Saskatchewan: #1 between Regina, Saskatchewan and Brandon, Manitoba

Northern Lights are often accessible across Saskatchewan

Why Travel between Regina and Brandon?

This area east of Regina is Saskatchewan's breadbasket. This are is flat, and nothing but fields

Here is the itinerary for the 363 km along Highway #1 between Regina, Saskatchewan and Brandon, Manitoba

Wascana Lake Boat Docks & Ramp Regina is the ultimate prairie town, starting out as a First Nations settlement, who left piles of buffalo bones there from their hunts. The railroad built a station to stop for water from Pile of Bones Creek. As the town grew, water was piped in 52 km from Buffalo Pound Lake. Wasana Creek has since been dammed in the 1880s to create a recreational oasis near the city's downtown and home to several museums as well as the province's Legislature.

The lake now separates the Trans-Canada from the city's downtown. The city now has some of the most unique and dramatic office architecture in the West. Regina is home to Canada's first elected socialist government, and invented government car insurance and government-run health care as a result of the drive of native son Tommy Douglas.

The land east and southeast of Regina is so flat, the locals say if your dog ran away, it would be days before the wagging tail would disappear over the horizon. The highways run pretty straight, not having to navigate around natural obstacles. The recurring grain elevators here symbolize the vas agricultural capacity of this land, and are the larger-than-life milestones indicating towns alongside the railway. Just before White City, the highway climbs up the eastern edge of the Ice Age's Lake Regina, and flat land is replaced by less agriculturally productive rolling hills.

Saskatchewan is best known for its many Grain Elevators It has taken the 10,000 years since the last ice age for repeated generations of grasses to deposits layers of organic matter and nitrogen to provide a foundation for the area's agriculture. Some estimate that after a century of farming, half of the topsoils have been lost to wind and water erosion.

On the flat prairie, farms are surrounded by trees planted as wind breaks from the winter winds, and to provide shade in summer heat. Some estimate over 400 million trees and bushes were planted from the Indian Head Nursery since 1902. The sheltered valley of the Qu'Apelle River was a popular spot for the First Nations to harvest the indigenous Saskatoon berries.

South of Whitewood is Moose Mountain Provincial Park. This forested oasis in the prairie has many small lakes and offers lots of recreation to area residents. Moosomin, 47 kilometres further east on the highway, is named for the mooseberry (a tall cranberry bush).

Sign at the Saskatchewan-Manitoba Border From this point, the highway begins a gentle drop of almost 500 feet toward Virden, Manitoba. This marks the western boundary of ancient Lake Souris. At the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border, travelers will notice white hilltops to the north of the Trans-Canada, resulting from erosion caused by excessive cultivation.

The stretch between Virden and Oak Lake has fertile sandy lake bottom farmlands. At Alexander, you can head south to Souris (about 24 km) to Canada's longest swing bridge, that stretches 178 metres across the Souris River. A nearby agate pit extracts Souris agate, petrified wood, jasper and epidote.

History of Trans-Canada Highawy from Regina, Saskatchewan and Brandon, Manitoba

Regina to Brandon, Manittoba

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Highway Point & Features


-3  Junction Hwy 10 S, 18th St N, access to Highland Ave service roads to N & S, Brandon, Boissevain (Brandon)  402.9 
Brandon Regional Health Centre, 6.6 km SE of highway, via Victoria Ave..

Brandon Airport, 2 km NE of highway..

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum (National Historic Site), at Brandon Airport, 2 km NE of highway..

Meadowlark Campground, to NE of intersection..

Super 8 Motel, Brandon, to E of intersection..

Lakeview Inn & Suites, 1 km S of highway..

North Hill Inn, about 2 km SE of highway, via Braecrest Dr,..

Redwood Inn, 3.5 km S of highway..

Rodeway Inn Motel. 3.5 km S of highway..

Trails West Motor Inn, 3.5 km S of highway..

Daly House Museum 4.1 km S of highway..

Casa Maley Bed and Breakfast, 5 km Se of highway, via Victoria Ave..

Keystone Centre sportsplex, 6 km S of highway..

