PEI: from Moncton, NB to Charlottetown, PEI via the Confederation Bridge

Trantramar Marches before getting to Confederation Bridge into PEI

Why Travel between Moncton and Charlottetown?

You travel across tidal marshlands between the Bay of Fundy and the Northumberland Strait, which are home to large flocks of birds, and then cross the 22 kilometer long Confederation Bridge to arrive in PEI. You meander on a two-lane country road to get into historic and charming Charlottetown.

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Here is the itinerary for the 168 km from Moncton, NB over the Confederation Bridge between Cape Tourmantine, NB and Borden-Carleton, PEI to Charlottetown:

Confederation Bridge view The area east of Moncton (on the north side of the Petitcodiac) & Dieppe (on the south side of the Petitcodiac) are part of the Tantramar eco-zone. The name Tantramar comes from French for loud noise Trantimarre, referring to the noise from large flocks of birds in the area, and migrating through it.

The area, after early deforestation, has been stunted by Fundy fogs and winds. You will also pass an area of drumlins (teardrop-shaped sand & Gravel deposits left behind by glaciers as they receded) beside the Peticodiac River.

Use mouse to drag/move map. Click on "+" or "-" to zoom in or out. "Satellite" combines map & photo. NS-Last Exit Before PEI East of Sackville you enter the Tantramar Marshes, where dykes built by early Acadian settlers in 1686 hold back the sea and build lush farmlands on the recovered land. To fertilize the land, the settlers occasionally let the sea flood the land. The settlement here grew to over a thousand people, and was defended by Fort Beausejour (just inside present-day Nova Scotia). The fort was taken by the English in 1755 and the Acadians were resettled around Memramcook and Dorchester.

You will also notice a set of high antennas, on Coles Island eat of Sackville, which are used by CBC Radio International for their overseas shortwave broadcasts. By anchoring them in salty marshy ground, it was believed the electrical ground would improve signal transmission.

The predominant red colour of the island's soils and sands is due to iron oxide in the sediments laid down 250-300 million years ago. Following the last Ice Age, water levels rose to create three smaller islands, but as land rebounded without the weight of glaciers, the islands joined into one larger one. European settlement over the past few centuries has replaced forests of pine, maple, hemlock, and beech with open fields goring potatoes, grain, and cattle. When the forests were lost to the shipbuilding industry, the province also lost its bear and caribou population. The rolling hills of the southern half of the Island, sheltered from the harsh winds of the Gulf, support intensive agriculture.

Cavendish-Anne Of Green Gables House The rich tidal estuaries, where fresh and saltwater mix, make the province a rich environment for shellfish, and the waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait are rich in code, mackerel, tuna and lobster. The famed red Cavendish cliffs on the north shore at the Island's centre erode at about 5 metres (15 feet) per year.

The Confederation Bridge, replaced a ferry that has served the ferry connecting Cape Tourmantine and Cape Traverse (Borden-Carleton) that has been running since 1827. Drivers only pay tolls on the way to the Mainland. So tourists can save money by taking the Bridge to PEI (2007:$41 on way to mainland) and the Woods Island Ferry (2007:$59 per car, either direction) from PEI rather than the other way around. and

The Bonshaw Hills rise 130 metres (400 feet) above sea levels, and are made of sandstone and shale and remain covered by forests because their hilly nature makes it less suitable for agriculture.

History of the Trans-Canada in PEI

Trans-Canada Highway Itinerary Map

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New Brunswick Transportion road condition reports for this segment.

PEI Government road condition reports for this segment.

