Beautiful sandy beaches
This town on the southern shore of the Island has the longest and finest sandy beach on the Island. Its crescent-shaped beach was called Bebekodawangog by the Natives, or “where the beach curves around the water”. It was first discovered by whites when survivors of a shipwreck called the bay “providence”. Early settlers found evidence of a shipwreck, consisting of three skeletons and an old sail buried under a rock, likely by local Indians. The settlement grew after a lumber company was established to work the area’s pine trees. The town has a boardwalk that extends from the swimming beach to the campground.

Annual Events

Canada Day (July 1), Providence Bay Fair (3rd weekend in August), <BR>

Providence Bay

Providence Bay Attractions

Lake Mindemoya

This lake, named for the Ojibway world for “Old Woman,” after the rocky outcrop in the middle of the lake. Mindemoya is 11 km long and 6 km wide, and is the geographical centre of the island.

Providence Bay, Ontario Area Map