BC's Highway #1 between Revelstoke, BC and Lake Louise, AB

Trans-Canada toward Rogers Pass east of Revelstoke

Why Travel between Revelstoke, BC and Lake Louise?

This stretch of the Trans-Canada is its most magnificent. You pass several worthwhile attractions in Revelstoke National Park just east of town (including the Meadows to Mountain roadway to the top of the mountain). Then you pass over Rogers Pass, with the highway surrounded by magnificent peaks on all sides of the highway. East of the Columbia River, you drive alongside the Blaebarry marshes, pass through Golden, and then climb the Kicking Horse River valley toward the continental divide. After passing Field’s unusually wide gravel bottomed river beds, you pass the famous Spiral Tunnels, and then just as rapidly drop downhill into Lake Louise.

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Here is the itinerary for the 220 km along the #1 between Revelstoke, BC and Lake Louise, AB:

Revelstoke's Meadow To Mountain Road at the First Lookout-Town view with Bridges Revelstoke has a very quaint Main Street shopping district, worth getting off the highway for. Just east of town is Mount Revelstoke National Park, with the 26 km Summit Road to the mountain's top, built by the community during the Great Depression.

Between Revelstoke and Golden is the Selkirk mountain range, famous for its 10 metres of annual snowfall. With the steep mountainsides, avalanches are frequent, though the highway is protected along key avalanche routes by a number of snow sheds (remove sunglasses while inside). In winter, the Canadian military fires 105 mm howitzer shells at the mountain peaks and ridges to trigger small avalanches before the snow accumulates to dangerous levels. Pre-emptive shelling and serious avalanches may close the highway for several hours.

Rogers Pass Summit Sign, with videw of stunning Mountains The Rogers Pass section of the Trans-Canada was completed in 1962 and was the location for the official opening of the highway. The Canadian Pacific Railway first built a surface line over the pass in 1885 with 6.5 km of snowsheds. In 1916, the line moved into the 8.5 km Connaught Tunnel, right through Mount Macdonald. A second 14.5 km tunnel built in the 1980s doubled train capacity through the Rogers Pass.

East of Rogers Pass, the highway drops swiftly into the Rocky Mountain Trench, between the Selkirk and Rocky mountain ranges. The Rocky Mountain trench varies in width from 3 to 20 kilometres, and is the Columbia River's basin on its northward journey up to the the Mica Dam, from which point it heads southward.

Donald area has the Blaeberry Marsh beside the Columbia River, with a view of the Mountains The Trench is caused by a major geological fault, with the Rockies to the east exposing mostly limestone and sediments from the Triassic period, while the Selkirks and Purcell ranges to the west are made up of mostly metamorphic rocks mostly from the Cambrian period.

The area between Donald and Golden was first explored by David Thompson in 1807 on his way to the Pacific. The Columbia River floodplain west of the Trans-Canada Highway is largely marshy, with muskrat lodges, as well as birds like bald eagles, red tailed hawks, osprey, and Canada geese.

Retaurant and Chalet at the top of Kicking Horse Resort ,above Golden
Kicking Horse Bridge Slope with  large Rockslide Walls From Golden, the Trans-Canada climbs up the Kicking Horse River through a "Montane" eco-zone. The lower elevations have sub-alpine forests of Engelman spruce and alpine fir, and the higher elevations feature Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, and trembling aspen. Along waterways you may notice white spruce, black cottonwood, and western white birch. Along the way, drivers will notice extensive rockslide ofrtifications, including concrete walls, rockbolts into the mountains, and counter-weighted chain link fence. This stretch between Golden and the Kicking Horse Visitor Centre (a distance of about 15 km) of the highway is curvy, slipperly in winter, and has significantly reduced speed limits 9down to 30km/h in sports.

The highway climbs up the slope, entering Yoho National Park, and crossing the Kicking Horse River several times.

Donald area has the Blaeberry Marsh beside the Columbia River, with a view of the Mountains You'll pass two Spiral Tunnels just east of the Continental Divide, which reduce the slope of the railway. Trains pass by every half hour, you won't wait long to observe one part of the train leaving the tunnel the end of it is entering right below (or above) the exiting end. Incidentally, the west side of the Kicking Horse Pass drops 2000 feet (600 meters) more than the east slope to Lake Louise.

Down the east slope of the Kicking Horse Pass, the highway drops rapidly to the junction with highway 93, The Icefields Parkway, north to Jasper (definitely worth a 1 or 2 day side trip!). The highway turns right, following the Bow River toward Lake Louse, Banff and eventually Calgary.

