This town, with 1,200 people, was first settled by German Moravians in 1894, who fled religious persecution of their Brethren Church in Vollnhynuia, Russia. The name means “home of the brothers” or more accurately, “home of the brethren”. The town’s principal employer, CXY Chemicals (formerly Canadian Occidental) has 20 industrial plants in the area with 4,200 employees. Bruderheim’s Agricultural Grounds are the community focal point, with a a moto-cross track, chuckwagon track, demolition derby pit, three shale ball diamonds, and a full-service campground.

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Bruderheim Attractions

Bruderheim Natural Area

This 388 hectare park includes upland sand dunes and lowland wetlands. The dunes were developed from sandy deposits from glacial Lake Edmonton. The uplands are mainly open Jack Pine forest, the wetlands include Black Spruce bogs and open Sedge fens. Over 140 flowering plant species and 92 bird species can be found here. Larger wildlife includes white-tailed deer, moose, elk, beaver, coyote and black bear.

The Moravian Church

5124 48 St, Bruderheim, AB T0B 0S0
(780) 796-3775

This church, built in 1895, was the first Protestant congregation in western Canada, and is still in use.

Skaro Shrine

570010, Highway 831, Skaro, AB T0B 2R0
22 km northeast of town on Hwy 45
(780) 998-3288

This shrine is built of local fieldstone. The shrine is visited by local descendants of Ukrainian pioneers in mid-August.

Bruderheim, Alberta Area Map