View of a vineyardThe Niagara Region (in Ontario) and the Niagara Frontier (in New York) is located along side the Niagara River, which connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The area has rich clay-based soils which make very productive farmland, which climbs in a step (called a “bench”) from Lake Ontario. The Bench runs from the Western border of Grimsby to the Eastern border of Vineland, from the Number 8 Highway to the Escarpment.

The Niagara soils once formed the lakebed of the glacial Lake Iroquois, and now consists of very heavy limestone clay (some of it dark brown, and some red). Heavy clay, similar to soils in France’s Burgundy region, is relatively infertile and reduces vine vigor while promoting fruit ripening. When the ancient glaciers melted, they left behind a mix of igneous minerals, including all sorts of granite, quartzite, gneiss, and pyrite. Igneous soils are also found in the Southern European areas of the Rhone and Northern Italy.

Celbrate the grape harvest and Wine Festival
The region has long humid summers and a moderate winter climate because of the warming impact of the two lakes on either side. Furthermore, the high Niagara Escarpment shelters orchards and vineyards closer to Lake Ontario from cold winter winds. This creates a high temperature band that extends along the base of the bench approximately 2-3°C warmer than most of the Niagara peninsula. This boosts the ripening, and enables grapes to be harvested a week or two earlier than otherwise

Niagara wines have been recognized around the world in competitions as being outstanding, especially the ice wines, which are made from grapes harvested after the first winter frost. These rich soils and moderate climate also favour tender fruit growers with their crops, which include peaches and strawberries.

Niagara Wineries, by  Community

The wineries are grouped by location (west to east )

All Niagara Wineries, Alphabetical

Andres Wines – Grimsby
Angels Gate Winery – Grimsby
Birchwood Estate Wines – Grimsby
Caroline Cellars – Niagara on The Lake
Cave Spring Cellars – Grimsby
Chateau des Charmes Wines – Niagara on The Lake
Chiappone Cellars Winery, Inc. – New York State
Coyote’s Run Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Creekside Estate Winery – Grimsby
Crown Bench Estates Winery – Grimsby
Daniel Lenko Estate Winery – Grimsby
De Sousa Wine Cellars – Grimsby
Dom Vagners Winery – Niagara on The Lake
EastDell Estate Winery – Grimsby
Eveningside Vineyards – New York State
Featherstone Estate Winery & Vineyard – Grimsby
Frog Pond Farm – Niagara on The Lake
Harbour Estates Winery – Grimsby
Harvest Estate Wines – St Catharines
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery – St Catharines
Hernder Estate Wines – St Catharines
Hillebrand Estates Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Inniskillin Wines – Niagara on The Lake
Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Joseph’s Estate Wines – Niagara on The Lake
Kacaba Vineyards – Grimsby
King’s Court Estate Winery – St Catharines
Kittling Ridge Estate Wines and Spirits – Grimsby
Konzelmann Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Lailey Vineyard and Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Legends Estates Winery – Grimsby
Lakeview Cellars Estate Winery Limited – Grimsby

Magnotta Winery, Distillery and Brewery – Grimsby
Maleta Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Malivoire Wine Company – Grimsby
Maple Grove Vinoteca Estate Winery – Grimsby
Marynissen Estates Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Mountain Road Wine Company – Grimsby
Niagara Landing Wine Cellars – New York State
Ontario Wine Merchants Retail Tasting Centre – Niagara on The Lake
Palatine Hills Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Peller Estates Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery – Grimsby
Pillitteri Estates Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Puddicombes Estate Farms & Winery – Grimsby
Reif Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Ridgepoint Wines – Grimsby
Riverview Cellars – Niagara on The Lake
Rockway Glen Estate Winery – St Catharines
Royal DeMaria Wines – Grimsby
Stonechurch Vineyards – Niagara on The Lake
Stoney Ridge Cellars – Grimsby
Strewn Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery – Niagara on The Lake
The Winery at Marjim Manor – New York State
Thirteenth Street Wine Company – Grimsby
Thirty Bench Vineyard and Winery – Grimsby
Thomas & Vaughan Vintners – Grimsby
Trillium Hill Estate Winery – St Catharines
Vicarra Vineyards at Becker Farms – New York State
Vineland Estates Winery & Restaurant – Grimsby
Warm Lake Estate – New York State
Willow Heights Winery – Grimsby