View of Lake Louise with a view up to Plain of Six Glaciers Lake Louise has two attractions worth seeing: Skiing Louise with great year-round recreation, and Lake Louise itself. The road climbs about 700 ft (200 metres) from the valley, and opens to a splendid view of the lake, a glacier, and the famed Chateau Lake Louise.

Trans-Canada Highway History

Rogers Pass Route (Reveolstoke To Golden) Big Bend Route (Revelstoke to Golden) Golden to Lake Louise

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Highway Point & Features


Bow Valley Parkway (E) to Skiing Louise and 1A Bow Valley Parkway, and Lake Louise Rd (W) to the town and lake (Lake Louise)  1546.9 
Access to Village of Lake Louise, about 0.3 km to W of highway

Lake Louise, the lake, with hiking trail, canoeing, and tea house. About 4 km W of highway (for cyclists, a climb of 660 ft)

Photos of Lake Louise and area

Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Gondola (in summertime)

Chateau Lake Louise, 4 km from highway

Deer Lodge, 4 km from highway

Lake Louise Inn, 0.3 km from highway

Moraine Lake Lodge, 15 km SE of highway

Post Hotel, .3 km from highway

Baker Creek Chalets, 0.5 km from highway

Icefields Parkway Visitors Centre, 3/10 km W of highway, in town. Serving Jasper National Park, Banff National Park and Yoho National Park visitors
Exit (E) Slate Dr, Pipestone Trail (Lake Louise)  1542 
Junction with highway 93 1550.8 
Access to Peyto Lake, Columbia Glacier to north

Continue from Columbia Icefields to Jasper

Jasper, Alberta, 260 km N of Trans-Canada Highway

Jasper National Park, 120 km to N of Trans-Canada Highway
Highway Pullout 1570.3 
Alberta-BC Border (Kicking Horse Pass) 1640.7 
Welcome to Alberta (eastbound)

Welcome to British Columbia (westbound)

Boundary of Banff National Park (eastbound)

Boundary of Yoho National Park (westbound)
10  Sink Lake to south of highway 1641.7 
11.8  West Louise Lodge 1612.7 
12  Highway 1A east, and road south to Lake O-Hara 1609.3 
14  Wapta Lake (S), Paget Peak trail 1588.3 
photos of Wapta Lake
14  West exit (N) to Spiral Tunnels viewpoint 1497.8 
Spiral Tunnels Viewpoint on N side of highway (easiest access for westbound travellers)

Spiral Tunnels photos
14  East exit (N) to Spiral Tunnels viewpoint, view of Yoho River to north 1542 
15.6  Sherbrook Creek crossing 1569.7 
19  Trail (S) to Spiral Tunnel viewpoint 1429.8 
22  West Exit to Takakkaw Falls 1261.6 
Hiking Trail to Walcott Quarry Burgess Shale fossil beds (20 km hike) from Takkakaw Falls parking lot

Takakkaw Falls, parking lot is 14 km NW of highway

Takakkaw Falls, with 254m ( 833 ft ) freefall. Parking lot is 14 km NW of highway

Yoho National Park - Takakkaw Falls Campground
24  Trail (W) to Monarch and Kicking Horse campgrounds 1246.9 
Kicking Horse Campground
26  Exit to Field, Emerald lake Lodge (Field)  1245.7 
webcam facing northeast

Field BC Bridge in Yoho National Park. 100 m E of highway, 360 degree panorama image

Town of Field

Photos of Field and area

Hiking Trail to Mount Stephen Burgess Shale fossil beds

Yoho Park Information Centre, south side of highway

bathrooms and picnic tables at Yoho Visitors Centre, wtih pond

Emerald lake Lodge

Canadian Rockies Inn

Alpine Guesthouse, in Field
27  Trail (W) to 1236.9 
27.7  Trail (W) to Natural Bridge 3 km, and Emerald Lake (10 km) 1237.8 
28  Cross Kicking Horse River 1248.5 
29  Trails (E) 1295.4 
30  Exit (W) to Yoho Park Warden Station 1282.9 
32  Trail (W) to picnic area 1205.8 
34  Exit (E) to trail along creek 1166.8 
35  Exit to trails (W) and picnic area overlooking Ottertail River 1076.6 
45.8  Exit to trails (E) to Inkpots and Hoodoos, Hoodoo Creek campground 1097 
Hoodoo Creek campground

Inkpots and Hoodoos, east of highway
46.5  Cross Kicking Horse River 1167.7 
47  Exit to trails. Mount Hunter Lookout Trail (N), Chancellor Creek campground 1099.1 
Chancellor Creek campground
50  Rd to S 1107.3 
50  Exit to Trails (S) to Wapta Falls (2.5 km) 1065.3 
52  Yoho National Park western boundary 1142.7 
Yoho National Park