Corral Centre, major shopping cebtre 7 km S of highway..
Bloomsberry Rd (Brandon)  406.6 
St George's Rd (N) (Brandon)  409.7 
Highway #270, north to Rivers (Brandon)  402 
School Hill Rd crossing (Brandon)  411.2 
Hwy 459, exit to Grand Valley PP (2 km E) (Brandon)  385.3 
Curan Park campground, 8.6 km E of highway...
Access to Service Roads (Brandon)  394.7 
Pioneer Rd crossing (Brandon)  396.8 
11  Junction Hwy 1A, to downtown City of Brandon (Brandon)  413.9 
Kemnay, about 1 km E of highway, no services..

downtown Brandon, 15 km E of highway, all services...

Victoria Inn Brandon, 11 k E of highway, on western edge of Brandon...
18.8  Smll Ret Stop on South side of highway, no services 522.7 
20  Access to Hwy 250, S to Souris (24 km), access to the Souris Swinging Bridge 442 
23  Hwy 250, N to Rivers, S to town of Alexander, all services (Alexander)  427 
Town of Alexander, to SE of highway..

Town of Rivers, 27 km to NE, all services..

Rivers Provincial Park, camping and watersports, 28 km to NE of highway..
36  Highway 21, east access to town of Griswold (Griswold)  434 
Village of Griswold, 0.8 km S of highway..
38  road crossing, west access to town of Griswold (S), access to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation (N, 4 km) (Griswold)  431.9 
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, 5 km NW of highway..

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council..

Village of Griswold, 0.8 km E of highway..
48  Tower Rd (S), Harrison Bridge Rd (N) intersection (Oak Lake)  430.1 
55  Hwy 254 Junction, S to Oak Lake, camping. N is Bison Trail Rd. 428.5 
Four Seasons Island Resort, campground about 6 km S of highway..

D & G Campground on S side of highway, about 3.3 km W of intersection..
55  Highway 254 junction N, west access to Oak Lake (S, 1 km) (Oak Lake)  430.7 
Town of Oak Lake just to S of highway, with highway bending around it...

Oak Lake & District Museum Incorporated, just S of highway..

Oak Lake Golf Course (9 holes) ..
71  Provincial Road 247, continues as Provincial Rd 257 (W) to Kola (Virden)  438.9 
Virden Wellview Golf Course, 5 km W of highway...

Virden's Lion's Campground, 1.8 km W of highway 204-748-2660 or 204-748-6393 ..
74  King St (S) (Virden)  440.1 
Virden Pioneer Home Museum, on 9th Ave..
75  Thomas Dr S, town of Virden (Virden)  439.8 
town of Virden, pop 3000, to SW of highway. All services..
77  Provincial Rd 259 E, Hwy 83 S (Virden)  448.4 
village of Scarth, 15 km S of highway..

Oak Lake Indian Resere, part of Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation..

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council..
83  Junction of Highway #83, north to Miniota, 27 km 456.6 
Miniota, part of Miniota Regional Municipality, 27 km N of highway..

Birdtail Sioux Indian Reerve, 50 km N of highway..
100  Road crossing , W to town of Elkhorn (Elkhorn)  495.9 
Elkhorn Motor Hotel, with restaurant,0.9 km W of highway..

Town of Elkhorn, pop 470, 1 km to S of highway..
101  Willen Rd (Hwy 256) to town of Elkhorn to S (Elkhorn)  495.6 
Town of Elkhorn, pop 470, 1 km to S of highway..

Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum, in Elkhorn..
112  Rest area on S side of Hwy 513.9 
Rest area beside Welcome to Manitoba sign, washrooms..
113  Junction hwy #542, S to Kola, Hwy #41, N to Manson, services 516.3 
village of Kirkella, 1.7 km SE of highway,..
118  Manitoba-Saskatchewan Border, Saskatchewan Information Center, north side of highway 530 
Tourism Saskatchewan Visitor Reception Centre, open mid May to mid September...

Manitoba Tourism..
123  road crossing (town of Fleming east access, south of Hwy) (Fleming)  546.2 
124  Highway 600 (town of Fleming west access, south of Hwy) (Fleming)  547.7 
Fleming, Pop 75, to S of highway..

Village of Maryfield, pop 350, 28 km S of highway, all services..

Welwyn, 28 km N of highway..

