Grand Falls-Windsor and Clarenville via Newfoundland Route #1 along the Trans-Canada Highway

view of Gander Lake  from Trans-Canada

Why Travel between Grand Falls-Windsor and Clarenville?

This stretch of the Highway crosses the rugged north side of the island. You follow and cross the rugged Exploits River, and pass by Gander with its famous airport (made more famous from the 'Come From Away' musical on Broadway), pass though Terra Nova National Park with its stunning scenery and ecosystem.

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Trestle Bridge at Bishops Falls, just east of Grand Falls-Windsor

Here is the itinerary for the 236 km along Route #1 between Grand Falls-Windsor and Clarenville, Newfoundland:

The Exploits River is a major waterway for the province's salmon fishing and forestry industries. The fishing was key to the area in the 1680s and 1800s and this century. The advent of hydro-electric power for timber processing, at Grand Falls-Windsor, the forestry industry has dominated since 1909. The devastation of salmon stocks has led to remediation of the river, adding fish ladders, stocking the rivers, and pollution reduction, all of which has led to a growth in the river's salmon stocks.

This part of Newfoundland has a rich geological history. Rock cuts in the Exploits River valley expose reddish Silurian Sandstone, a 400 million year old sedimentary rock. When the Trans-Canada crosses Ratting Brook (30 km E of Grand Falls-Windsor), the rocks are volcanic basalt and black granite.

As of August 2008, there are no gas stations along the highway between the towns of Gander and Bishop's Falls. Check your fuel levels before driving this 80 km section. At the turnoff to the town of Norris Arm, near Eel Brook, you may see roadside stands selling local produce, including bueberries, bakeapples, raspberries and partridgeberries (in season) and locally caught smelt, salmon or brook trout.

Gande Aviation Memorial, at Gander, Newfoundland On the north shore of Gander Lake is the town of Gander, one of the major airports in history, being the major trans-Atlantic refueling point for bombers being transported to England in World War II, and for post-war passenger airplanes, since it was the mid point between Europe and the cities of the American East Coast (it was once called the "biggest gas station in the world"). Its role was reduced in the long-range passenger jet era, but was still a key refueling station for Soviet-bloc flights to & from Cuba. Gander again proved its strategic importance on September 11, 2001 when all America-bound flights were grounded because of the terrorist attacks. Gander handled 38 flights and 6,600 passengers and crew (only Vancouver, on Canada's West Coast handled more).

Gander Lake Gander Lake itself is 1000 feet deep, and rather cold and unproductive for fish. It is surrounded by rugged granite cliffs and some well eroded sandstone structures. Nearby Square Pond is renowned for its landlocked arctic char (best in late Spring), as well as brook trout, and Atlantic salmon.

Terra Nova National Park combines boreal forest growing on 600 million year old Pre-Cambrian shield, on the edge of the continent with cliffs up to 300 metres (900 feet)

A few miles into the park are yellow birch, much prized by the Beothuk First Nations for making wigwams, canoes, water buckets, fire carriers, and more. At the southern boundary of the park is the Northwest River. It along with eh Salmon River and the Southwest River, all flow into Clode Sound, and are prized as "late rovers" which have peak Atlantic salmon fishing in early July (a month after the Humber River on the island's west coast).

