BC's Highway #1 Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) and Hope

Lions Gate Bridge connects the North Shore with the city of Vancouver (view north)

Why Travel btween Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) and Hope?

The Trans-Canada skirts the actual City of Vancouver, to the north on the Upper Levels Highway with its views over the rest of the Lower Mainland, and then though the suburban communities of Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey. The bridges over the Second Narrows and the Fraser River provide sore great views of the communities around them, and of the busy river traffic below. West of Langley, you drive past miles of lush green farmland, the breadbasket of BC, hemmed in by the Cascade Mountains to the south.

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Ferry Arriving from Vancouver Island at Horseshoe Bay

Here is the itinerary for the 171 km along the #1 highway between Lion's Bay (West Vancouver) and Hope:

The North Shore Mountains are a spectacular part of the Vancouver city skyline. These mountains are made of granite, and the Ice Age coastline was 150 m above the current sea level, showing how much the land rose once the weight of glaciers was lifted. Today's mile maritime climate enables Douglas firs to grow to 100 metres, and the red cedars and western hemlock grow to unusual size as well. For those who have time, should take rides to the top of Cypress or Grouse Mountains, or hike the deep forest trails around and below the Capilano and Lynne Valley suspension bridges which hang high above the deep valleys.

TTugboat Pulling Log Raft Past Indian Arm The Upper Levels Highway was Canada's original "highway 401" and was relabeled the "#1" as it became part of the Trans-Canada Highway system. The Trans-Canada never really goes "through" Vancouver, but grants fleeting views from the north. The highway drops elevation quickly and you may see the snow-covered triangular Mount Baker in the distance (in Washington State), and when crossing the Second Narrows (Ironworkers Memorial) Bridge, you can also see Burnaby Mountain and significant bulk oil terminals to the east of the bridge, and Vancouver's waterfront, skyline, and magnificent Stanley Park to the west.

The highway then winds along Vancouver's boundary with Burnaby to New Westminster on the Fraser River. In Burnaby, the highway passes just south of Burnaby Lake with its recreational and cultural facilities, and a bit further north is Burnaby Mountain with the magnificent Arthur Ericson-designed Simon Fraser University perched atop.

Chilliwack Farms with view South To Mount Thom The Port Mann Bridge crosses the Fraser River into Surrey, Langley and the lush farmlands of the "Lower Mainland". From the bridge, you see log booms, lumber mills, and-in season-fishermen harvesting the seasonal salmon runs that continue for 800 kilometres inland.

The lush Fraser Valley is western Canada's largest fruit, vegetable, and flower growing area, with large farms on both sides of the highway. Midway between Chilliwack and Abbotsford, on the south side of the highway, is the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls. East of Abbotsford you will notice drainage channels built in 1929 that have enabled cultivation of thousands of hectares of former marshlands.

Signpost at Hope, BC The town of Hope grew quickly in 1858 when gold was discovered in several areas further up the Fraser River. The town is surrounded by stunning scenery, where mountains tower a kilometer or more over the river valley, and was showcased in Silvester Stallone's "First Blood" action movie, filmed nearby. From this point, ou head north on #1, northeast on teh speedy #8 Coquhilla, or east meanering on the #3 Crowsnest route to Oliver in the Okanagan Valley and BC's Wine Coutnry

BC Ferries Information

Lush Valleys of the Fraser Valley with Coastal Mountains to the south

History of the Trans-Canada Highway

BC Ferries and the Ferry Terminals Sea To Sky (Highway 99), to Whistler and Lillooet Upper Levels Highway to Second Narrows Bridge Bridges in and around Vancouver Highway 99 heading south to White Rock & USA The Lower Mainland Route form Burnaby to Hope Bridges across and along the Fraser River

Trans-Canada Highway Itinerary Map

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Next West: Victoria to Nanaimo Next East: Hope to Kamloops via #1
Hope to Kamloops via #8

BC Highways road condition report for this segment.

