St Antoine de Tilly, Quebec on the Trans-Canada Highway

From highway 20 take exit 253, then highway 265 north, and drive through Lotbinière. Alternatively, take exit 291 at Saint-Apollinaire, then highway 273 north, which brings you directly to Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly. Coming from Quebec City, take exit 305 to Saint-Nicolas and follow the river westward.

Located 25 kilometres west of Quebec City, Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly is ranked one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, A village basking in old-world charm, dating back to its 1702 grant of the Autieul seigneury to Noel Legardeur de Tilly continues to preserve its character and charm. From the small road that descends from the church, take in the expansive view of the river from the clusters of villas and chalets located on the waters' edge that make up the lower part of the village, called Les Fonds de Saint-Antoine. The Fond's park is an inviting space for tourists to relax and enjoy the landscape.

The original part of the village, lies higher up and saw its first settlers arrive around 1680, and offers three examples of architecture, seigneurial manors:

Also of note, the 1788 Eglise Saint-Antoine (3870 Chemin de Tilly) has been a registered historical monument, as well as the the presbytery, which now serves as City Hall. Finally, at the parish entrance, note the crucifix (sculpted by Louis Jobin) and the American-styled octagonal barn, a rare and beautiful architectural feature in Quebec.

Two municipal parks, one at Les Fonds, (in the lower part of the village), and the other in the heart of the village, offer superb views of the St. Lawrence River and its northern banks.

On route to the neighbouring village of Saint-Nicolas, stop to feast at the Saint-Nicolas cider factory and orchards, which produce not only local ciders, but fruit wines and jellies as well. Since 2000, Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly has become one of the main distributors of maple syrup in Quebec.

The year 2002 marked the village's tercentennial, when the street posts and cables were removed to revive the appearance and atmosphere of bygone days.

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Fromagerie Bergeron
3837 route Marie-Victorin
(gouda cheese factory and raw milk cheeses from Quebec for sale),

Cider and orchard À l'Orée du Bois,
3161, route Marie-Victorin

Cider and orchard Saint-Antoine
3101, route Marie-Victorin

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