Quebec Trans-Canada Highway Route: between Montreal and Quebec City-Levis

Levis - Quebec City Bridges and Marina view

Why Travel between Montreal and Quebec City

There are two routes between the cities, the North Shore via Trois Riviere, and the South Shore via Victoriaville (which is the official Trans-Canada route). This route connects the largest harbour city on Canada's east coast with the heart and soul of Quebec's culture and identity, moving along the shore of the St Lawrence River, that connects the Atlantic with the Great Lakes.

Here is the itinerary for the 246 km along Highway #40 & #20 between Montreal and Quebec City-Levis

Rafting on the Lachine Rapids In Montreal, the major highways ("Autoroutes") are often below grade and flanked by service roads on both sides, with steep ramps off the highway and back on. MAJOR INTERCHANGES will be marked in red in this table. LANGUAGE NOTE: the West Island of Montreal has a strong English population, while areas east of Mount Royal are predominantly French-speaking.

The major impetus for building the Trans-Canada in Montreal was the consideration for both city commuters and the desire to get visitors from across Canada to Expo 67, the world's fair held during Canada's Centennial year (in parallel with the expansion of the "Metro" subway system). Montreal was a major centre for industry and trans-Atlantic transportation, because of its strategic location on the St Lawrence River. This created challenges both building the highway and bridging the river, all without affecting shipping, the city's network of surface railway lines, or its underground Metro system.

Montreal's Old Town Montreal is criss-crossed by The north-south Autoroute 15 in the Island's west and the 25 in the east, and the east-west 40 bisecting Montreal and continuing along the North Shore of the St Lawrence to Quebec City, while the 20 connects Ontario's 401 to the south side of the Island, into almost-downtown, and zipping across the St Lawrence on the Champlain Bridge to the South Shore city of Longueil (pronounced "long-GAY") before turning eastward toward Levis/Quebec City.

The East-west Autoroute Metropolitaine (#40) , and the north-south Boulevard Decarie (#15), and the north-south Hippolyte-Lafontaine (#25) were built mostly in a below-grade trench. The Hippolyte-Lafontaine Bridge Tunnel across the St Lawrence tunneled below Montreal's rail lines and the St Lawrence shipping channel with a tunnel built from seven 100-metre-long pre-fabricated sections. From the mid-river Ile Charron, the Trans-Canada crosses a bridge over the south channel, the #20 AutoRoute, and rail tracks along the South Shore.

The Trans-Canada between Montreal and Quebec travels through scenic rural farmland. A short distance east of Montreal, the highway crosses the Richelieu River, which drains Lake Champlain into the St Lawrence. Recently some Americans tried designating this lake as one of the Great Lake, but were thwarted. This route was used frequently by raiding parties in both directions during the French-Indian Wars (1750s), the American Revolution, and the War of 1812.

Quebec City's Old Town The South Shore route of the Trans-Canada Highway passes through Levis, across the St Lawrence from Quebec City, the mighty fortress city built upon rocks high above the river. You should visit Quebec City on at least one leg of your cross-country trip. It is stunning, has very charming architecture, and is historically relevant to Canada's current political situation.

Trans-Canada Highway History

Trans-Canada Highway Itinerary Map

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Quebec Government road condition reports for this segment.

