Redwater is 56 kilometres northeast of Edmonton and has 2,000 residents. The Redwater area was surveyed in 1882-83 and first homesteaded in 1906. The first homesteads were taken by Ukrainian settlers, who were followed by the English and French. Redwater became a hamlet in 1918, a village in 1949, and a town in 1950. Oil was discovered by Imperial Oil Ltd. in October 1948, ausing a small oil boom. The population quickly swelled to about 4,000. The original “discovery well” is still producing, as are other wells in the area, and over the years the population has dropped to a sustainable level.

The town has been home to Esso Resources Canada’s chemical plant, 1.5 kilometres east of town, since 1957. The plant produces butane, pentane, propane and sulfur as by-products from the natural gas in the Redwater Field. Esso Resources also has a large fertilizer plant 10 kilometres south of town, which produces anhydrous ammonia, nitrogenous fertilizers and phosphoric fertilizers.

There are unique Sandhills five minutes east of town, featuring one of the largest sand dune fields in the region. With over 100 kms of trails, enjoy nature hikes, bird watching, equestrian and recreational use – a rewarding haven for ATV riders and nature lovers alike.

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