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New Brunswick Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar on the Trans-Canada Highway

Speed Traps, Rader Traps, Photo Radar Overview

Radar detectors and laser detectors are illegal to use in New Brunswick.


Please CONTACT US if the information on this page is no longer accurate, and you want to suggest adding or removing noted speed traps in your area or where you have recently traveled.

Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar along Trans-Canada Highway #2

No reports, as yet.

Saint John area Speed Traps, Rader Traps, Photo Radar

Near Dry Dock

Any of the following roads are terrible mostly in the morning and around 4 pm when the Dry Dock & NBCC get out: Heatherway, Hickey Rd., Grandview Ave. The cop that patrols this stretch is really strict! He will pull you over for anything they he can find. The speed limit on these roads is 60 km/h, and you can be pulled over for any speed over 70. And there is no WARNINGS given, you will be given the largest possible find and will be forced to have your car towed if you can’t produce proof of insurance or if your inspection sticker is expired. There is also a 50 km/hzone of Grandview that many people forget about and are usually hit for a $160 ticket and 7 points if you are going anything over 75 km/h.

Speed Traps, Rader Traps, Photo Radar along Highway 1

There is currently a trap on Highway 1 heading into SJ from the direction of St. Stephen / Fredericton. He sits on the onramp for the Tourist Bureau to ruin your day. Speed limit: 100 kp/h

Fredericton area Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar

Red Light Cameras

Permitting the installation of red-light cameras is contemplated in Fredericton but still requires changes to provincial legislation.

Photo radar

Fredericton is using mobile trailer monitors which not only displays speeds but also has a camera to capture images of vehicles as they pass.

Prospect St West

Police sit in the Ball Field Parking lot  catching  motorists in both directions. Hard to spot till its too late.

Highway between Oromocto & Fredericton

If coming from Oromocto heading towards Fredericton, there is a turn off to go to either the Nevers Road or Lincoln Big stop, well if continuing on the highway as you go under the overpass (passing that exit), on the on ramp the follows, they will wait under the overpass

Restigouche Road. Oromocto

As you’re coming down Restigouche Rd from Tim Hortons heading towards the airport, they sit either in the plaza on the right by the intersection (the chinese restaurant and tattoo parlor) or they sit in the car dealership on the left.  you may get ticketed if only 10 over the limit!

Regent/Hwy 101 towards New Maryland

Last lights as you leave Fredericton before New Maryland, in the Gas pump area opposite the turn to Home Depot. Usually to catch people coming from New Maryland’s 90 km/h zone drops to a 50 km/h zone.


Moncton area Speed Traps, Radar Traps, Photo Radar

West of Vaughan Harvey and Assomption Intersection

The police car is parked west of the intersection of Vaughn Harvey and Assomption at the approach to the Gunningsville Bridge. Speed readings can be taken for cars proceeding to the intersection from three directions. The bridge is four lane with a 50k limit so there is a tendency to speed.

Main Street – near underpass

Radar is catching people in front of the Times & Transcript Building.

Elmwood Drive near Trans-Canada Highway Bypass

The officer sits in a vacant driveway around a turn at where 70 km goes to 50 km..about 1 km north of the overpass coming from Moncton to Irishtown


Traffic circle in Dieppe

The speed drops from 110 km/hrs  to 60 km/hrs. If you are doing 95 km/hrs in this 60 km/hrs zone, you will get a ticket.

Other Streets

The speed problem on this street will get you  a ticket if you are  diving over 85 km/hr in this 60 km/hr zone.

Mclaughlin Dr

Champlain St

Amirault St

Pascal St

Thomas St

Melanson Rd

Chartersville Rd

Morton Ave

Killam Dr

Gorge Rd

Ryan Rd

Coverdale Rd

White Pine Rd

Trites Rd

Mountain Rd

Front Mountain Rd

Wheeler Blvd

Police Flashing Lights-sliver
Police Flashing Lights-sliver