction of Highway #26 , Shopping & Accommmodation in both directions, N to Spring Water PP (8 km) NW to Wasage Beach NW (40 km ), Collingwood (61 km) (Barrie)  273.7 
131.5  Exit 98 Rte 27 N, Bayfield St, W to Sunnidale Park, N to Bayfield Mall, Koslov Centre, Georgian Mall, shopping, (Barrie)  249 
132  Sunnidale Rd overpass, Sunnidale Park to NE (Barrie)  247.5 
133.5  Exit 96 Rte 90, Dunlop St, E to downtown, gas, services, acommodation, Imperial 6 cinema,Lakeshore Park, W to CFB Borden (20 km), museums (Barrie)  229.8 
134.3  Tiffin Street overpass (no access) (Barrie)  234.4 
134.5  railway overpass (Barrie)  234.1 
135.5  Exit 94 Hwy 27, E to Barrie Reaceway and Fairgrounds, W to Imperial theatres, gas & services both sides, accommodation to N (Barrie)  248.1 
138.5  Exit 90 Mapleview Dr, E to Molson Park, Cineplex theatres, gas & services in both directions (Barrie)  297.2 
142.5  10th line Overpass 307.5 
143.5  Railroad underpass 304.8 
144.5  Exit 85 Rte 21 ( Innisfail Beach Rd) E to Innisfail,. NW to Georgian Downs and Slots to the West (2km), dirt bike track (4 km) 303.6 
144.5  Simmes Lake, W side of Hwy 203.6 
146.5  6th Line Overpass (no access) 292 
147.5  4th Line Overpass (no access) 283.5 
151.5  SB Exit 75 Rte 89 226.5 
156.5  NB Exit 75 Rte 89 (Innisfill Creek Golf Club 0.7 km down the Road) 226.2 
159.5  13th line overpass (no access) 236.8 
164.5  11th Line overpass (Joe Magani Park to the East) 306.3 
168.5  9th Line underpass (no access) 273.7 
170.5  SB Exit 64B (Rte 88 underpass) 250.2 
171.5  NB Exit 64A (Rte 88 underpass), W to Yogi Bears Jellystone camping, E to gas, community of Bradford (5 km) (Holland Marsh)  236.2 
173.5  5th Line overpass, Holland Marsh to south (Holland Marsh)  225.6 
174  bridge over Holland River (Holland Marsh)  216.4 
179.5  Exit 58 Rte 8 Canal Rd underpass (EB & WB separate, and can cross-over to North (Holland Marsh)  218.5 
181.1  underpass for Canal and S Canal Bank Rd underpass, north over Holland Marsh 223.4 
181.5  SB Exit 55 Rte 9, Cardinal Golf Club, E to Newmarket (11 km) 238 
182.5  NB Exit 55 Rte 9, Carrying Place golf 245.4 
184.5  Exit 52 Rte 16 Lloydtown/Aurora Rd underpass, gas & services, golf courses 306 
189.5  16th Sideroad underpass (no access) 324 
194.5  SB Exit 43 Rte 11 King Rd underpass 289 
195.5  NB Exit 43 Rte 11 King Rd underpass E to King City (4 km), W to Nobleton (7 km) 274 
197.5  King-Vaughan Rd (no access) 273.1 
198.1  NB Petro-Canada service station, restaurant 267.9 
198.7  Kirby Rd underpass (no access) 255.7 
199.5  SB service station, restaurant 255.1 
201.5  Teston Rd (Hihgway 49) underpass (no access) (Vaughan)  242.9 
202.5  SB Exit 35 Major MacKenzie Rd (Vaughan)  228 
204.5  NB Exit 35 Major MacKenzie Rd (Rte 25) (Vaughan)  223.1 
205  View of Paramount Canada's Wonderland amusement park on E side (Vaughan)  223.1 
205.5  SB Exit 33 Rutherford Rd underpass (Vaughan)  216.1 
206.5  Exit 33 Rutherford Rd underpass (Vaughan)  213.1 
207.2  Exit 32 to Bass Pro Mills Dr to the East (Vaughan)  207 
207.5  SB Exit 31 to Langstaff Rd (Vaughan)  206 
207.7  Exit 30 Langstaff Rd underpass, Vaughan Twp (Vaughan)  204.8 
208.5  NB Exit 31 to Langstaff Rd (??Must exit at exit29???) (Vaughan)  201.8 
210.1  Exit 29 Hwy 7 (Vaughan)  193.9 
210.5  Exit 28 inerchange with 407 Toll Highway (Vaughan)  186.5 
211.3  Railway Underpass (Vaughan)  184.1 
211.5  Steeles Ave Under Pass Exit 27 ( Elm Park to the East ) (Toronto)  182 
212.5  Exit 27 NB Exit to Hwy 407 (Toronto)  170.4 
214.5  Finch Ave West Overpass Exit 25 ( Humber River Regional Hospital to the East) (Toronto)  163.4 
216.5  Shepperd Ave West Overpass (Okdale Golf and country club to the East) (Toronto)  150.6 
218  Wilson Ave underpass (Toronto)  131.1 
218.5  Exit 21 401 Interchange (Toronto)  130.1 


Highway Point & Features


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