This town is on the northern shore of Manitoulin Island, about 40 km west of Little Current, the first town on the Island. The town is just off the main road, highway 540 (turn by the Billings store and follow the old-style street lights). The town is full of turn of the century buildings, including a lighthouse, hotel, a mill and many old homes. The area’s lake and rivers are home to splake, small mouth bass, northern pike, salmon, perch and whitefish. To the south of the town is Kagawong Lake (the Island’s second largest), about 50 km long and shaped like an upside-down trident. Above Bridal Veil Falls, just south of town, you can rent all sorts of boats.

Bridal Veil Falls

Highway 540

A delicate lacy cascade of water, in a serene wooded setting. A sheet of rock breaks the river’s Kagawong River’s path on its way from Kawagong Lake to the North Channel.

Kagawong, Ontario Area Map