Welwyn Centennial Regional Park, camping, water sports. 28 km N of highway...
136  East Access to Moosomin (S) (Moosomin)  570.3 
137  Junction Hwy 8, S to Fairlight (31 km) (Moosomin)  570.9 
137  Main St Intersection, Hwy 709 S (Moosomin)  571.2 
138  Hwy 8 (N), Cook Rd (S) west access to town of Moosomin (Moosomin)  575.5 
Town of Moosomin, pop 2500, just south of the highway..

Rocanville, pop, 900, 26 km to N, all services, World's Largest Oilcan..

Moosomin Regional Park, 14 km SW of highway, camping, water sports...
138  Hwy 709 (E) (Moosomin)  569.1 
163  Junction Hwy 601, and 5th Ave Town of Wapalla (Wapalla)  587 
Town of Wapella, pop. 400, some services, just S of highway..
164  West access to Wapalla (Wapalla)  588 
Town of Wapella, pop. 400, some services,just S of highway..
174  Junction Hwy 637 N 593.1 
185  Hwy 9 Junction, town of Whitewood, all services. S to Moose Mountain Provincial Park (58 km) (Whitewood)  595.6 
Moose Mountain Provincial Park , 58 km S of highway..

Whitewood Inn..
187  West access to town of Whitewood (Whitewood)  601.4 
Quest Motel..

town of Whitewood, just S of highway,..
196  Junction Hwy 201 N, access to campground (1km S) 622.1 
207  Junction 605 N, town of Broadview (Broadview)  601.1 
Camping-Celebration Park 696-2533..
209  Junction Hwy 605, Town of Broadview (S) and S to Kipling (36 km) (Broadview)  594.1 
Town of Broadview, just S of highway, all services..

Town of Kipling, pop. 1100, home of house tacded for a paperclip over the internet...
235  Hwy 616 N, west access to town of Grenfell (N) (Grenfell)  594.4 
238  Hwy 47 junction, town of Grenfell (N), and Crooked Lake PP (49 km) (Grenfell)  604.1 
Crooked Lake Provincial Park, 23 km N of highway..

Town of Grenfell..

Grenfell "Adare" Museum..
242  Junction Hwy 47, N to Melville (64 km) 609.3 
City of Melville, pop 4600, 64 km N of highway, all services..
255  Hwy 617 N to Lemburg (40 km) 607.5 
258  Hwy 617 S (Wolseley)  598.3 
260  town of Wolseley, all services (Wolseley)  595.3 
273  Junction 606, town of Sintaluta (N) (Sintaluta)  605.3 
Monmatre, pop. 500, 45 km S of highway, all services..

Abernethy, pop 200, N of highway, no services..

Sintaluta, just N of highway, no services...

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site..
289  Junction 619 S to Assiniboine Indian Reserve 76, N to Indian Head Experimental Farm (Indian Head)  584.9 
KOA Campground, just N of highway..

Indian Head Experimental Farm..
291  Junction Hwy 619 N and 56N to town of Indian Head and Fort Qu'Appelle (40km) (Indian Head)  587.3 
Katepwa Point Provincial Park, camping, watersports..

Town of Indian Head, just N of highway, with large Indian Head statue...
304  Junction Hwy 35, N to town of Qu'Appelle (30km) (Qu-Appelle)  653.8 
318  Road crossing, town to Liberty to N, accommodation (Regina)  696.2 
Liberty Motor Hotel, (306) 847 2122..
325  Junction Hwy 621 S 692.8 
332  WB access to Hwy 46 N to town of Balgonie (1km), and Hwy 364 S to Edenwold (18 km) (Balgonie)  668.4 
Town of Balgonie, pop. 1,300, just N of highway. Gas station & Subway restaurant...
332  EB access to Hwy 10 NE to Fort Qu'Appelle 669.6 
Fort Qu'Appelle, 36 km, all services..

Echo Valley Provincial Park, camping, water sports, mini-golf, cycling...
336  EB access to Hwy 46 N to town of Balgonie (1km), and Hwy 364 S to Edenwold (18 km) 634.3 
341  EB Exit to residential area (White City)  609.9 
Access to Aspen Links Golf & Country Club, south of highway..
341  Exit to Hwy 48 S, to Vibank, Kipling, access to Comfort Plus Campground 1km to E, and Dyer Straits Campground to N 620.3 
Comfort Plus Campground, on N side of highway..