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Highway Point & Features


Exit #312, major interchange with Autoroute #73 (webcam 8) North to Ste Foy and Quebec City Airport, south to town of Charny, east to Levis (Charney (Levis))  44.5 
Exit #311 (webcam 16) all services & accommodation, N Route du Pont, S #116 to Parc Cute de la Chaudiere (scenic rapids), community of Saint-Redempteur, and westbound Chemin St … (Charney (Levis))  59.4 
bridge across Riviere Chaudiere, emergency U-turn on west side (Charney (Levis))  16.8 
EB rest area, restaurant, washrooms (KOA Quebec City on N side, access via Exit 311) (Charney (Levis))  75 
3.5  Emergency U-turn 74.7 
Emergency U-turn 76.2 
Exit #305, junction with #171 Route Lageux, all services on both sides, N to community of Saint Nicolas (4 km), south to St Etienne de Lauzon (4 km) 78 
8.3  Emegency cross-over lanes in median 78.9 
12  WB rest area, washrooms (webcam 44) 84.1 
13  overpass Route Germain (no access) 86.6 
16  Exit #296 S to Route du Cap and Chemin Lambert, N to Range des Moulanges & Chemin de Desserte 88.4 
18.2  Emergency U-turn 84.4 
21  Exit #291, junction with #273 N to town ot St Antoine de Tilly (7 km), S to St Apollinaire (1km) all services (St Apollinaire )  100 
21.6  Emergency cross-over lanes in median 102.4 
23.2  Emergency cross-over lanes in median 113.4 
24  Underpass Route du Bois-de L'ail (no access) 119.5 
27  Exit #285 NW via Chemin du Bois-Frac Pieriche E to town of Issoudun (5 km) 124.1 
34  Exit #278 Route Village S to towns of Laurier Station, services & accommodation, St Flavien (4 km) and Dosquet, northbound to Ste Croix (12 km) on Saint Lawrence River (Laurier Station)  110 
41  Exit #271 Route du Village, S to town of Joly (3 km), services 114.6 
47  Exit #266 5E Range 103.6 
51  Exit #261 south to town of Val-Alain (5 km) 110.9 
57  Exit #256, N to Route Seigneurialle to Camping Lac Georges (2 km) 123.1 
57.7  Rest areas EB & WB 125 
59  Exit #253, junction with #265 B to Villeroy (1 km), Ste Francoise, S to accommodation, Notre Dame de Lourdes ( 7 km) and town of Plessisville (19 km) (Villeroy)  131.1 
69  Exit #243, junction with #218 N to town of Manseau (8 km), southbound to Notre Dame de Lourdes (7 km) 114.6 
78  Exit #235 to #162N Range du Domaine to gas & Domain du Lac Louise campground, and #263 S to Saint-Louis du Blandford (4 km) 98.1 
83  Crossing Riviere Becancour 86.6 
85  Exit #228 to 2E Range, E to Princeville (27 km) 87.5 
88.5  WB rest area, with view to Riviere Blanche & rapids 89 
90  Emergency U-Turn, EB rest area with view to Lac la Trute to N 87.8 
93  Exit #220, to #261 Route Principale, N to Sainte-Anne du Sault ( 3 km), Davelyville (4 km) services 88.1 
98  Exit#215 Range Des Epinettes, E to town of Defoy (Defoy)  90.8 
102  Exit #210, junction with #161 Rue Des Bouleaux, N to St Celestin, S to St-Valare and City of Victoriaville 94.2 
103  Exit #209, junction with #95 southbound to St Samuel (5 km), St Albert (16 km) 99.4 
108  Exit #204 81.1 
109.8  River Nicolet Sud-Ouest crossing 67.7 
110.3  Exit #202 Range du Moulin-Rouge, S to Camping Parc du Moulin 78.3 
112  Exit #200, junction with #155 13E Range Wendover, N to towns of St Leonard d'Aston and St Celestin 83.5 
116  Exit #196, junction with #258 12E Range Windover, N to town of Ste Perpetue, S to town of Notre Dame du Bon Consuil (3 km) (Notre Dame du Bon Consuil)  78.9 
118  Riviere du Negre crossing 74.1 
120  Overpass 10E Range Wendover 81.1 
121  Exit #191 9E Range Wendover 92.4 
123.3  Emergency U-turn 82.9 
127  Exit #185, junction with #255 5E Range de Wendover, S Rue St-Louis to town of St Cyrile de Wendover (3 km) (St Cyrile de Wendover )  75 
130.7  Emergency U-turn 75 
131  Exit #181 S to town of St Charles de Drummond (3 km), N to Camping des Voltigeurs campground (St Charles de Drummond)  75 
132  bridge crossing the St Francois River 68.9 
133  Exit #179, S to Boulevard Rene-Levesque into Drummondville, N to Chemin du Golf (golf course) (Drummondville)  75 