Trans-Canada Highway History

History: Grand Falls to Clarenville

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Highway Point & Features


-8.7  Roadside turnout and viewpoint 52.7 
-6.2  Gravel roadside turnout, NE side (Clarenville)  58.2 
-5.4  Services at highway, NE side (Clarenville)  64.3 
Memorial Dr N into Clarenville, to Hwy #230, access to Clarenville, tourist information & services, White Hills Ski Resort, airport. E to Milton, Trinity, Bonavista (Clarenville)  65.8 
0.5  Accommodation at highway, NE side (Clarenville)  64.9 
1.4  Gravel pit access to Sw (Clarenville)  18 
1.9  Gravel pit access to NE (Clarenville)  47.2 
Highway #230a E to Clarenville, tourist information & services, White Hills Ski Resort, airport. East to communities of Milton, Trinity, Bonavista (Clarenville)  84.7 
3.6  Rest Area, tourist Information 104.9 
4.6  Road to W of hwy 98.8 
5.9  Road to W of hwy 74.4 
7.5  railtrail overpass 62.8 
7.7  crossing Shoal Harbour River 52.1 
8.2  Gravel highway turnout, NE side of hwy 53.3 
10.6  Road W, alongside Shoal Harbour River 59.4 
13.8  Exit #26 Highway #230 (The Discovery Trail) NE to Clarenville Airport (13 km), NE to Town of Bonavista (114 km) 152.7 
14.8  Rd NE to shoreline homes 143.6 
15.8  Rd NE to shoreline homes 156.4 
18.2  Rd SW, to east shore of Thorburn Lake 136.2 
24.4  Campground & Go-cart track, SW of hwy 110.3 
25.1  Rest & Picnic Area S of highway overlooking Thorburn Lake, Floatplane dock, NE to hiking trail N to Monday Pond 109.1 
26.7  Railtrail underpass 104.2 
27.1  Road S to community of Thorburn Lake, floatplane marina, hiking trail NW to Island Pond 88.7 
27.7  Road turnoff on NE side 68.9 
31.6  Crossing Southwest river 11 
35.2  Roadside turnout, picnic area to E side 44.5 
35.6  Highway #233 (The Discovery Trail Scenic Drive) E to Port Blandford, Musgravetown (28 km), Lethbridge (35 km), Bonavista (127km) (Port Blandford)  42.1 
36.1  Roadside turnout, pinic area to W side 44.5 
36.6  Crossing Middle Brook (Port Blandford)  26.2 
36.9  Road E to Port Blandford (Port Blandford)  33.2 
38.8  Division 7, Subdivision E Rd to E, NW to Golf Course clubhouse, NE into Port Blandford (Port Blandford)  6.1 
41.4  Crossing Salmon Brook, rapids to E of hwy 33.5 
42.1  Terra Nova Lodge, Twin Rivers Visitor Center 13.4 
42.6  Crossing the Northwest River, southern Boundary of Terra Nova National Park 13.4 
42.7  Road to hiking trails to NW 14.9 
42.9  Scenic viewpoint & picnic area, toilets E of highway
48.2  Rd E to community of Charlottetown (1.5 km), Outside Pond RV Park (Charlottetown)  88.7 
50.5  Hiking trail tio Friday Pond, to W of hwy 103 
56.2  Road, W to reservoir & Sandy Bay Campground , E to viewpoint on Ochre Hill hilltop 124.1 
57.4  Highway #301 W to community of Terra Nova (18 km) (Terra Nova )  90.2 
62  Newman Sound Campground in Terra Nova National Park of Canada (Terra Nova )  99.4 
62.2  Marine Interpretive Centre, access from highway (Terra Nova )  24.7 
62.9  Rd E to marina, with footbridge across Saltons Brock 27.1 
65.8  Rd to NE, to top of peak, Blue Hill Observation Point, with antenna tower 80.2 
68.8  pinic area on E side of highway, south of Southwest Brook 21.6 
69.3  Picnic area and turnaround to E of hwy, overlooking Southwest Brook flowing into Southwest Arm 21.9 
72.6  North boundary of Terra Nova National park 89 
73.6  Road access to Square Pond, with access to hiking trail 86.6 
74.6  Junction of Highway #310 N (The Road to the Beaches Scenic Drive), northern boundary of Terra Nova National Park. East to community of Eastport 918 km) 93.3 
77.8  Parking log on E bank of Terra Nova River, N side of hwy 11.9 
77.9  Crossing Terra Nova River, 8.2 
78.1  Rd N to Glovertown 5.2 
79.2  road to SW, access to Maccles Brook to S of hwy, lots of rapids & waterfalls 25.9 
81.8  Exit #25 Highway #310 north (Road to the Beaches Scenic Drive) E to Glovertown (3 km), Traytown (8 km) (Glovertown)  78.9 
82  Highway turnout & road to N, up hill to antenna tower 109.4 
83.8  Rd to S to Alexander Bay Station 141.1 
87.8  Road to S, hiking trail around ponds to N, access to gravel pit SW of highway 62.5 
92.8  Road North up hill, Rd S to homes 108.8 
