The city of Edmundston is the location of the large (680 employees) Fraser Pulp Mill and Tree Nursery as well as the beautiful New Brunswick Botanical Gardens. The Edmunston mill produces cardboard and pulp. The pulp is turned into paper across the St. John River in Madawaska, Maine.

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Edmundston, New Brunswick Area Map

Edmunston Attractions

Petit-Sault Blockhouse

14 Avenue St Jean, Edmundston, NB E3V 1C8
(506) 735-5282

Built in 1841 on a rocky outcrop where the Madawaska and the St. John River meet, this small fort was part of the British defensive line during the boundary dispute between England and the United States, known as the “Aroostook Bloodless War.” This bloody dispute was ended in 1842 with the Ashburton-Webster Treaty, that set the Canada-USA border at its current location. The fort was Destroyed by lightning in 1855, and the blockhouse was rebuilt in 2000 overlooking Edmunston to the original plans.