From June to the end of August, the Regional Niagara Public Health Department takes weekly water samples from 12 beach locations along Lake Ontario and 42 beach locations along Lake Erie to the Niagara River.

For more information regarding water quality, call the Regional Niagara Public Health Department Inspection Division at 905-688-3762.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Niagara Falls

Niagara River {Map}

Dufferin Island

Niagara-on-the-Lake & St. Catharines

Lake Ontario (Map)

Canada Custom
Queens Royal
Ryerson Park
Niagara Shores
Charles Daly Park


Lake Ontario (Map)

Grimsby Beach
Nelles Beach
Hands Beach
Place Polonaise
Fifty Point Conservation

Fort Erie

Lake Erie (Map)

Point Abino
Buffalo Canoe Club
Schooley Rd.
Erie Rd.
Crystal Beach Yacht Club
Waterfront Private Beach
Thunder Bay Beach
Burleigh Ave. Beach
Bernard Ave. Beach
Windmill Point Quarry
Bertie Bay
Buffalo Rd. Beach
Crescent Beach
Waverly Beach
Bowen Rd.

Port Colborne

Lake Erie {Map}

Gravelly Bay
Nickel Beach East
Nickel Beach West
Lorraine Rd. Beach
Weaver Rd. Beach
Humberstone Beach
Silver Bay Beach
Wyldewood Beach
Sherkston Elco
Sherkston Quarry
Sherkston Wyldewood
Pleasant Beach


Lake Erie (Map)

Long Beach Conservatory West
Long Beach Conservatory East
Willow Bay Beach
Side Road 26
Orchard Grove
Side Road 28
Long Beach Resort
Long Beach
Lakewood Beach
Belleview Beach
Morgans Point
Kossuth Beach
Reebs Bay
Gunthers Grove