This is the body of water that separates Manitoulin Island from the North Shore of Lake Huron. The channel which stretches 100 km from the US-Canada border has over 20,000 islands.
Most of the islands are Crown land of the islands in the North Channel are Crown land, but some are privately owned. The nautical charts don’t indicate ownership, so campers should check other sources before heading out (e.g. Revenue Maps and MNR’s “Provincial Series Maps”).

Individuals that are not Ontario residents need a Crown land camping permit. Boaters and campers are asked to practice no-trace boating and camping. In the summertime, fires are allowed for cooking and for warmth.

For emergencies, the North Channel is covered by aquatic rescue units stationed in Little Current, Kagawaong, Gore Bay and Burnt Island. Call 1-800-267-7270 with marine emergencies. Weather information is on channels 83B (Sault Ste Marie) and on 21B (from Wiarton)

Communities on the North Shore with facilities are:

North Channel, Ontario Area Map