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Nova Scotia Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar on the Trans-Canada Highway

Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar Overview

Radar detectors and laser detectors are ILLEGAL to use in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick; Newfoundland, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.

Halifax Regional Police Service’s referred vehicle is the Caprice LT1. As the fleet is rotated every two (2) years, it is mostly equipped with the Chevs, however Ford CV is theirs as well. K-9 has a 4-door Blazer, and had a 2-door Blazer until recently. Patrol fleet is 60+ units. Fleet identification is GOLD-BLUE-RED, which was derived from the three (3) Departments HRPS took over, (Dartmouth’s colours were gold, Bedford was Blue, and Halifax, you guessed it, was red). There are a lot of wailing strobe bars with the fleet. Most other municipal fleets in NS utilize the Caprice LT1, however, it depends on bid results.

Please CONTACT US if the information on this page is no longer accurate, and you want to suggest adding or removing noted speed traps in your area or where you have recently traveled.

Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar along Trans-Canada Highway #104/105

Highway 104, Whycocmagh Indian Reservation:

The tribal police have a blue bubble police car runs radar and does not give breaks especially to truck drivers, likes to hide at the gas station and sits before entering the reserve coming from the west, stay within 70 km does not give breaks.

Highway 4, St. Peters

Hwy 4 is the scenic route through Cape Breton compared to #105, which is great for heading to N. Sydney and the Ferries. Going east on hwy. 4, watch for THREE RCMP cars at the detachment just before the swinging bridge in St. Peters. If there is, there will be NO speed traps from there to the Braec’s Brook Bridge in Big Pond. EXCEPT in Chapel Island Indian Reservation, which has their own cops, where you need to observe the 60 km/h speed limit there or they will probably catch you. There will be no warnings.

Trans Canada 104, Amherst – Oxford

The RCMP like to sit on the side of the road like they are parked, waiting for traffic to go by, or sit on an entrance ramp, waiting for people to go by. There is also one hill heading towards Oxford that is a blind crest, a RCMP will be on the blind side of the hill, radaring you as you crest, since the radar gun is pointed right at the crest, you can’t avoid it unless you know it’s there.

Trans Canada 104, Masstown – Truro

RCMP is on top of overpass, radars you and another car pulls you over. Saw three people stopped at one time. Also to beware on this stretch, a rusty Chevy Celebrity, dark blue with dual whip antennas with a radar gun mounted on dash. I saw him sitting on the side on the road, letting on he was going to pull out into traffic.

Halifax Area Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar

A. Murray MacKay Bridge Inbound to Halifax

On your way out of Dartmouth via Highway 111 aka ‘the CircumferenceHighway’ the speed drops from 80 km/h to 50 km/h maybe 1km or so before the bridge. There is a slight right turn in the highway and you can’t see the bridge until you get around it. The police always park just before the toll gates and they clock you as soon as you come around that turn!

Aerotech overpass on Highway 102

Cop parks on the overpass and can ticket speeding cars coming both ways. There are usually three chase cars parked on the ramp.

Bayers Road Turnpike near Bayers Road Street

They stand before the exit to turn to Bayers Road Shopping Center and hide behind a tree, at the end of Bicentenniel Highway Street near Bayers Street

Nearby, three policemen can be checking for speeders at the foot of a winding hill.

Bedford Hwy right by the Mount Alison University

Cops hide in the CN Rail place, across the street from the Mount, trying to ticket cars going from Halifax to Bedford direction.

Tere is another police car behind a telephone pole waiting to chase you, if you fail to stop.

Connaught Avenue near Windsor Street

Turning on Connaught from Windsor the is quite a steep hill and if vehicles coasting down it without applying their brakes will exceed the speed limit. The Ave then goes into a long dual lane straight stretch. The police park hidden on Regent Rd.

Dartmoor Avenue

All apporaching and merging onto Magazine Hill travelling from Bedford to Burnside, where the cops hide down Dartmoor Street on the right (looks like a laneway) or across the street on a gravel patch. The speed posted is 50, while trying to merge onto higway at 90

Highway 102 at Pennington Ave.

Coming inbound on 102 as you enter Halifax near Romans Ave / Bayers Rd the police set up to get you from the 90 to 70 to 50 km decelleration zone.

Highway 118

Outbound past Halifax international Airport just before Enfield Irving exit. When you get about a mile past the Airport watch out for radar traps before you get to the Enfield Exit. The cops sit at the bottom of the hill to get you.

Hwy 102 inbound at Exit 5A

Anyone travelling into Halifax/Dartmouth via the 102 – 1km past the Hilton hotel by the 5A on ramp you can catch one car on the overpass clocking speed while they sit 3-5 cars on the ramp awaiting the description of the offenders. Typically you will see multiple cars pulled over during this trap.

Inbound on the 102 at the Ackerley Exit

As you head into Halifax on the 102 and round the corner headed downhill just before the first exit to Burnside Industrial Park. At least on cop there all the time.

Joseph Howe Drive

They sit on Joseph Howe Drive on a side street as your heading towards the Armdale Rotary. The road goes downhill and they wait there and if you don’t apply the brakes your probably over the 50 kms/hr speed limit.