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Detailed Itinerary


Highway Point & Features


Intersection University Ave & Grafton Ave, Charlottetown City Centre, Charlottetown Festival, all services (Charlottetown)  7.6 
0.4  Intersection University Ave & Euston St (Charlottetown)  7.6 
1.3  Intersection: Allen St (E) and Kirkwood Dr (W), all services (Charlottetown)  8.5 
1.5  Intersection University Ave & Belvedere Ave (Charlottetown)  20.4 
2.2  Browne Court (W), E to University of PEI Campus (Charlottetown)  26.2 
Intersection: Buchanan Dr (W) to accommodation, E to Charlottetown Mall shopping centre (Charlottetown)  24.7 
3.3  Intersection Hwy #2 to Kensington & Cavendish (Charlottetown)  22.6 
3.7  Intersection: Sandstone Rd (S), accommodation, gas & services (Charlottetown)  12.2 
4.1  Intersection: North River Rd (S) and Lower Malpeque Rd, accommodation & services both directions (Charlottetown)  2.4 
Intersection: Upton Rd N to Upton Experimental Farm, shopping, industrial area (Charlottetown)  19.8 
5.9  Crossing Poplar Island, camping, amusement park with go-cart track (Charlottetown)  0.9 
6.2  Crossing North River, tidal estuary 14.3 
6.9  Junction of Hwy 248 N Milton Station (6 km) and Hunter River (17 km); Royal Park Country Inn, S along York Point Rd to York Point (4 km), , and Fort Amherst National Historic Park, W to accommodation… (Cornwall)  23.5 
7.9  MacRae Dr (N), gas & services (Cornwall)  23.5 
9.7  intersection: John St (S) Kellow Rd (N) (Cornwall)  15.2 
10.1  Centennial Rd (NE), accommodation (Cornwall)  16.8 
10.6  Ferry Rd (SE) to camping, York Point (4 km), Cornwall Rd (N) services, and Fort Amherst National Historic Park (Cornwall)  11 
10.7  Town of Cornwall, Junction of Hwy19 (Meadowbank Rd) SB, with accommodation, and Ferry Rd EB to camping (Cornwall)  13.1 
12.3  Pass horseracing tack to S of hwy 36.6 
12.5  Junction route 265 (S) and Linwood Rd (N) 20.1 
13.7  Crossing Clyde River
14.4  Junction of route #247 Bannockburn Rd (N)), Clyude River RD (SW), Baltic Rd (NW) (Clyde River)  38.4 
16.9  Junction of Hwy 9, S to route 247 / Clyde River Rd and community of Dunedin (2 km) (Clyde River)  52.7 
17.2  Cameron Rd (S) east access, and N to gravel pit (New Haven)  53.6 
17.7  Junction of Hwy 9, N (Colville Rd) to Hunter River (18 km) (New Haven)  62.2 
18.2  Amusement park to S of hwy (New Haven)  59.7 
19  Cameron Rd (S) west access (New Haven)  46.9 
19.7  Junction of route 244 (N) 7.6 
20.8  Junction of route 245 (N) 64.6 
21.4  Strathgartney PP (SE side of hwy) 86.6 
22  Crosby Rd (NW) 59.7 
22.4  Crossing West River 0.9 
23.3  Green Rd (N) (Bonshaw)  4.6 
23.4  Bonshaw Provincial Park (Bonshaw)  5.8 
23.5  St Catherines Rd (SE), access to Bonshaw PP (Bonshaw)  8.2 
23.8  Bonshaw Rd (S), services (Bonshaw)  4.6 
26.4  Junction of route 237 Appin Road (N) to Hwy13 83.8 
29.4  Junction of route 246, N to Hwy13 (9 km), and Hwy19 (South Melville Rd) S to south coastal communities,Argyle Shore Prov Park (4 km) (DeSable)  10.1 
30.4  Crossing DeSable River, tidal estuary
33.4  Junction of route 116, Town of Hampton, Shore Rd (S) toTown of Victoria and Victoria Provincial park, Sandy Point Rd (N) (Hampton)  12.2 
36.4  Crossing Westmoreland River, Memory Rd to W, Old Post Rd to NE 3.7 
37.2  Nelson St to Victoria (1.5 km) 17.1 
38.4  Junction of Hwy 13, E to Brookvale Park, crossing Westmoreland River, access to route 231, Inkermann Rd (N) (Crapaud)  11.6 
39.1  Sherwood Forest Dr (S) (Crapaud)  37.2 
39.8  Old Town Rd (NE) 27.4 
41.4  Junction with route 10 (S), W across Tryon River estuary to Augustine Cove (Tryon)  6.4 
42.4  Junction with route 232 Branch Rd (NE)
43.4  Tryon River crossing 8.8 
44.4  Junction with route 115 (Mt Tryon Cross Road to S and Trill Hill Rd to N) 19.2 