96.2  Railtrail underpass 13.4 
99.2  crossing Gambo Brook, Gambo Pond to S of hwy, marshlands to N 3.4 
100.8  Exit #24 Highway #320 (Road to Shore Scenic Drive) E to Gambo (2 km), Hare Bay, Musgrove Harbour, Joey Smallwood Interpretive Centre, S to power station south of hwy 10.7 
102.9  Roadside Highway Turnout with picnic tables, toilets Rest area. East side of highway 61.6 
103.6  Top of hill 106.7 
110.6  Square Pond Resort Campground Access from highway 99.7 
111  Cross Middle Brook, with rapids on both sides of bridge, Square Pond seen to south of hwy 46.6 
112.6  Road to N, access to community of Butts 89 
115.6  hiking trail to top of hill to S of hwy 127.7 
116.6  Rd to W of hwy 112.5 
117.1  Rd to E of hwy 32.6 
118.1  Gander Lake to SW of hwy 40.8 
124.6  Community of Benton East side of highway (Benton)  32.9 
125  Crossing Souris Brook 25.3 
126.8  Rd to Gander Lake, S side of highway (Gander)  111.3 
135.5  End of Gander runway (Gander)  114.9 
135.8  Thomas Howe Interpretive Forest, access from highway (Gander)  110 
139.1  Cooper Blvd, Visitor Info Centre, RCMP, access to Gander International Airport (4 km) (Gander)  104.5 
139.8  Caldwell St to N, services & accommodation (Gander)  118.3 
141.2  gold course to S of Rd (Gander)  131.1 
142.2  Exit N to Memorial Dr, all services &accommodation, MacGree Rd (Gander)  132 
144.2  Ogilvie St, N of highway 111.3 
144.2  Highway #330 (Road to Shore Scenic Drive), Jonathon's Pond PP (15 km), Gander Bay (43) (Gander)  105.5 
146.6  Rd N to transmission towers 130.5 
149  Rd N 74.1 
151  Bridge over Twin Lakes, Joe Bats to N (Joe Bats)  84.7 
153  Rd to S, picnic area alongside Gander Lake 79.9 
155.6  Rd to N 63.4 
157.7  Glenwood Provincial Park to S of highway 88.7 
160.5  Railway underpass 93 
160.6  Donwater Rd (S) 92.4 
162.1  River Rd (S), Richards Rd (N) (Glenwood)  35.4 
162.4  Crossing Gander River (Glenwood)  24.4 
162.6  Rd S to community of Glenwood (Glenwood)  26.2 
163.3  Rd S to community of Glenwood (Glenwood)  36.6 
164.3  Interchange: Salmon Pond Resource Rd (Glenwood)  43.9 
164.6  Passing Salmon Pond to N of hwy 61 
165.6  Salmon River crossing 43.9 
167.6  Twin Farms Salvation Army Camp, E of highway 53 
176.6  Lake O'Brien, to E of hwy 98.1 
180.6  Crossing Neyles Brook 98.8 
181.9  Passing Indian Arm Pond to N, bridge 82.3 
185.6  Notre Dame Provincial Park Notre Dame Provincial Park (1 km) camping with full facilities 76.2 
186.6  Exit #23 Junction of Highway #340 North to Lewisporte (15 km) and Labrador Ferry to Cartwrght & Goose Bay 85.3 
192.6  Junction of Route #3-1-09 Services at highway. 92 
193.6  Crossing Ell Brook 73.8 
194.6  Route 3-1-09 to NW, access to homes on west bank of Norris Arm 92.4 
204.6  Junction of Highway #351 SW to communities of Jumpers Brook, Norris Arm, Sandy Point Notre Dame Provincial Park (1 km), camping 82.3 
205.2  Road (W) to Norris Arm, E to lake 73.5 
205.4  road: division No 6, Subdivision D SE to Rattling Lake (Rattling Brook)  89.3 
205.6  crossing Rattling Brook 80.2 
212.8  Access to gravel pit to W 52.4 
213.4  Road: division No 6, Subdvision D 13.1 
213.6  crossing Jumper's Brook 16.2 
216.2  Junction of Highway #360 (180km long The Coast of Bays Drive), services at highway (no fuel). S to Head of Bay d'Espoir, St. Albans. 37.8 
216.9  Junction of Highway #351 North to communities of Jumpers Brook, Norris Arm, Sandy Point Notre Dame Provincial Park (1 km)camping (Bishop's Falls)  7.6 
217.4  Bridge over Exploits River, view of hydro dam to SW of bridge (Bishop's Falls) 
217.6  Exit #22, Highway #350, community of Bishop's Falls. All services, N to Botwood.(14 km) (Bishop's Falls)  16.5 
219.6  Exito SE to community of Bishop's Falls, all services (Bishop's Falls)  39 
222.6  Services at highway Fuel, gas, diesel (Bishop's Falls)  44.8 
225.6  Exit #21 Access to Bishop's Falls (Bishop's Falls)  19.5 
228.6  Truck Inspection Station South side of highway (Grand Falls-Windsor)  72.8 
233.3  Exit #20 Access to Grand Falls-Windsor (Grand Falls-Windsor)  66.8 
235.6  Exit #19 , Harris Ave, access to Grand Falls-Windsor (Grand Falls-Windsor)  100 


Highway Point & Features


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