Province House

Andrew Archibald Macdonald

Located At the Province House

A Father of Confederation, he attended the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences of 1864 and on the latter occasion, compiled notes which provided one of the few original sources of information on that conference. Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island from 1884-1889, and a Senator from 1891-1912. Born in Brudenell Point, February 14, 1829. He died in Ottawa, March 21, 1912. He is buried in the People’s Cemetery. The grave is marked by the Government of Canada.


George Coles

Located At the St. Peter’s Cemetery

A Father of Confederation, thrice Premier of Prince Edward Island, (1851-54, 1855-59, 1867-69). Born in Charlottetown, September 20, 1810. Died in Charlottetown, August 21, 1875. He is buried at the St. Peter’s Cemetery. The grave is marked by the Government of Canada.
Ardgowan National Historic Site

William Henry Pope

Ardgowan National Historic Site
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Was home of William Henry Pope (one of the fathers of confederation, and was the scene of the reception for delegates to the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. Visit the serenity of the restored Victorian grounds, open year round.