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Detailed Itinerary


Highway Point & Features


South end Fraser River bridge, Water Ave (Hope)  40.8 
0.5  Exit #170 to Highway #1 north (Hope)  40.8 
0.5  Coquihalla St (Hope)  43.6 
0.7  Old Hope Princeton Way (Hope)  36.6 
evergreen bed & breakfast, about 1 km E of highway
Adjacent to Fraser River WB (Hope)  68.6 
Wallace St (Hope)  36 
Town of Hope

community of Hope

Panoramic VR image along Fraser River from Centennial Park (park in town, on east side of highway)

Hope Motor Hotel, 1 block east of highway

City Centre Motel, 4 blocks east of highway

Esso Station, on highway

Hope Museum, 2 blocks south

Hope Cinema

Hope photos
1.5  Flood-Hope/Old Yale Rd/Crowsnest Highway (#3)underpass (Hope)  39.3 
Colver Lake Provincial Park, camping, hiking, swimming, boating (12 km southwest of Hope)

Fraser Canyon Hospital, 1.1 km to E of highway
1.5  Adjacent to Fraser River EB (Hope)  40.5 
Flood-Hope Rd overpass and Exit # 168, Hope airport access (Hope)  41.1 
6.5  Flood-Hope Rd Overpass and Exit #165 (Hope)  36.6 
West access to Hope, via Hope Flood Road

Hope Valley Campground, about 1 km NE of highway

Husky Truckstop & Restaurant, north side of highway

West access to Hope-Laidlaw Airport, about 3 km NE of junction
11.5  Nash Rd Exit and Overpass Exit #160 (Laidlaw)  28.7 
Whistlestop RV Park, just north of highway
18.5  Laidlaw Rd underpass, WB Exit #153 37.2 
19.5  LaidlawRd EB Exit #153 60 
20.5  Peters Indian Reserve 1, Peters Rd Exit #151 48.2 
25.5  Herring Island Rd Exit #146 81.1 
26.5  Exit to south (Abbotsford)  48.8 
28.5  Police U-Turn 8.2 
31.5  East boundary Popkum Indian Reserve #1, and exit to north 33.2 
33.5  Popkum Rd overpass, Exit #138 to Bridal Veil Falls (Bridal Veil Falls)  33.5 
33.5  West boundary Popkum Indian Reserve # 1(both sides) 26.5 
35.5  Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park and waterfall on South side (Bridal Veil Falls)  47.2 
Bridal Veil Falls photos, the falls are a 10 minute hike from parking lot
36.5  Highway 9 Overpass and Exit # 135 (Bridal Veil Falls, and Agazzis-Rosedale Hwy) (Bridal Veil Falls)  57.9 
access to Whispering-Cedars B&B, north of highway

Rainbow Ranch R V Park, adjacent to Highway

west access to Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park, hiking trails

Ferry Island Provincial Park, 2 km north of highway

Minter Gardens, show garden, just north of highway (with 2 restaurants)

Bridal Falls Camperland, just south of highway
39.5  McElwee Rd/ Chilliwack Central Rd exit (WB only) 50.3 
40.5  Falls Golf & Country Club to south of highway 53 
42.5  Annis Rd overpass and Exit # 129 15.2 
access to Falls Golf & Country Club, just south of highway

Chilliwack RV Park and Campground, just north of highway
45.5  Gibson Rd underpass 13.1 
48.5  Prest Rd overpass and Exit #123 (Chilliwack)  12.2 
Mount Thom Park, with hiking and viewpoint, about 5 km S of highway
50.5  Chilliwack Airport on N side (Chilliwack)  9.4 
51.5  Young Rd (N) Chilliwack River Rd (S), access to Chilliwack Airport (N) Exit #120 (Chilliwack)  11.9 
Chilliwack Municipal Airport, just north of highway

Rhombus Hotel, in downtown Chilliwack, about 2.5 km N of highway
52.5  Vedder Rd underpass and Exit #119 (Chilliwack)  11.6 
Cottonwood 4 Cinemas

Paramount Theatre, Chilliwack a 2 screen cinema on Yale Rd

Access to Soowahlie Band Indian Reserve #14 (10 km from highway), near Cultus Lake

East exit to Cultus Lake Provincial Park, about 12 km south of highway

East exit to Cultus Lake WaterPark, about 12 km S of highway

Access to downtown Chilliwack, about 2.5 km N of highway, all services

Cottonwood Mall, just south of highway

Comfort Inn - Chilliwack, just south of highway

Chilliwack Motor Inn, just north of highway

Chilliwack photos

Chilliwack General Hospital (Fraser Health Authority), 2.7 km to N of highway

Vedder River Inn, 2 km S of highway
55.5  Yale Rd W/Luckakuck Way Exit #116 (Chilliwack)  9.8 
Access to Cheam Golf Club, just southeast of intersection

Best Western Rainbow Country

Fraser River Fishing Lodge, with variety of fishing, on the Fraser River, about 5 NE of highway

