Quebec Trans-Canada Highway Route from Riviere du Loup, Quebec and Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Riviere du Loup waterfalls

Why Travel between Riviere du Loup and Grand Falls?

This route follows a portage route, used by the First nations and by the fur traders, between the St Lawrence and the Saint John rivers. See dramatic geography, charming towns and resorts, and tons of history along this route.

Here is the itinerary for Highway #185 (Quebec) and #2 (NB) from Riviere du Loup, Quebec and Grand Falls, New Brunswick:

Route 128 follows and early portage route through the Appalachians. This route was used by First Nations, and later fur traders and settlers, to connect the Saint John River valley with the St Lawrence. This area was also important to defence of the colonies, providing a land route between the fortresses at Halifax with and Quebec City. After the War of 1812, a number of smaller forts were built to protect this route, including Fort Ingall on Lake Temiscouata, but were abandoned after the Ashburton Treaty resolved the US-Canada border in 1842.

New Brunswick Farmland The area was once heavily forested, but were cleared for farmland, the timeber industry or lost to forest fires and disease (spruce budworm). Most of today's forests are second-growth in various stages of re-growth. Hardwoods include aspen, yellow birch and maple, and softwoods include balsam fit, red pine, white pine and white spruce.

Where the land is poorly drained, highly acidic peat bogs accumulated, and are currently being harvested. The harvesting process is to dig a drainage ditch, let the peat air-dry for a few days, and then suck it up with giant vacuums. If you travel here in May/June, travelers will see pink blooms on the peat bogs from bog rhodendons.

The Quebec New Brunswick border is marked by the Edmunston Airport. While most of the runway is in Quebec, the airport buildings are in New Brunswick. From here east, the highway exit numbers mark the number of kilometres from this point.

Grand Falls Gorge At Edmunston, the Saint John River from the west is joined by the Madawaska River from the north. From Edmunston south to Grand Falls, the river marks the Canada-US international boundary. Grand Fall is best known (no surprise) for its waterfall. At Aroostook, the Aroostook River joins the Saint John. In the early 1800s, farmers in the off-season would head upriver and lumberjack in the virgin forests. This caused the bloodless 1839 Aroostook War (also called the Port and Beans War), where both Maine and Britain claimed the forests of the Aroostook. The border dispute was resoled in 1842 by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty which set the US-Canada border at its current position.

Construction Notes

In November 2009, it was announced that Highway #185 will be widened to 4 lanes to connect with the already "twinned" Highway 2 in New Brunswick. It will then re re-designated as Autoroute 85, as a continuation the short stretch extending south of Riviere Du Loup (which opened in 2005).

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Quebec Government road condition reports for this segment.