135  Exit #177, junction with #143 Boulevard St-Joseph, all services & accommodation, S to Drummondville (3 km) and Sherbrooke (75 km) (Drummondville)  88.1 
137  Exit #175, junction with #143 Boulevard Lemire O (ouest, west), N to St Bonaventure (11 km) (Drummondville)  85 
139  Exit #173, Major interchange with Autoroute Trans Quebecois #55 southbound to St Nicepohore *8 km) and Sherbrooke (71 km) (Drummondville)  83.2 
142  WB Exit #170, services, junction with #170 Rue Yamaska, SE to St Edmond de Grantham, NW to Saint-Germain airport 88.4 
143  EB Exit #170, junction with #170 Rue Yamaska, SE to St Edmond de Grantham, NW to Saint-Germain airport 90.5 
146  Exit #166 10E Range, S to Saint-Germain de Grantham 86.6 
149.5  Emergency U-turn 75.9 
152  Exit #160, junction with #239 Range de L'Eglise northbound to St-Eugene and St Guillaume 82.9 
155  Exit #157 Range Brodeur, S access to St-Nazaire 74.7 
156  Picnic & rest are on WB side, 75 
157.2  Overpass for Range St-Augustin 68.6 
158.4  Picnic & rest are on EB side, 68 
160  Exit #152 southbound access to town of Ste-Helene-de-Bagot, services & accommodation (Ste-Helene-de-Bagot)  68 
162  Exit #150 2E Range S 64 
163.5  Emergency U-turn 68 
165  Exit #147, junction with #116 Range Charlotte on #116 southbound to towns of Upton, Acton-Vale, and Roxton Falls 68 
167  Exit #145 Range St-Edouard, northbound to St-Simon 66.1 
169  Exit #143 WB to Range St-Georges southbound to St-Liboire 47.9 
172  Exit #141, junction with #116 westbound to communities of Ste-Rosalie, St-Hyacinthe, access to camping (St-Hyacinthe)  45.1 
174.4  Overpass 4E Range O (ouest/west) - no access 36.9 
175.8  Exit #138, junction with 3E Range S #224 N to St-Simon and St-Hugues, S to Ste-Rosalie (St-Hyacinthe)  29.9 
178  Overpass 2E Range, Rue de l’Eglise (no access) to Sainte Rosalie (St-Hyacinthe)  32 
178.7  Exit #134 S to Rue Yamaska E with east access to city of St-Hyacinthe, and N to Chemin du Rapid Plat S (St-Hyacinthe)  31.4 
179  Crossing Rivier Deome 25 
180  Exit 133, Rue Girouard E, S into St-Hyacinthe (St-Hyacinthe)  29.9 
183  Exit #130, 3/4 cloverleaf to Rue Principale, #137 S into St-Hyacinthe, all services & accomodation , #235 N all services (St-Hyacinthe)  35.1 
185.8  Rue Pinard underpass (no access) 32.9 
188  Rest Area, bathrooms in both directions 35.1 
190  Exit #123, Grand Range, W to town of St Charles sur Richelieu, N to La Presentation, E to Ste Hyacinthe 35.1 
193  Exit #120 Rue St Simon, S to Sainte Madeleine, camping 32 
200  Exit #113, all services, junction with #133, which follows up the east bank of the Richelieu River, N to towns of St Denis and Sorel, S to towns of Otterburn Park and Richeleu (Mont Saint-Hillaire)  18 
201  Exit #112 all services, junction with #223, follows west bank of Richelieu River, N to Tracy on the Saint Lawrence River, S to Beloil & Chambly Canal de St-Ours national historic site, Fort … (Beloeil)  13.1 
203.2  Emergency U-turn (Beloeil)  18 
204  Exit #109 to Montee St-Jean-Baptiste, Beloeil Airport on S side of highway (Beloeil)  14.9 
215  Exit #98, cloverleaf interchange with Autoroute #30 N to Contrecoer, Tracy and Sorel (58 km), S to St Hubert and Brossard (Beloeil)  14.3 
216  Emergency U-turn (Beloeil)  16.2 
216.4  Cross-over lane (Beloeil)  28 
216.5  WB truck weigh station 28.3 
217.6  Emergency U-turn 29.9 
218  Exit #95, diamond interchange to Boulevard de Montarville, E to Rue de Touraine, W to Chemin du Tremblay into City of Longueuil, gas & services 29 
218.5  EB Exit to Rue Nobel & Rue Newton, shopping, services 29 
221  Exit #92, Boulevard de Mortagne 29 
222.3  Exit #91 Rue de la Province (W) and Rue de Lauzon (E) 29.9 
222.8  underpass: Boulevard Marie-Victorin, and turnaround for service road (Longueuil)  14 
222.9  Exit #90, junction with #20 southbound, #132 northbound and Boulevard Marie-Victorin south-bound to City of Longueuil and fastest access to downtown Montreal (via Jacques Cartier Bridge), .. (Longueuil)  13.7 
