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Why Visit Toronto?

This is Canada's biggest city, but we'll focus on the middle here: The city is cross-crossed with deep forested ravines from High Park in the west to the Don Valley in the east, and has a number of hopping shopping districts, including Yonge Street and, Bloor, and the hip Queen Street West and The Danforth to the east. There is lots of live theatre, tons of attractions and museums, and there is great architecture to be found on every neighbourhood. And you can get almost everywhere quickly by subway or by streetcar.

The Greater Toronto Area ("GTA")

Toronto, was amalgamated a decade ago from five municipalities, and is Canada's largest city with a population of 4.3 million, and the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto is readily identified by the 416 area code (often shortened to "the SIX"), while the area around it to the east, north and west is idntified by the 905 area code (or "the FIVE").

"Toronto" is the Huron Indian word that means "place of meeting" Toronto is the head office capital of Canada, the financial centre of he country, home of the second largest stock exchange in North America, and home to the country's busiest airport. Toronto is also home to the world's tallest building, the CN Tower (which dominates the skyline). If that isn't BIG enough, a recent Toronto mayor, Mel Lastman, had voiced an interest in making Toronto a province.

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