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Highway Point & Features


Michaud Rd intersection, access W to Rapid Brook Camping (Grand Falls)  182.6 
WB Exit #78 Oullette St W of hwy, Belanger St E of hwy, and Harley Hill Rd access to downtown Grand Falls (Grand Falls)  211.2 
EB Exit #78 Oullette St W of hwy, Belanger St E of hwy, access to downtown Grand Falls (Grand Falls)  214 
Hwy #218 W to Hamlin, Maine, and #130 E into downtown Grand Falls (Grand Falls)  152.1 
5.5  Crossing Saint John River (Grand Falls)  152.1 
Exit #75 Community of Grand Falls (downtown) all services, E to highway 108 & access #255, access to St Andre (5 km) (Grand Falls)  157.9 
17  Part of St-Leonard (NE) intersection 163.1 
21  Coombes Rd intersection 152.4 
24  Exit # 58 junction highway #17, W to community of Van Buren, Maine (2 km), E on highway #17 ( Grand-Rivieres-Road) to community of Saint-Quentin (80 km), Campbellton (98 km), Sugarloaf Provincialů 181.1 
26  Exit #56 Part of St Leonard, W to highway 144 and Grande Riviere Camping (1 km) 152.1 
32  Exit #51 West to community of Siegas (2 km). East to Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes ( 6 km). Access to highway #144 175 
37  Exit #46 ( Martin Road ) Community of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska (3 km)m with access to highway #144 212.1 
48.2  underpass: Part of Riviere Verte (no access) 172.2 
50.5  bridge over Riviere Verte (Green River) 152.1 
51  Exit 32 David Rd, access SW to village of Riviere-Verte ( 2 km) 151.8 
53.6  underpass: Chemin Smith (no access) 162.2 
57  Exit: 26 Rue Mathieu, access SW to highway 144, Rue Principale 167 
59  underpass: Chemin des MGR Lang (no access) 180.1 
60.7  underpass: Chemin des Lavoie (no access) (Edmunston)  169.8 
62  Exit 21: Iroquois Rd (NW), Centre Madawasca Blvd (SW) to highway 144 / Rue Principale (Edmunston)  161.8 
63.5  eastern boundary: St Basile 10 Indian Reservation (Edmunston)  177.7 
65  western boundary: St Basile 10 Indian Reservation (Edmunston)  190.8 
65.5  Exit 18: Boulevard Herbert SW to City of Edmundston downtown, access to highways #120, #161, U.S.A.#1 City of Edmundston Information (Edmunston)  202.1 
66  underpass: Chemin du Pouvoir (no access) (Edmunston)  204.5 
68.7  Overpass: Rue Victoria (no access) (Edmunston)  152.1 
69  bridge over Madawasca River (Edmunston)  152.1 
69.4  underpass: Highway 144 (Edmunston)  152.1 
70  Exit #13B access to Highway 144, Acadia Blvd (Edmunston)  157.9 
71  Exit #13A Chemin Farlagne E to services & accommodation (Edmunston)  152.4 
73.7  Rue Riviere a SR Truite (Edmunston)  152.1 
76  Exit #8 W to Chemin Berube, E to Rue Principale Highway #144, West to community of Saint Jacques. West to State of Maine U.S.A. (Edmunston)  152.1 
76.5  Highway 2 is twinned to SE 152.1 
77  Les Jardin de la Republique Prov Park 152.1 
82  Highway Weigh Scales Truck weigh station, west side of highway 163.1 
85  Quebec / New Brunswick Border. Hwy to NW is Quebec #185, to the SE is New Brunswick #2 152.1 
85  Rest Area Exit to Large New Brunswick Information Centre, picnic tables, toilets, internet access, W side of highway 152.7 
85  Edmunston Airport, E side of hwy 152.7 
98  Highway to SE runs adjacent to Madawaska River (Degelis)  151.5 
100  junction with route 295, Services at both sides of highway, E to community of Degelis, SW to community of Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande (15 km). (Degelis)  152.7 
101  Route Lapointe (W) to community of Packington, Avenue Principale (E) (Degelis)  185.9 
102.9  Roadside Highway Turnout Picnic tables, toilets, west side of highway 223.7 
103  Chemin du Lac (E) 152.7 
108  Notre-Dame-du-Lac Municipal Campground Camping, 2 km's east (Notre-Dame-du-Lac)  153.6 
110.4  Exit #29, Rue Belanger, SE access to Notre-Dame-du-Lac, all services & accommodation (Notre-Dame-du-Lac)  215.2 
118.5  Exit #30, NW access to Rue Commerciale, all services & accommodation (Notre-Dame-du-Lac)  155.8 
123.4  junction with #232 W to community of Pied-du-Lac (26 km) 165.2 
123.6  Rue Commerciale, Services on NE side of highway (Cabano)  159.1 
125  Crossing the River Cabano (Cabano)  152.1 
127  Rue des Erables ("maples"), access to downtown Cabano, services & accommodation (Cabano)  157.6 
127.8  Rue Commerciale, west entrance to town of Cabano, services & accommodation (Cabano)  182.6 
128  junction with route 232, E to community of Cabano, services, Fort Ingall historical site(1.5 km), view of Lac Temiscouata (Cabano)  189.9 
130.7  Roadside Turnout with viewpoint on south side 214 
132  Rue Commerciale, Services on NE side of highway (Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha)  236.2 
133.7  Community of Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha Information centre, access from highway (Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha)  272.8 
134.6  Rue Commerciale, services at Highway (Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha)  289.6 
135.8  Chemin de la Savane / Chemin du lac-Savane (E) 271.9 
138.5  Route Vauban (W) to village of Vauban 359.7 
143  Rue Principale E (E) services at highway, no fuel 334.4 
149  junction with #291 / Rue de L'eglise NE to community of Saint-Honore de Temiscouatta (3 km), Saint-Hubert-de-Riviere-du-Loup (16 km) 430.1 
160  Chemin de Couturier (W) and Rue Principale O (E) to community of Saint-Hubert (1 km) 362.4 
161.6  crossing Riviere Saint-Francois 263 
161.6  Chemin Tache O, access to Whitworth 21 Indian Reserve 290.2 
161.7  Chemin des Sept-Camps (W) 278.9 
168.7  passing Lac Chamard to N 265.2 
169  Chemin de la Victoriaville (W) 263.7 
172.6  Chemin du Lac Berube (W), access to St Paul airport, Chemin du Caton (E) 213.1 
174.8  Chemin Lavoie, Truck Fuel Terminal West side of highway 179.5 
175  Chemin de Riviere Verte, N to Camping Lido campground 173.7 
176  3E Range 151.5 
178  Rue Principale, W to community of Saint-Antonin ( 4km), campground (Riviere du Loup)  143 
182  Route de la Plaine (E) (Riviere du Loup)  93.6 
183  Crossing the Riviere-du-Loup (Riviere du Loup)  91.1 
185  Exit #96 Rue Fraser ville NE to community of Riviere-du-Loup, all services, shopping, accommodation (Riviere du Loup)  121 


Highway Point & Features


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