St John’s International Airport, or “YYT “ (its international aeronautical designation) is just northwest of the City of St John’s (about 10 km from downtown) in Torbay, has been the city’s air connection to the outside world ever since 1941 when it was built to assist in North American air defence against the German submarine threat. Today, it offers direct air links to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, and Boston.

The St John’s Airport is serviced by Air Canada, CanJet, WestJet, (all serving other Canadian destinations) Provincial Airlines, Air Labrador (serving other communities in the province), Air Saint-Pierre (serving the French islands), Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and SAS (serving overseas, but often connecting to Toronto). The St John’s Flying Club, Norfolk Aerial Spray, Diamond Construction and Transportation-Maritime Helicopters Ltd. are also based here.

The Airport has three asphalt runways. Runway 11/29 measures 2600 x 60 meters (8500 feet x 200 feet), Runway 16/34 measures 2100 x 60 meters (7000 feet x 200 feet), and Runway 02/20 measures 1500 x 30 meters (5025 feet x 100 feet).

The Airport Terminal Building facilities including several restaurants and a pub, gift shops, meeting and conference facilities and a Business Centre. This centre is equipped with telephone and fax services, a computer work station, printer, and no-charge internet access. A small meeting and conference area is also available.

St John’s International Airport Authority Inc
St John’s Airport,
St. John’s, NF
A1A 3R1

Arrivals & Departures


There are over 775 public parking spaces available, including 250 Short-term Parking metered parking spaces for dropping off or picking up travellers, 15 handicapped stalls close to the entrances,and the balance as long-term parking. Rates for short-term parking are: the first 15 minutes are FREE which is great for passenger drop-off, and $1.25 per 1/2 hour beyond that. Long-term parking rates are $1.25 per 1/2 hour, $7 daily and $35 weekly.

If you enter the short-term lot by accident, it’s important that you exit right away and drive back around in front of the terminal building to receive a ticket
for the long-term lot (where the rates are lower).

Two parkade exits are manned and one of the exits will be automated to accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) but not debit cards.


From the airport, the best way into town is by Gulliver’s City Wide Taxi , with an average taxi fare to the major hotels runs $17.50 to $20.00 plus $2.50 for each additional person (2004 rates). You can reach them at (709)722-0003. You can even call for special needs for disabled persons. The 12 km route from the airport to downtown will typically cost $17-$20. You can also rent-a-car (cost varies). If you are planning to stay in St John’s itself, everything is close together and a short walk from the core.

For those on a budget, you can (almost) take public transit: Catch the Airport bus.