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What to See & Do in Canada?

Discover Canada, the second largest country in the world, and a playground of stunning landscapes, lively cities, and friendly locals. Cruise the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH),  stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Pssst, 97% of it is nature’s beauty, not cities!

You can embark on a roadtrip adventure from one end of the country to the other, explore  a specific province, take a tour of a Region, discover activities & attractions in a  thousand communities, Or, you can check off must-see items on our Ultimate Bucket List!

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We have updated our itineraries for the Trans-Canada #1, the Crowsnest Highway #3, and the Yellowhead Highway #16, and Ontario’s Southern Route #7 (see updated ITINERARIES  page), we’ve also updated many community pages  and their history and their attractions lists, and we’ve added a lot of photos from our travels around the provinces, in particular: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia! Many thanks to each province’s tourism agency.

Travel Planning Tips & Links

Road Trip Travel in Canada, on the Trans-Canada Highway

Travel & tourism information for travellers across all provinces and all cities.  To help you plan (and enjoy) your road trips, also has detailed info and maps of towns & cities, and attractions, festivals. Our TRAVEL TIPS section has tons of pages &  links detailing weatherroad conditionsgas pricesspeed traps,  travel info, highway history, etc. And to better enjoy our beautiful countryside,  deep-dive info on all the geology, wildlife, flowers and trees, and even  agriculture you might pass along the way.

We NOW HAVE great travel  info and itineraries for the #16 Yellowhead Highway, the #3 Crowsnest Highway, and the #11 Northern Route in Ontario, and the #7 Southern Route in Ontario, with info and history of all the towns and their attractions along the way

Most importantly, we have detailed itineraries of all segments of the Trans-Canada Highway, with the rich history of each. Our  “Ultimate Canadian Bucket List” has over 250 must-see attractions and activities.

What Make Unique?

While so many Canada Travel websites and books only discuss the major cities, OUR website and itineraries cover the DRIVE and the scenery (97% of the highway goes through rural areas or wilderness). Because we are not government funded we provide unique perspectives for visitors and travellers. For example, in Sault Ste Marie and Niagara Falls, we cover BOTH sides of the Canada-US  border.

We also cover many worth-visiting communities OFF the Trans-Canada Highway, like the Alberta Rockies and BC Rockies,  the Okanagan Region of BC, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Niagara Falls.

Canada Road Trip Adventure Pre-Trip Planning

TCH is 97% wilderness and rural, and only 3% rural. Do your adventure Right!

Make your cross-Canada road trip more memorable, whether its a once-on-a-lifetime trip, a move to a new job, retracing the route of a long-ago family trip, or exploring for your family history.

  • Use our Itineraries to plan and map your road trip with multiple stops and estimate your driving time. Be sure to add 25% to the drive-time estimate to allow for breaks, sightseeing, and photo ops.
  • Plan your trip timing, and the things you want to see and do
  • Consider the places to stay and make the appropriate hotel or campground bookings prior to departure.
  • Use our road trip packing lists and learn about what you need know before you go
  • Use the links throughout this website to learn more about each of the provinces, territories, communities, attractions, businesses, or topics mentioned.
  • Bookmark this page so you can find it again easily and refer to the route while on the road.
  • See our TCH News page for the latest weather, road conditions, highway closures, and construction, and WHEN TRAVELLING follow our Facebook page,

So Much To SEE And DO!

There are so many things to see and do on your cross-Canada roadtrip. Use the TOP MENUS to plan your trip, or CLICK THESE OPTIONS for the most popular features for your trip or vacation:

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