Comfort Plus Campground, on S side of highway 1km to E..
342  Emerald Park Rd (White City)  609 
Town of White City, all services..
343  Great Plain Industrial Rd (White City)  608.7 
345  Tel: (306) 525-1448 602.3 
348  Road crossing, campground to S (Regina)  588.9 
Buffalo Lookout Camping, to S of highway. (306) 525-1448..
350  Access to N Service Rd (WB only) (Regina)  586.1 
351  Tower Rd Intersection (Regina)  583.1 
Sports park with 12 baseball diamonds..

Kings Acres Campground, 0.8 km to S of highway..

Gorr and Latham Skating arenas N of highway...

CKCK TV station (CTV affiliate) to N of highway..

CBC Television tower, about 4 km to N..
351  Railway underpass (Regina)  584 
352  Access to Eastgate Dr (WB only) (Regina)  579.4 
353  Prince of Wales Intersection, access to shopping (Regina)  577 
Holiday Inn Express and Suites Regina, to NW of intersection..

Days Inn, to NE of intersection..

Regina Husky Travel Centre (Truck Stop) to N of intersection..
354  Fleet St (N) University Park Dr (S) Intersection, north to services along Service Rd, S to shopping mall (Regina)  576.7 
354  Colemand St N, access to Quance St (S) (Regina)  575.5 
Kings Acres Campground ..

Wild Slides, waterslide park 306-789-6200..

Regina Super 8 Motel, NW of intersection..

Comfort Inn by Journey's End, to NE of intersection..

Country Inn & Suites, to NE of intersection..

several Big Box stores on south side of highway...

Petro-Canada station to S of highway..
354.8  Glencairn Rd (N) Trusdale Dr (S) Intersection (Regina)  577.3 
Victoria East Shopping Centre to South of highway,..
355.4  Victoria Ave E & W to downtown, all services, E to shopping & services & TransCanada Highway (Regina)  577.3 
access to downtown Regina..

Regina General Hospital, via St Johns Street, 3 km W of highway..

Howard Johnson, just NW of intersection..

Sandman Hotels Suites & Spa Regina, just NE of intersection..

Sunrise Motel, to NW of intersection..

Highway 11 NW to Regina Beach, and to Saskatoon, about 260 km..
356  Tyvan Ave interchange and overpass (Regina)  578.5 
357  Interchange with Arcola Ave E, continuing S to Hwy 33 (Regina)  574.5 
various gas stations: Esso & Turbo 0.7 km to S, Esso & Shell 0.7 km to N..

various gas stations: Esso & Turbo 0.7 km to S, Esso & Shell 0.7 km to N..
358  Cross Wascana Creek, Wascana Lake to N (Regina)  569.1 
358  WB Exit to Assiniboine Ave (Regina)  576.1 
360  Wascana Pkwy intersection & overpass (Regina)  575.8 
University of Regina, to N of highway..

Regina General Hospital, via 14th Avenue. 5.5 km N of highway..

Conexus Arts Centre, 2.5 km N of highway..

Wascana Lake & Wascana Centre, 3 km N of highway..

Saskatchewan Science Centre,north side of Wascana Lake, 4 km NE of highway...

Kramer IMAX, part of Saskatchewan Science Centre, north side of Wascana Lake, 4 km NE of highway...
363  Hwy 6 cloverleaf interchange, N to Albert St, all services, continuing into downtown, S to Rowatt, Weyburn and Estevan (Regina)  574.2 
access to downtown Regina..

Access to Weyburn, 115 km to the S..

service stations to N of highway: Shell, 7-Eleven, Co-op, Esso ..

Southland Mall, 1 km S of highway, shops & food court...

9 screen movie multiplex in Southland Mall..

Holiday Inn Express - Regina South, 1.6 km N of highway ..

Travelodge Regina, 1.6 km N of highway..

West Harvest Inn, 3 km N of highway..

Saskatchewan Legislature Building, about 4.7 km N of highway..

Taylor Field, home of Saskatchewan Roughriders, via Dewdney Ave, 6.6 km N of highway..

Downtown Regina hotels, over 15 listed..

Plains Hotel, 5.6 km N of highway..

Turgeon International Hostel, downtown, 5 km N of highway..

Royal Saskatchewan Museum, 4.5 km N of highway..


Highway Point & Features


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