Clarenville to Whitbourne, via Newfoundland Route #1 along the Trans-Canada Highway

Clarenville Waterfront

Why Travel between Clarenville and Whitbourne?

Clarenville is a cute town, with the island's eastern Ski Resort. Form her you cross The Isthmus to get onto the Avalon Peninsula. There are coasts and fishing villages on all sides. Take the time to explore them. Take in the many unusual names, like Heart's Desire, Paradise

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Clarenville Trans-Atlantic	 Cable Monument

Here is the itinerary for the 45 km along the #1 between Clarenville and Whitbourne, Newfoundland (access to the Agentia ferry to North Sydney, Nova Scotia):

South of Clarenville, the Highway moves along a narrow isthmus onto the Avalon Peninsula. This area is a fog zone, with shallow acidic soils & bogs in low-lying areas. To the east is the broad Trinity Bay, to the west is Placentia Bay, at the extreme southwest tip (at the end of the Burin Peninsula) are the French islands of St Pierre & Miquelon.

Lighthouse along the Eastern Shore At Come-By-Chance is Newfoundland's only oil refinery, built in 1973 with much government funding, but is now privately owned and exports $2 billion a year of production.

Chapel Arm, just east of the highway was once Newfoundland's whaling capital. Fishermen drove pothead whales into the shallows where they were slaughtered. The peak was in 1956 with 10,000 whales, but numbers fell off over the years, until the current international moratorium on slaughtering these endangered sea mammals.

Just before Whitbourne is Highway 100, which takes travelers south to the summer Ferry to North Sydney.

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History: Clarenville to Whitbourne

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Whitbourne to Argentia (ferry terminal)

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Highway Point & Features


Highway #100 - W to community of Placentia (44 km), Argentia Ferry to North Sydney, ND (44 km), access to Provincial Visitor Information Centre, W to Castle Hill National historic site (49 km) vi (Whitbourne)  57.3 
12  Highways #201 E to Chapel Arm (2 km) & #202 W to Long Harbour (13 km ) 97.2 
27.1  Hwy 203, W to community of Fair Haven (13 km), E to Bellevue Beach PP (3 km), and community of Bellevue (8 km) 77.1 
33.4  Highway #201, E to Chance Cove (7 km), Chance Cover PP (8 km), Bellevue Beach PP (7 km) 74.4 
36.6  Rd to E 113.7 
38.7  Rd to W, Division No 1, Subdivision A, community of Little Harbour (5 km) 73.5 
45.5  Rd to W, Division No 1, Subdivision A 82.3 
45.7  Road to community of Southern Harbour (4 km), W of hwy (Southern Harbour)  70.1 
46.1  Services, gas W side of hwy 69.5 
48.1  Rd W to Jacks Pond Provincial Park ,camping 59.4 
50.7  Access to Gravel pit to N of hwy 35.1 
51.8  Highway turnout, W side overlooking brook 7.9 
52.1  Road W to community of Arnolds Cove (2 km) 12.8 
53.1  Refinery Rd, W to Come-by-Chance Refinery 31.1 
55.9  Access to Mosquito Cove, E of hwy (Mosquito Cove)  30.8 
58.4  Rd access to E 52.7 
60.9  E to community of Sunnyside (3 km) & W to Come By Chance (3 km) (Come By Chance)  61.9 
65.1  Road access to E 55.5 
67.5  Truck Inspection Station, E side of hwy 56.4 
67.6  Exit to gravel pit to E side of hwy 73.8 
71.1  Visitor Information Centre, Services both sides of hwy 68.6 
71.3  Highway #210 - (The Heritage Run Scenic Highway), W to Goobies (1 km), Marystown (145 km), Grand Bank (210 km) and Ferry to French islands of St Pierre & Miquelon (1-888-732-6353 o r 1-709-722-8288) 66.4 
74.1  crossing river 88.1 
74.7  Rd on W side of hwy, N access to community of Googies and Highway 210 102.7 
75.1  Services, E side of hwy 113.7 
76.1  Rest Area on W side of highway 109.1 
77.1  Electrical Facility to E of hwy 115.2 
78.1  Highway #204, E to Long Beach (10 km), Southport (30 km) 121.6 
80.8  Highway #204, E to Long Beach (11 km), Southport (31 km) 32.9 
81.1  Division No 7 Subdivision M, SE to community of North West Brook (West Brook)  12.5 
83.1  highway turnoff to SE, view of South West Arm 50.6 
84.1  Junction of Highway #205, access to community of Hillview (1 km) and St Jones Within (16km) (Hillview)  41.8 
86.1  Passing Little Marsh Pond, to NE 33.5 
90.1  Rd Access NE to communities of Adeytown (1 km), Deep Bight (3 km) (Adeytown)  18 
91.1  crossing Deep Bight River (Deep Bight)  30.5 
91.9  Road crossing, W to farms, city dump, and gravel pit, E to road along coast to community of Deep Bight (2 km) 11.9 
94.4  Roadside turnout and viewpoint at Buff Point 52.7 
96.4  Gravel roadside turnout, NE side (Clarenville)  58.2 
97  Services at highway, NE side (Clarenville)  64.3 
97.1  Highway #230a Memorial Dr , N access to Clarenville, tourist information & services, White Hills Ski Resort, airport. E to Milton, Trinity, Bonavista (Clarenville)  62.5 


Highway Point & Features


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