Yoho National park photos
55  Beaverfoot Rd (S) 1078.4 
55  Rd to South 1081.4 
55  Rest area to N (east exit) 1086.6 
56  Rest area to N (west exit) 1079 
58  Road turnoff (N) 1060.1 
60  Rest area (N) 1137.2 
60  Rd to North 1137.2 
61  Rest Area (N) 1109.2 
64  Rd to North 1112.5 
65  Pullout (S) 1049.1 
Rest area and viewpoint looking W to Kicking Horse Bridge..
66  Kicking Horse River Bridge 950.7 
Kicking Horse Bridge, rises 90 metre over the river, with impressive rock cut just above. Viewpoints at rest stops to E and W of bridge...
69  Kicking Horse Bridge Visitors Centre 929.3 
washrooms, viewpoint East to Kicking Horse Bridge (90 metres above river)..
74  Rd to North 913.5 
76  Exit Golden View Rd (S), Whispering Spruce Campground & RV Park (Golden)  875.7 
76.7  Exit Golden-Donald Upper Rd & Lafontaine Rd (N) with lodging, Golden View Rd (S) (Golden)  871.4 
Golden BC Visitor Center, 360 degree panorama image of nearby mountain ranges

Golden BC Visitor Center,

Ramada Hotel And Suites Golden

Canyon Ridge Lodge, bed & breakfast, 0.7 km N of highway..
78  Exit Highway 95 South, into downtown Golden, Pinewood Inn, Brookside Motel, all services (Golden)  793.4 
webcam facing northwest

Best Western Mountain View Inn, in downtown about 2 km S of highway

Ramada Hotel And Suites Golden, in downtown about 2 km S of highway

Arl Inn Towner Motel

City of Golden

Highway 95, access south to Radium Hot Springs

Highway 95, access south to Kimberley

Highway 95, access south to Cranbrook

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort skiing, mountain biking, 4 km W of highway

Golden and area photos

Golden & District Hospital (interior Health District),1.7 km SE of highway
79  Services on N side (Golden)  799.8 
Fast food restaurants on north (westbound) side of highway: Timberland Family Restaurant, A&W, Subway,

Fast food restaurants on south (eastbound) side of highway: McDonalds, Smittys

Gas stations on south (eastbound) side of highway: Petro-Canada, Shell, Chevron,

Ponderosa Motor Inn on N (westbound) side of highway

gas station on N (westbound) side of highway: Husky

Ramada Hotel on N (westbound) side of highway

Sportsmans Lodge on S (eastbound) side of highway
80  11th St N exit (W) (Golden)  799.2 
81  11th Avenue Exit (W), Ottoson Rd (E) (Golden)  799.8 
Prestige Inn Golden
82  Turnaround underpass (Golden)  800.7 
83  Alothof Rd (N), Anderson Rd (S) into Golden (Golden)  801 
90  Hartley Rd (E) 794 
Burges and James Gadsden Provincial Park, west of highway (sensitive marshlands)
91  Moberly Branch Rd (N) 781.2 
Hillside Lodge B&B

Blaeberry Mountain Lodge, 2 km NE of highway..
92  Trail (E) to Blaeberry River 786.7 
access to Goat Mountain Lodge,

access to Redburn Valley, B&B

Blaeberry Marsh photos
97  Exit (N) Blaeberry School Rd, Golden-Donald Upper Rd 781.2 
Golden Wood Lodge access
101  Exit Golden-Donald Upper Rd (N) , Blaeberry River Rd (S) 792.5 
103  Exit (N) Big Bend Hwy to town of Donald (Donald)  780 
Donald and area photos (marshlands & Columbia River bridge)
103.7  Marl Creek Provincial Park (Donald)  791.3 
Marl Creek Provincial Park (old growth forest, wetlands)
104  Donald Rd to town of Donald (Donald)  791.6 
107  Wiseman Rd to S 824.8 
107  Bridge over Columbia River 791.6 
Columbia River Bridge (compare with brdge at Revelstoke)
112  trail to SE 973.5 
117  trail to N 1090.6 
121  trail to N & S 1097.6 
123  hiking trail to W, Rest area, bathrooms, viewing area to N 1072.3 
126  Rd to Columbia Arm of Kinbasset Lake (elev 2420, behind Mica Dam) 1045.5 
Kinbasset Lake view to north of highway, elev 2420 behind Mica Dam

Kinbasket Lake Resort campsites & cabins, about 8 N of highway
132  East boundary Glacier National Park, eastern welcome station 1045.8 
Glacier National Park

