St Michelle de Bellechasse, Trans-Canada Highway information

On the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, 30 kilometres from Quebec City, St Michelle is ranked one the most beautiful villages in Quebec, and comonly called "The white village". Located across the river from Île d'Orléans with a distant view of the Laurentian Mountains, this is an agricultural and holiday centre.

Founded in 1678 as Saint-Michel-de-la-Durantaye (for the Seigneur de la Durantaye), the original village features white wooden houses with coloured roofs, flowers on the porches, and quaint dormer windows.

The village has a 1739 presbytery, one of the oldest in North America, and a processional chapel dating back to the 1680a, as well as the small 1879 anctuary of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes on a riverside promontory park.

From highway 20, take Exit 348 and stop for a scenic view before descending onto the village.You have a view of wheat fields, the village and its bell tower, the river, the island of Île d'Orléans and the distant Laurentian Mountains. You can also take the scenic old highway 132 which crosses through the village.


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