Flying J Truck Stop to N of junction, via Lickman Rd..
57.5  View of docklands on north side of TCH (Chilliwack)  6.1 
webcam at Lickman Rd, looking west
62.5  Yale Rd W Exit #109, access to 2 golf courses (Chilliwack)  5.5 
Royalwood Golf Club and Chilliwack Golf & Country Club
63.5  Vedder Canal Bridge (Chilliwack) 
64.5  1st Rd Exit (WB only) (Abbotsford) 
64.5  Sumas Drainage Canal crossing bridge (Abbotsford)  2.7 
67.5  No 3 Rd overpass and Exit # 104 (Abbotsford)  3.4 
Exit to Cultus Lake Provincial Park, Chilliwack Lake

West access to Cultus Lake Water Park, about 20 km SE of highway

Access to Soowahlie Band Indian Reserve #14 (15 km from highway), near Cultus Lake
70.5  Police U-Turn (Abbotsford)  8.2 
72.5  Sumas River bridge (Abbotsford)  4.3 
72.5  West boundary Upper East boundary Upper Sumas Indian Reserve #6 (Abbotsford)  4.9 
Abbotsford photos

East boundary - City of Abbotsford
72.5  Exit #99 EB South Parallel Rd (Abbotsford)  7.3 
72.5  On-ramp #99 EB Cole Rd & South Parallel Rd (Abbotsford) 
webcam looking east
74.5  West boundary Upper Sumas Indian Reserve #6 (Abbotsford)  4.3 
76.5  Whatcom Rd overpass and Exit # 95, Wonderland Amusement Park (Abbotsford)  8.5 
Ramada Inn and Conference Centre Abbotsford, just off highway on north side

Abbotsford Camp & Rv Park, about 6/10 km N of highway
79.5  Sumas Way (Hwy #11) underpass, Exit #92 (Abbotsford)  10.4 
Travelodge Abbotsford, just north of highway

Coast Abbotsford Hotel And Suites, just north of highway

Best Western Bakerview Inn, just north of ighway

Super 8 Abbotsford, just north of highway
80.5  Railway underpass (Abbotsford)  12.5 
81.5  McCallum Rd overpass and Exit # 90 (Abbotsford)  56.7 
Access to City of Abbotsford (both sides of highway)

Abbotsford photos

Towne Cinema 4, 1/2 km south of highway

Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (Fraser Health Authority) about 1.9 km to NW of highway
84  Clearbrook Rd (320 Street) overpass and Exit #87 (Abbotsford)  66.1 
Best Western Regency Inn - Abbotsford, just north of highway
85.5  Police U-Turn (Abbotsford)  105.5 
86.3  Peardonville Rd, South Fraser Way overpass, WB onramp, and police U-turn (Abbotsford)  65.5 
88.5  Exit #83, Mt Lehman Rd/304th Street/Fraser Hwy (#1A), Auto Mall to north (Abbotsford)  95.4 
Access to Abbotsford Airport, 3 km south of highway
91.3  Police U-Turn (Abbotsford)  105.5 
94.1  Bradner Rd & Downes Rd underpass (Matqui)  110.6 
webcam looking east
94.7  WB Rest Area, with bathrooms (Abbotsford)  108.8 
96.5  Police U-Turn (Abbotsford)  100.6 
98.5  Exit #73, overpass 264 Street (Highway 13) (Abbotsford)  100.6 
Twilight Drive In, in Aldergrove (Fraser Highway at 260 Street), about 6 km S of highway

Access to community of Aldergrove, 6 km south of highway
99.5  Police U-Turn (Abbotsford)  114.6 
100.5  Police U-Turn (Langley)  84.7 
101.5  248 Street overpass (no access) (Langley)  85.3 
105.5  Exit #66, 232 Street (Highway 10 Bypass) (Langley)  24.7 
232 Street provides East access to Fort Langley

Cranberry Country B&B, 4 km N of highway

Fort Langley National Historical Site

Sleep Inn - Langley, about 4.5 km SW of highway

Langley Memorial Hospital (Fraser Health Authority), about 8 km SW of highway
106.5  Railway underpass (Langley)  22.6 
108.5  Glover Rd overpass, Trinity Western University to South (no access) (Langley)  10.4 
111.5  208 St overpass (no access) (Langley)  66.1 
113.5  200 Street Exit #58 (Langley)  28.7 
Access to Langley (6 km south of highway), Fort Langley (6 km E of Highway)