46.9  Bradford Rd (S) 44.2 
49.4  Junction with Route 1A N to Middleton (5 km), Central Bedeque (10 km), junction route 1112 W to Albany (1 km) 59.4 
51  Train Station Rd (N) to Albany (4 km), Vernon Muttart Rd (S) 30.8 
53.4  Junction with Route 10, NW to Chelton Beach PP (5 km), SE to town of Cape Traverse (3 km) and southern coastal communities (Borden Carleton)  10.7 
55.4  Junction with Borden Ave and Dickie Rd, W to Borden Carleton, E to Route 10 (Borden Carleton)  4.6 
57.4  Confederaton Bridge on-ramp. 13 km to New Brunswick; toll in Southbound direction. W view of Nonans Marsh, E access to Borden-Carleton, Borden Point Lighthouse, Amhearst Point Lighthouse. 0.6 
71.4  Exit 51 U turn before Confederation Bridge, Islands are Cape Jourimains National Wildlife Area 2.1 
71.4  View of Borden-Carleton Harbour & Lighthouse to E
74.4  Exit 47 Highway #955 E to town of Bayfield (1 km), town of Cape Tourmantine (3 km), W to town of Muray Corner (15 km) and Murray Beach Provincial Park (16 km) 13.4 
76.4  Immigrant Rd (SE) to towns of Bayfield 94 km), town of Cape Tourmantine (6 km) 31.1 
78  Chemin Outton (SE) access to Hwy 960 27.7 
83.4  Upper Cape Rd (SE), Noonan Rd (NW) 30.5 
88.7  Job Allen Rd, access to Hwy 960 17.1 
90.2  Hardy Rd (N), shopping 13.1 
92.1  Junction of Hwy 960, coastal road to Cape Tourmantine 6.4 
94.4  Road turnout, rest area South side 5.8 
94.7  Crossroad S into Port Elgin (Port Elgin)  4.9 
95.4  Pass small horseracing track (Port Elgin) 
95.7  Traffic Circle junction with Hwy 970 (to SE), E to Port Elgin, and Hwy15 (to NW), to town of Shemougue (16 km) (Port Elgin)  6.7 
96  Crossing Gaspereau River (Port Elgin)  1.8 
96.7  Moore Rd, access to town of Port Elgin (Port Elgin)  12.5 
98.7  Cherry Burton Rd (SE) 10.7 
100.4  Coburg Rd (NW) 5.2 
101.6  Main Street (SE), access to Town of Baie Verte (2 km) 10.4 
104.2  Copp Loop Rd (W) 21.6 
104.6  Baie Vert Rd (SE) 22.9 
109.4  Jolicure Rd (NW), S to Jollicure (3 km), natural feature: Halls Hill / Jolicure Ridge 36.9 
112.1  Parson Rd (NW), W to Jollicure (1 km) 13.1 
114.4  Troop Valley Rd (NW) 32 
115.7  Carter Cross road (NW), access to town of Jolicure, Tintamarre National Wildlife Area (1 km) 21.3 
117.3  Point de Brute Road (NW), access to La Coupe Dry Dock National Historic Site, Aulac 21.6 
118.7  Crossroad: Trueman Mills Rd NW 25 
120.4  Crossroad West access to Mount Whatley Rd to east (Mount Whatley on northwest side of Rd) 36.3 
121.4  Exit #513b Junction of Trans Canada Highway #16 East on highway #16 (The Acadian Trail Scenic Route) to Province of Prince Edward Island (52 km), via the Confederation Bridge. Services at highway 26.2 
122.4  Exit #513a Access to community of Aulac, visitor information 22.9 
124.4  River Crossing Aulac River
127.4  River Crossing Goose Creek
128.4  Exit #506 Access to Highway #106 (Cattail Ridge), services at highway (Sackville)  7.9 
130.4  Exit #504 Junction of Highway #940 (Main St), gas & services (Sackville)  21.3 
134.4  Exit #500 Walker Road 95.1 
135.4  Exit #488 EB-only to/from Membramcook Rd (N/S) and Lac Rd (W) (Memramcook)  87.2 
137.4  Exit #488 WB-only to/from Rouge Rd (Memramcook)  44.2 
141.4  Weigh Scales Eastbound (Memramcook)  85 
153.4  Exit #482 Rennaissance St, access Memramcook (Memramcook)  86 
155.4  Exit #480 Old Shediac Road, access to community of Memramcook (Memramcook)  75.9 
161.4  Exit 474 junction Highway #132 E to community of Scoudouc (10 km), W to Moncton airport (5 km) (Moncton/Dieppe)  50 
168.4  Exit #467/#19a Junction Highways #15 & #2. W to City of Moncton 8 km. NE to Shediac(12 km). SE to town of Sackville (37 km), Province of Prince Edward Island. (Moncton/Dieppe)  53.3 


Highway Point & Features


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