Rogers Pass photos

Glacier National Park photos
132  Road to W to Cupola Creek Trail, truck chain up area 1040.9 
139  Rd to W, interpretive centre, bathrooms 844.9 
141  Rd to W 841.6 
142  Turnoff, Road viewing area to W 848.9 
146  Bridge over Beaver River 849.5 
149  Bear Falls Creek Trail to E (1 km walk to waterfall) 896.7 
150  Beaver/Copperstain Valley Trail to E 1030.5 
151  Tupper timber tunnel 1149.7 
various Rogers Pass Tunnel photos
151.7  Tupper 2 Tunnel- east end 1192.1 
152  Tupper 2 Tunnel- west end 1186.3 
153  Tupper 1 Tunnel- east end 1186.9 
153.3  Tupper 1 Tunnel- west end 1240.2 
153.5  Road turnout, access to Helmit Cross Country ski trails, ranger station to E (Rogers Pass)  1328 
158  Road turnout (W) Roger Pass (Rogers Pass)  1328 
159  Rogers Pass Visitors Centre, food fuel (Rogers Pass)  1335.6 
webcam looking east (north)

Rogers Pass National Historic Site, Visitors Centre

Gas Plus gas station on W (eastbound) side of highway,
160  Rd to W (Rogers Pass)  1318 
161  Illicillewat / Asulkan Trails o E (Rogers Pass)  1316.1 
Glacier National Park- Illecillewaet Campground
162  Road divides to west 1225.6 
163  Road to S 1210.1 
164  Road divides to east 1229.9 
165  Rd (N) to see Illecillewaet River 1179 
165.2  Loop Brook Rd (s) view to Abbot Ridge 1159.2 
Glacier National Park- Loop Brook Campground
165.5  Road Turnout with picnic area(S) 1140.6 
166  Hemlock Grove (N) boardwalk, viewing area 1084.8 
174  Hemlock Grove Trail (S) 961 
186  Lanark Shed avalanche tunnel 912.9 
186.9  Western boundary of Glacier National Park 878.7 
Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park photos

Rogers Pass photos
187  Twin Shed Avalanche Tunnel 893.1 
188  MacDonald Shed Avalanche Tunnel 930.6 
various Rogers Pass Tunnel photos
191  Rd (N) 682.4 
192.7  Jumping Creek Rd (S) 682.1 
193  Albert Canyon Rd (S) to view Albert Canyon, Canyon Hot Springs 685.2 
Canyon Hot Springs Campground
197  West Woolsey Creek Trail (N), Eastern edge of Mt Revelstoke National Park 657.5 
Mt Revelstoke National Park
199  Giant Cedars Trail (N) 639.5 
Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail
200  Skunk Cabbage Trail 614.8 
Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk Trail
211  Parking for Clachnacudainn River view, Apex River Rafting, Thunder Ridge Trail Rides and B & B 566.9 
Apex Rafting on south side of highway

Thunder Ridge Trail Rides and B & B-no website(250) 837-9665

Clachnacudainn River viewpoint
218  Greely Rd (S) 506.9 
221  Southwest boundary Mt Revelstoke National Park, Western Welcome Station 529.4 
Mt Revelstoke National Park. NOTE: Park Pass needed to use Helmock Grove trail and Giant Cedars trail and picnic area
223.2  Oak Drive, Mt MacKenzie B&B, KOA campground (Revelstoke)  529.7 
KOA campground
224  Townley St (S) east entrance into Revelstoke, Hillcrest Hotel (Revelstoke)  534.3 
The Hillcrest Hotel -a Coast Resort, just south/west of highway

City of Revesltoke, all services
224.8  Alpine Lane (N) east end (Revelstoke)  521.5 
225.2  Alpine Lane (N) west end (Revelstoke)  508.4 
227  Junction Summit Rd (N) to Mount Revelstoke's Meadows in the Sky Parkway (Revelstoke)  495.6 
Mount Revelstoke (BC) - Meadows to Mountain Viewpoint - wide angle panorama

Mount Revelstoke National Park, fedaturing (BC) - Meadows to Mountain parkway
227.7  Junction Highway 23 (N) to Revelstoke Dam, Bend St (S) (Revelstoke)  455.4 
Revesltoke Dam Visitors Centre, about 5 km N of highway

BC Interior Forestry Museum, 5 km N of highway, (before Revelstoke Dam Visitors Centre)
228  Victoria Rd W (S), Laforme Blvd (N) access to downtown (Revelstoke)  447.4 
webcam looking east

webcam looking east

Revelstoke- Columbia River View, South Of Town wide angle panorama image


Highway Point & Features


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