Famous Players Colossus & Imax , Langley a 24 screen multi-plex theatre, just north of highway

Sandman Hotel Langley, just north of highway

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Langley, just north of highway

Travelodge Langley (Walnut Grove) just north of highway

Access to Golden Ears Bridge, to Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge on the north bank of the Fraser River

Derby Reach Regional Park, on the south bank of the Fraser River, with camping

Derby Reach Regional Park campground with 38 unserviced sites
115.5  192 St overpass (no access) (Langley)  30.2 
118.5  176 St (Hwy 15) overpass and Exit #53, east access to Tynehead (Langley)  68 
Highways Trans-Canada #1 and #15, exit to 176th Street,

Access to Surrey

Access to seaside comunity of White Rock, just above US border

White Rock with its namesake rock, pier, boardwalk, and seaside shops & restaurants (see photos)
119.5  Tynehead Regional Park to southwest (Surrey)  57.9 
121.5  104 Ave and 160 St Exit #50 WB, west access to Tynehead (Surrey)  60.7 
Surrey Memorial Hospital (Fraser Health Authority) 7 km SW of highway
122.5  160 Street overpass and Exit #50 EB (Surrey)  61.3 
Ramada Hotel And Suites
123.5  152 Street overpass EB Exit, WB onramp # (Surrey)  93.3 
North boundary of City of Surrey

Surrey (see photos)

Sheraton Guildford Hotel

Sandman Suites Surrey
125.5  Port Mann Bridge over Fraser River, south end (Surrey)  12.5 
webcam looking east

webcam looking west

Port Mann Bridge across the Fraser River (see photos)

Port Mann/ Highway 1 Upgrade Project - construction updates
125.9  Railway overpass (Surrey)  11.9 
126.7  Port Mann Bridge over Fraser River, north end (Coquitlam)  7.3 
Port Mann/ Highway 1 Upgrade Project - construction updates
127.2  United Blvd, Mary Hill Bypass underpass (Coquitlam)  6.7 
127.5  Lougheed Highway (#7) Exit #44 (Coquitlam)  5.8 
Lougheed Highway #7, with access to Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody

access to Port Coquitlam

access to Port Moody
129.5  King Edward St underpass (Coquitlam)  5.5 
130.5  Brunette St (W) Brunette Ave (E) Exit #40 (Coquitlam)  6.4 
Access west to City of New Westminster

Royal Columbian Hospital

access east via #7 Lougheed Highway to Coquitlam
131.5  North Rd underpass (Coquitlam)  21.6 
132.5  Railway underpass (Burnaby)  27.1 
133.5  Caglardi Way (N) Cariboo Rd (S) Exit #38 (Burnaby)  24.7 
webcam facing east

webcam facing west

Access to Simon Fraser University campus

Burnaby Mountain Park (see VR panoramic image)

Burnaby Mountain Park with Japanese Rose Garden (see photos)

access to Lougheed Shopping Centre, about 2 km to east

Lougheed Mall Cinema, 4 screens
138.2  West end of Burnaby lake Regional Park, on N side (Burnaby)  17.1 
138.5  Kensington Rd overpass Exit #33 (Burnaby)  24.7 
webcam facing east

webcam facing west
139.5  Sprott St Overpass and Exit #32 (EB) (Burnaby)  29.9 
Access north to Burnaby Lake Regional Park, and Burnaby Lake

Access south to Deer Lake Park, Deer Lake Village (representing the 1912 era), and Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
140.5  Douglas Rd overpass (no access) (Burnaby)  33.2 
142  Willingdon Ave Exit #29 (Burnaby)  18.3 
webcam facing east

webcam facing west

Access to BCIT campus, about 1 km south of highway

access to the MetroCentre, the Lower mainlands largest shopping mall

Access to SkyTrain, rapid transit into downtown Vancouver

North to Confederation Park and Capital Hill Conservation Area, about 3 km N of highway

Best Western Kings Inn And Conference Centre

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

Holiday Inn Vancouver-Burnaby-Metrotown

Ramada Hotel & Suites Metrotown

Silvercity Metropolis, Burnaby 9 screen multiplex cinema in MetroTown Centre
142.4  Grandview Hwy, Boundary Rd Exit #28 (WB) (Burnaby)  31.4 
westbound exit for Burnaby Hospital (Fraser Health Authority), 1.7 km S of highway
142.6  Grandview Hwy Overpass (Burnaby)  46.6 
143.2  Boundary Rd Exit /Grandview Hwy Exit #28 (EB) (Vancouver)  31.4 
eastbound exit for Burnaby Hospital (Fraser Health Authority), 1.7 km S of highway
144  Lougheed Hwy underpass (no access) (Vancouver)  21.9 
144.5  Ist Ave & Boundary Rd Exit #28 (Vancouver)  19.8 
Dividing line between Vancouver and Burnaby,

