Highway 14 to Port Renfrew

We count the kilometres from the departure at Sooke, along Highway 14 going west.

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Point No Point

(24 km west of Sooke) Named for early hydrographers who say a headland from one view point, which disappeared from another. There is actually a 400 meter mass of jutting rock which breaks up the waves. This little community has a tea room and some cottages with some trails along the shore with lots of storm-twisted trees. In the spring and fall, Grey whales pass by, and in the summer visitors might see orcas.

Sandcut Beach

(27 km past Sooke) Nice trail down to beach, where Sandcut Creek cascades to sea level. Interesting potholes to be seen.

Jordan River

(33 km past Sooke) Jordan River is a small logging community and home to the Jordan River Surf Club, which enjoys the great surf off the river’s mouth.

China Beach Provincial Park

(27 km past Sooke) This 61 hectare park has waterfalls, tidal pools and a nice wide sandy beach. Trails inland lead through Douglas firs, western red cedars and hemlocks. In the spring and fall, Grey whales pass by, and in the summer visitors might see orcas.

Mystic Beach

(28 km past Sooke) There is a steep trail from the road to the beach, taking about 20 minutes, with a waterfall just before shore. From the beach, you can see the impact of clear-cut logging on the area.

Sombrio Beach

(56 km past Sooke) This area has been clear-cut, though was once the closest old-growth forest to Victoria. Only a few small stands near the beach remain. There is a 10 minute hike through the clear-cut down to the popular surfing beach. Some improvised squatters’ homes are on the beach.

Parkinson Seal Grotto and Kuitsche Seal Cove

(66 km from Sooke) A proposed 42 hectare park to protect two unique seal colonies. The grotto is a 3000 sq. metre natural cavern, at the end of a 4 km 4-wheel drive-only road (or a hike) plus a 400 metre hike. Best viewing of seals, who use the grotto as a birthing cavern, is may to September.. In winter, the seals congregate by Kuitsche Seal Cove, a 6 kilometre hike from the grotto.. From the steep cliffs surrounding the cove, visitors have great views of the seals. About 25 seals make this park their home. For info call 250-642-6371.

Red Creek Fir

(91 km from Sooke) Canada’s largest Douglas fir, up a well-marked 12 km gravel road. This tree is 73 metres to its broken top,4 metres in diameter, and is over 900 years old. It is the sole survivor in this well-harvested forest.

Port Renfrew

(92 kilometres from Sooke) The 200 resident village is the end of Highway 14. It sits in a scenic setting at the end of the San Juan River on Port San Juan. Port Renfrew is the southeast end of the Pacific Rim National Park, which includes the West Coast Trail which continues for 77 kilometres along the west coast of Vancouver Island (ending at Bamfield). You can take a 55 kilometre Deering Rd, a logging road inland to Cowichan Lake, and from there east to Cowichan and Duncan.

Pacific Rim National Park

This park has a reservation-registration system to reduce impact on the trail. Each day from May to September 52 hikers are allowed onto the trail (26 from the north, 26 from the south). Reservations can be made beginning March 1 for that season at 250-728-1282. The park information centres is 2 kilometres north of Port Renfrew on Deering Rd. For info call 250-647-5434.

Botanical Beach Provincial Park

(96 km form Sooke) This 350 hectare park is 4 kilometres pat Prot Renfrew. There is a very rough condition gravel road behind the Port Renfrew Hotel, leading to a 3.5 kilometre drive to the Beach. The beach features a natural amphitheater, tidal pools, oddly eroded sandstone formations, and great view of Grey whales during the spring migration. Check local tides to arrive here during low tide.