This tiny community is named for the twin falls that led from the southern end of Skaha Lake into the Okanagan River. Over the years water management and irrigation facilities have reduced the falls, but there’s still something to see! This community was known as Dog Town, after a bad winter when the Hudson’s Bay staff had to eat their dogs. (The Lake is named Skaha after the Shuswap word for “dog”). The community is now known as “OK Falls” to the locals. The pretty town has a memorial rose garden in front to the town’s library and fire hall alongside Highway 97.

Condos Along Okanagan River
The lake is a beautiful deep blue, stretching 20 kilometres north to Penticton. The town has some excellent beaches on the south shore.

While the main road north is highway 97, on the west shore of Skaha, Lakeside Road along the east side is a nice leisurely ride. There is an excellent St Andrews By the Lake 9 hole golf course west of town on Green Lake Rd.

Okanagan Falls Attractions

View To Resort On East Side Of Skaha Lake

Bassett House Museum

South end of OK Falls on Highway 87
This house was ordered from the 1909 Eaton catalogue and features the restored residence of the pioneer Bassett family.

Christie Memorial Provincial Park

This three hectare park features a 200 metre swimming beach on Skaha Lake.

Okanagan Falls Provincial Park

just south of the Christie Memorial Park
This 2 hectare park has 22 campsites open April to October. The park is at the fringe of deciduous trees in the Okanagan and features a large bat population, with 14 species in the Okanagan.

Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory

7 km west on White Lake Rd
The radio telescopes here are used to study the universe and its origins. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the a 26 metre parabolic antenna and a sophisticated computer-linked antenna array. On the grounds of the observatory is pond-sized White Lake, which attracts some unusual birds including Sandhill cranes, loggerhead shrikes, long-billed curlews, Brewer’s sparrows and sage thrashers.
a guide will be on duty in the Visitors’ Centre at the Observatory on weekend days as well as statutory holidays from 10am until 5pm. The Observatory grounds and the Visitors’ Centre will be open during normal working hours. There will not be a guide in the Visitors’ Centre on weekdays.

Okanagan Falls Wineries

Blue Mountain Vineyards & Cellars

Winemaker: Ian Mavety
RR#1, S3, C4, (Allendale Road)
Okanagan Falls, BC, V0H 1R0
Phone (250) 497-8244
Fax (250) 497-6160

Hawthorn Mountain Vineyards

Winemaker: Bruce Ewert
Box 480, Green Lake Road,
Okanagan Falls, BC
Phone (250) 497-8267
Fax (250) 497-8073

Stag’s Hollow Winery & Vineyard

Winemaker: Larry Gerelus
(Street:) 12 Sunvalley Way
(Mailing:) RR 1, S3, Comp 36
Okanagan Falls, BC, V0H 1R0
Phone (250) 497-6162
Fax (250) 497-6162

Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery

Winemaker: Adolf & Roland Kruger
RR#1, S3, C11, Sun Valley Way,
Okanagan Falls, BC, V0H 1R0
Phone (250) 497-8919
Fax (250) 497-6853

Okanagan Falls, British Columbia Area Map