Swangard Stadium, south on Boundary Rd

Boundary Road provides access to Southwest Marine Drive along Fraser River to Richmond (see photos)

Vancouver International Airport, east access, via Boundary Road
145.5  South end of Cassiar Tunnel (Adanac St Overpass) (Vancouver)  29 
146.5  Hastings St Bridge (WB exit #25) (Vancouver)  41.1 
147.5  North end of Cassiar Tunnel (Vancouver)  39.6 
147.7  Wall St/McGill St and Hastings St Exit #25 (Vancouver)  34.4 
north access to downtown Vancouver via East Hastings St

North access to Pacific Coliseum, home to skating & hockey at the 2010 Winter Games

Atrium Inn Vancouver, adjacent to PNE

North access to Hastings Park horse racing track

Best Western Exhibition Park
148  South End Second Narrow Bridge (Vancouver)  47.5 
webcam facing south

webcam mid-span facing south

Second Narrows Bridge over Burrard Inlet, from North Vancouver to Vancouver & Burnaby See photos)

Entering City of Burnaby (east of Highway)

entering City of Vancouver (west of highway)
148.9  Railway underpass (North Vancouver)  5.5 
view east up Burrard Inlet toward Port Moody, view west toward Vancouver harbour & Lions Gate Bridge
149.3  North End Second Narrows Bridge (North Vancouver)  7.6 
Webcam facing south

Second Narrows Bridge over Burrard Inlet, from North Vancouver to Vancouver & Burnaby See photos)

entering City of North Vancouver

Entering District of North Vancouver

North Vancouver Overview
149.4  Main Street underpass Exit (North Vancouver)  8.8 
150  Seymour Creek Indian Reserve (both sides) north boundary (North Vancouver)  10.7 
Seymour Creek Indian Reserve, located on both sides of bridge approaches
150.2  Mt Seymour Parkway (E) Fern St (W) exit #22 (North Vancouver)  11.3 
Access to Capilano University campus, north of highway

European Bed And Breakfast, 1/2 km west of highway

Mount Seymour Resort, skiing, snowboarding, tubing and mountain biking

Deep Cove, about 7 km to the east. Popular kayaking spot, on Indian Arm (see photos)

Access to scenic Deep Cove community

Holiday Inn North Vancouver, just north of highway

Mount Seymour Provincial Park, about 7 km east of highway
150.8  Lynn Creek bridge (North Vancouver)  16.8 
150.9  Mountain Hwy overpass (Exit WB) (North Vancouver)  27.1 
Northbound only Exit to North Vancouver communities of Westlynn and Lynn Valley, access to Lynn Valley Mall
151.5  Keith Lynn Park (S) (North Vancouver)  93.6 
153  Lynn Valley Rd (N), Grand Blvd (S) Exit #19 (North Vancouver)  139.6 
Lynn Valley Centre mall about 1 km NE of highway

Exit to North Vancouver communities of Lynn Valley, northeast of Highway

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge (free!) about 2 km NE of highway. Connects to Baden Powell hiking trail

Exit to North Vancouver communities of Lynn Valley, Grand Boulevard SW of highway
153.3  Lynn Valley Rd underpass (North Vancouver)  143.3 
153.8  Greenwood park (both sides) (North Vancouver)  182.3 
154.4  Lonsdale Exit #18 WB (North Vancouver)  141.1 
154.8  Lonsdale Ave overpass Exit #18 (North Vancouver)  121.9 
155.3  Lonsdale Exit #18 EB (North Vancouver)  101.5 
Exit to downtown North Vancouver, main shopping district (see photos)

Lonsdale Quay shopping & farmers market

Access to Seabus passenger ferry to downtown Vancouver, at Lonsdale Quay

Panoramic view of Vancouver Harbour from the Seabus ferry

Lonsdale Quay Hotel on waterfront

Esplanade 6, North Vancouver beside Lonsdale Quay
155.5  Westview Dr Exit #17 (North Vancouver)  75 
155.7  Edgemont Blvd overpass (North Vancouver)  82.6 
157.3  Capilano Rd Exit #14 (North Vancouver)  47.5 
Exit to Capilano River Regional Park, north of highway about 3 km