Joseph Howe Drive

Onn Joseph Howe Drive toward the rotary (at the end of the North West Arm) go the speed limit. There is usually a cop hiding at the bottom of this hill in the lot of the church, and sometimes, in the driveway of a hidden house (lots of trees) in the middle of the hill. So once you go over the lip to go down, slow down!!

Near the Bicentennial highway overpass, by the Ashburn Golf and Country Club driveway, there is a trap hiding under the trees. They are extra strict about speeding during hours when school has just been let out!

Kearny Lake

When you are going along Kearny Lake, on Kearny Lake Road, there will be a hill at the end of the lake (heading towards Bedford from Halifax). At the bottom of the hill, there is an abandoned building to the right and a cop sits there, catching people in BOTH directions.

Lacewood Drive @ Cederbrae Lane

Cops park in Cederbrae Lane to catch people coming down the hill on Lacewood Drive from the Dunbrack Street intersection.

Lucasville Road

This is their home away from home….I`m sure they make the wages up for a good percentage of the police dept here…if they were really interested in safety, don`t you think they would put up better signs to warn you it`s only 50 klicks in that area

MacDonald Bridge Halifax

2 women had on yellow vest and shorts at the end of the MacDonald Bridge Halifax side. They had a portable radar gun by there side and when a car got really close she held up the gun and clocked the car. Then she pointed here finger at the car and radioed to a police car to stop it. I seen this happen 3 times while i waited for the light to change to go on the bridge.

NW Arm Drive Spryfield twrd Dunbrack at the 102 interchange

At the 102 interchange the police set a trap just NW of the Interchange where the speed is reduced to 60 from 80. They are in a blind dip on the other side of the interchange and even if you are decelerating to meet the 60 they will nail you. No’s entering a school zone. I was ticketed 9PM Sunday evening.

Quinpool Road inbound Halifax 1/4 mile past Rotary

Just prior to a hill and left bend in Quinpool there is a cul-du-sac on the right leading to a small island in the NW Arm. The police hide in this and get drivers accelerating from the Rotary proceeding to city centre.

South bound into Halifax on the 102 under exit 4c

When you are coming into Halifax on the 102 southbound, there is the exit for Bedford Commons (Glendale Avenue), exit 4c, you’ll pass this exit and be coming up on the bridge on the 102, under the bridge but just past it is a median, they radar southbound traffic.

This is just before the interchange for Bedford/Sackville.

Southbound on Northwest Arm Drive

As Dunbrack Street becomes Northwest Arm Drive at the overpass crossing the 102 they set up in a small parking area next to the off ramp from the 102 to catch cars accelerating out of the school zone onto this open stretch of road. Beware of the second car parked at the water pumping station hidden around the turn to the right. Then there may be a third car waiting at the intersection with Old Sambro Road.

Northwest Arm Drive is all limited access and all cross streets have traffic lights with prior warning lights if your lane is red or is about to change from green but is not a place to be over the limit!!

St. Margarets Bay Road in Timberlea

Inbound just before the Anglican church the speed drops from 70 to 50 around the 2800 civic numbers. The RCMP park just around the bend in the 50 km zone with the radar on – especially when school is in session. Slow Down.

Hwy 102 at Bayers Road

Hwy turns from 100 km/h to 70 and suddenly 50 going down hill. Most people dont slow down. Cops sit in a one way side street that meets Bayers Rd. As soon as you come over the peak they have yo

Truro Speed Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar

Hwy 102 north bound Exit 113

From Exit 113 on Hwy 102 to where  the Hwy turns into Hwy 104 (the Trans-Canada) there is a speed reduction from 110 km/h down to 100 km/h. At exit 113 traveling northbound, the cops ticket  people just as you pass the speed change (within 200 m). On the northbound side, there police are behind the overpass.

Young Street Truro

At the bus entrance to Truro Junior High, police can catch you coming from either direction . Remember speeding in a school zone doubles your fine

Colchester Legion Stadium (Truro Rink)

when your coming towards the Truro Rink from either direction they sit there, usually around 3 when school gets out and mornings and lunchs

Park Street, Truro side of railway tracks

As you leave Farham Road in Bible Hill going west towards Truro via Park Street, you go over a rise to cross the CNrailway tracks, and start down the other side

Giant Tiger on Robie

Every once and a while, especially late at night, RCMP will sit in the Giant Tiger parking lot with their lights off radaring and watching out for speeders on Robie Street by the Irving Gas Station.

Marshland Drive near Road that goes behind the Truro Mall

The only piece of highway in the town limits is Marshland Drive, that connects to Robies Street and goes to Park St. and Lorne St. This four way stop is where police wait, seeminly all the time.

Other NS Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar

Highway 102, Halifax – Truro

Heading from Halifax towards Truro, at exit 10 – Car on overpass with radar gun, another car on highway, just north of exit. Favourite times seem to be 3 pm to 5 pm or towards nightfall, but has been seen at other times also. Never seems to operate at night from this location.


Watch for a  black Charger with alloy wheels, and a  new hopped-up SUV unmarked for traffic on the 125 and 105. There is also a spotter plane and there are new marker lines by Pottles Lake.

Sydney, on the 125 Bridges

The RCMP  have  private trucks and cars as decoys on bridges, to watch the oncoming cars and trucks. Police cars are lined up on the ramp,  to ticket speeders.

Police Flashing Lights-sliver
Police Flashing Lights-sliver