223.4  South side of Bridge-Tunnel Louis Hippolyte - Lafontaine, underpass for Auroroute #20 (Longueuil)  6.1 
223.8  North side of Bridge-Tunnel Louis Hippolyte - Lafontaine (Montreal)  6.1 
224  Cloverleaf intersection Rue de L'ile-Charon (Montreal)  6.1 
224.6  South side of tunnel, access to Parc du Quebec Iles-de-Boucherville (in middle of Saint Laurence River) (Montreal)  5.2 
226  North side of Bridge-Tunnel Louis Hippolyte - Lafontaine under St Lawrence River (Montreal)  9.1 
226.7  WB Exit to Rue Tellier (Montreal)  15.8 
228  overpass Rue Hochelaga (Montreal)  25.9 
228.4  EB Exit #5, to Av Souligny (Montreal)  27.1 
228.6  Overpass to Hospital on W side (Montreal)  28 
229.3  WB Exit #5 Rue Sherbrooke Est (east) westbound access to hospital, Canadian Forces Base Montreal, and Olympic Park (the "Big O"), eastbound access to indsutrial areas and .. (Montreal)  29.9 
229.6  Overpass, Boulevard Des Rosaeraies (W) to Place Versailles Mall, and Boulevard Yves-Prevost (E) (Montreal)  31.1 
230.1  EB Exit #5 to Place Versailles, Rue Shebrooke (Montreal)  38.1 
230.4  Overpass, Boulevard Des Rosaeraies (W) and Boulevard Yves-Prevost (E) (Montreal)  39.9 
231  Exit #6 for Rue Beaubien (Montreal)  45.1 
232  Exit #80, major interchange with Auroroute #40 & #25. East-west #40 intersects with north-south #25. West and south directions from the Trans-Canada Highway.. (Montreal)  45.1 
234  Exit #78, Boulevard Langelier southbound to shopping malls & cinemas and to Canadian Forces Base Montreal (Longue Pointe) (Montreal)  46 
235  Exit #77, Rue Lacordaire southbound to several hospitals (Montreal)  47.9 
236  Overpass over Boulevard Pie-IX (pronounced "pee-NEFF") route #25, #125 (access via Service Rd) south to Montreal Olympic Park, north to community of Montreal-Nord and town of Saint-.. (Montreal)  53 
236  Exit #76, Boulevard Viau southbound to Montreal Botanical Gardens and Montreal Olympic Park (the "Big O") (Montreal)  53 
237  Exit #75, Boulevard St Michel north to community of Sault - Recollet, south to communities of Rosemont and Hochelaga (Montreal)  52.7 
238  Exit #74, Underpass for Rue Jarry, waste facility & quarry to the NE, Avenue Papineau N to community of Sault-au-Recollet, Pont-Viau, and Autoroute #19, S to communities of Vollery, .. (Montreal)  46.6 
239  Exit #73, Ave Christophe Colomb, N to Claude-Robillard sports complex, CEGEP Anuntsic and CEGEP Andre-Grasset, S to communities of Villeray, Mount Royal and downtown (Montreal)  46 
239.4  Overpass above Rue St Denis to downtown (access via Service Road) (Montreal)  41.5 
241.5  Exit #71, Boulevard St-Laurent north to communites of Ahuntsic and Cartierville, south to downtown Montreal (Montreal)  41.1 
242  WB Exit (Montreal)  41.1 
242.5  Railway overpass (Montreal)  39.9 
243  Exit to overhead traffic circle, connecting Boulevard d'Acadie and the Service Road (Montreal)  41.1 
243.2  WB Exit #70, junction with Autoroute #15 North, N to community of Cartierville, City of Laval, Sainte-Therese and St Jerome (to Mont Tremblant) (Montreal)  41.1 
243.4  Passing Centre Commercial Rockland to S side (Montreal)  41.1 
243.6  EB Exit #70, junction with Autoroute #15 North north to community of Cartierville, City of Laval, Sainte-Therese and St Jerome (to Mont Tremblant) (Montreal)  42.1 
244.2  WB Exit #68 to Chemin de la Cote SR-Liesse (service rd) (Montreal)  41.1 
244.4  Railway overpass (Montreal)  43 
245.3  Overpass Chemin Lucerne (S), Avenue Ste-Croix (N) - no access (Montreal)  41.1 
245.7  Exit #66, junction with Autoroute #15 South eastbound highway becomes Autoroute Metropolitaine) (Montreal)  41.1 
246  Exit #66, junction with Autoroute #15 South (eastbound highway becomes Autoroute Metropolitaine) southbound to community of Verdun, Champlain Bridge to south shore communities of … (Montreal)  41.1 


Highway Point & Features


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