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Best Western Capilano Motor Inn, 200 metres south of highway

Capilano Canyon Guest House, 2 km north of highway

North Vancouver neighbourhoods of Capilano Highlands and Canyon Heights,

Access to Capilano Indian Reserve (their land lies below the Lions Gate Bridge)
157.4  Capilano River crossing (North Vancouver)  25.6 
157.9  Taylor Way WB Exit #13 (North Vancouver)  61 
158.2  Taylor Way Exit #13, crosses below Hwy (North Vancouver)  89.9 
Access to West Vancouver communities of Park Royal (south of highway)

Park Royal Shopping Centre, largest on the North Shore

Access to Lions Gate Bridge into Downtown Vancouver (see photos). Opened 1938

Lions Gate Bridge Panoramic View East - VR image

Lions Gate Bridge Panoramic View to West Vancouver - VR image

Access to Stanley Park (see photos( and Vancouver Aquarium

Access to Downtown Vancouver, shopping

Downtown Vancouver Accommodation, with over 60 hotels
159.2  15th St (S) CrossCreek Rd (N) Exit #11(WB) (West Vancouver)  113.4 
159.8  15th St (S) CrossCreek Rd (N) Exit #11(EB) (West Vancouver)  144.5 
Exit to West Vancouver communities of British Properties (to north of #1)

Exit to West Vancouver communities of Hollyburn and Ambleside (to south of #1),

access to Ambleside Park with outdoor pool, pitch&putt course, marina, and picnic grounds (see photos)

Ambleside Park 360 degree panorama image
160  21st Street (S) Westhill Dr (N) Exit #10 WB (West Vancouver)  152.4 
161  21st Street (S) Westhill Dr (N) Exit #10 EB (West Vancouver)  152.4 
Exit to West Vancouver community of Upper Levels

Exit to West Vancouver community of Dundarave, and Dundarave Park
163.5  Cypress Bowl Rd Exit #8 (West Vancouver)  155.4 
Cypress Mountain ski resort, site of Winter Olympics Mogul Skiing & Snowboarding events

Cypress Provincial Park

Cypress Viewpoint, about 2 km north of highway, views of Vancouver & Stanley Park

Cypress Viewpoint -VR Panoramic image
164.5  Westridge/Southridge Exit #7 (BB) (West Vancouver)  147.2 
165.1  Westridge/Southridge Exit #7 (EB) (West Vancouver)  107 
165.7  Westridge Park on south side, Godman Creek crossing (West Vancouver)  158.8 
166.4  bridge over Almodel Rd (West Vancouver)  117.3 
166.5  Cypress Creek underneath, Cypress Falls Park to N (West Vancouver)  60.4 
167  Westport (N), Northwood (N), Caulfield (S) Exit 4 (WB) (West Vancouver)  132 
167.2  Northwood (N) Caulfield(S) bridge (West Vancouver)  173.4 
167.5  Caulfield Exit #4 (EB) (West Vancouver)  158.8 
Access to Marine Drive and Lighthouse Park (See Panoramic VR image)

Lighthouse Park offers scenic views of Vancouver along the waterfront, with historic lighthouse (see photos)
167.9  Westport Rd Exit (WB only) (West Vancouver)  99.4 
168.9  Nelson Creek crossing, Nelson Canyon Park (West Vancouver)  85 
169.8  Eagleridge (bridge) (West Vancouver)  117.7 
170.3  Marine Dr /WB exit to Sea to Sky Hwy, N to Squamish (44 km), Whistler (102 km) (West Vancouver)  61 
Junction Highway #99 (Sea To Sky Highway) to Whistler

2010 Winter Olympics Information
170.5  Gleneagles GC to west (access via Marine Dr) (West Vancouver)  57.6 
Gleneagles neighbourhood-scenic waterfront views throughout, along Marine Drive
170.7  Marine Dr /Sea to Sky Hwy Exit #1 (EB) (West Vancouver)  64.6 
Marine Drive, coastal main road through West Vancouver (photos)

about West Vancouver
171.1  Horseshoe Bay (Lions Bay)  61.3 
Horseshoe Bay photos
171.3  Bay St (Lions Bay)  31.1 
171.5  Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal (Lions Bay)  11.3 
Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay Ferry

Ferry Terminal - 360 degree VR panorama image


Highway Point & Features


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