Observation Deck over the American Falls

Niagara Falls, New York has 48,000 residents (2019) located on the western edge of the Niagara Frontier, just north of the City of Buffalo.

Prior to 1788, most of Western New York was owned and occupied by Indians of the Neutral Nation, except for the military outposts of the French and British at Fort Niagara and Fort Schlosser.

Fort Schlosser, originally called “Little Niagara” by the French. was about a mile above the Falls, opposite Chippawa. The fort was destroyed in 1759 following the French surrender to the British. At that spot, the British built a small stockade which they named Fort Schlosser (for Captain Joseph Schlosser of His Majesty’s Royal American Regiment of Foot), later rebuilt by American soldiers who kept the name.

The first permanent settler came in 1795, and in 1805, the State of New York began to sell lands along the American shoreline of the Niagara River , and the community became known as Manchester after the industrial City of Manchester in England. In 1832, the Village of Manchester had 550 citizens.

In 1854, the Village of Suspension Bridge (Bellevue) was incorporated, developed at the opposite end of this bridge was known as the Village of Elgin. In 1848, the Village of Niagara Falls, New York was incorporated, and became a city in 1892, amalgamating with Bellevue.

City of Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls, New York Parks

View of the Niagara River

American Falls

The American Falls is slightly higher than its Canadian counterpart, with a height of 56 metres (180 ft) but crestline is about half as long, at 328 metres (1075 ft). The American Falls look spectacular at night, when it is lit with various combinations of coloured lights. Since the Niagara Rivers is shallower at the American Falls, they receive only about 10% of the total water falling over the falls, about 75,000 gallons of water each second.

Over the last century, the American Falls has undergone dramatic changes due to erosion, which has crumbled the natural bedrock is composed of soft shale and limestone to fall and remain at the base of the cataracts. Geologists predict that eventually the American Falls will transform into a succession of descending rapids. The diversion of water above the falls, for hydro-power generation, has slowed the forces of erosion.

Black Creek Park

Colvin Boulevard

Play area, picnicking, Summer Recreation Programming, nature walk

Tenth Street Park

Tenth & East Falls St

Picnicking,baseball, play area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Caravelle Drive Park
Caravelle & Marine Memorial
Play area, basketball.

D’Amelio Park

Center St & 15th St

Play area, wading pool, swimming pool, baseball diamond, basketball and bandshell.

Gill Creek Park

Niagara and Hyde Park Boulevard

Play Area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Gluck Park

15th & South Ave

Play area, basketball, Summer Recreation Programming.

Griffon Park & Boat Launch

Fishing, picnicking, play area.

Hyde Park Facilities

Hyde Park & Pine

Tennis, bocce, lawn bowling, volleyball, horseshoe pits (free when tournaments are not scheduled), a wading & swimming pool, baseball diamonds, picnic grounds, playgrounds & fishing docks 5 shelters Reservations required to reserve the two large shelters: The Oasis & Centennial $75 Duck Island $60.

Jayne Park

Cayuga Island & Joliet Ave

Picnicking, play area, baseball, basketball, Summer Programming.

Jerauld Park

Jerauld and 29th St

Play area, baseball, basketball, Summer Recreation Program.

LaSalle Park

Frontier and 91st St

Play area, baseball, swimming, basketball, Summer Recreation Programming.

Liberty Park

Forest and 19th St

Play area, Summer Recreation Programming.

American Observation Deck

Niagara Reservation State Park

Prospect Park

This 400-acre park was established in 1885 and is the oldest state park in the US. It provides tremendous views of the falls and supports habitats for plants and animals. The park ha several key areas: Goat Island, Green Island, Three Sister Islands, and several unnamed islands above the falls (heron rookery). The park overlooks the cataract, as well as the upper and lower Niagara River. The visitor center has electronic exhibit relating to the falls and attractions.

Perry Park

Girard and 60th

Baseball, Basketball, Play Area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Rose Garden


Available for Reserved Weddings or Photography Sessions. Free of charge

Stephenson Park

Stephenson and 74th S

Basketball, picnicking, play area, Summer Recreation Programming.

Tom Miklejn Baseball Field

Maple Ave & Lewiston Road

Summer Programming.