There are a number of beautiful communities very close to Charlottetown that have their own charm.


Cornwall dates back to the early 1800’s, when the Newson family from Cornwall, England settled in the area, which was initially referred to as Pye’s Corner but renamed Cornwall by the predominantly English settlers. The Town of Cornwall grew slowly due to its physical isolation from Charlottetown. The first bridge across the North River into town (at the point of the Highway #1 causeway) was built in 1824, upgraded to steel in 1913, and upgrade to the current causeway in 1950 (which also ended ferry service from Wharf St to downtown). Cornwall became a Village in 1966.


This community is across the Hillsborough River from Charlottetown, and readily accessible via the Hillsborough Bridge. The area is largely rural, with residential developments clustered along the Hillsborough waterfront and along major arteries. The town’s municipal hall is at Bunbury Park north-east of the bridge. There is a business park about a miles east of the river, at the intersection of highways 1 and 1A. The community has several beaches (west-facing Langley and south-facing Keppoch) , a golf course, and is also home to the Eddie May Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.

West Royalty/Winsloe

This area was separate from Charlottetown until the 1995 municipal amalgamation. The area is largely rural, with scattered low-density. The area is close to jobs at the West Royalty Industrial and Sherwood Industrial Parks. The area is very accessible to the airport, Highway #1 to the Mainland, and highways #2 and #7 to the rest of the Island and its beaches. The area has much green space particularly along the North River (the part north of the causeway is called Graham Rogers Lake), a number of small community parks.

Hillsborough Park, East Royalty

This area lies between the Airport and the Hillsborough River, and east of the Arterial Highway/Riverside Drive. These neighbourhoods were separate from Charlottetown until the 1995 municipal amalgamation. The area is close to both the airport and the city’s hospital, an close to -but not adjacent to-the Parkdale and Sherwood industrial parks. Home buyers should also keep in mind limited municipal water service (for fire hydrants) in East Royalty. The area has two community centres, is adjacent tot he Belvedere Golf & Winter Club, and has tons of undeveloped green space alongside Wright’s Creek running down to the Hillsborough River. The Exhibition Grounds, the Civic Centre Arena, and Driving Park (harness racing) are not far. St Peters Rd (Hwy #2, #15, and #25 make the beaches on the Island’s north shore readily accessible.


downtown as viewed from a rooftopThese communities that lies east of Mount Edward Road and the green space of the Experimental Farm, were separate from Charlottetown until the 1995 municipal amalgamation. These neighbourhoods are very close to downtown and have a very good road system. The area is adjoining the airport, and Highway 2, the major east-west highway on the Island. In the future, the /Transportation-Canada Highway will be extended across the green space to Mount Edward, Road, simplifying the community’s access to the Mainland. These neighbourhoods are also very close to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, along the Hillsborough River.

These communities are close to the industrial areas of Parkdale, and adjoining the Hillsborough Bridge. Conceptual plans expect to weave the East Waterfront into the urban fabric of the downtown area, and extend the historic streetscape down to the water’s edge, adding much to the area’s attractiveness. The area has significant green space, several community parks, and access to the Confederation Trail recreational pathways that wind south from the adjoining Experimental Farm. The city’s only golf course, Belvedere, is right in the community, as are a curling club, Charlottetown Civic Centre arena , Charlottetown Driving Park harness race track, and the Ardgowan National historic Site. A number of waterfront recreation activities are accessible nearby in the downtown


Charlottetown began as a “planned” community in 1764 when it was founded and first surveyed by Captain Samuel Johannes Holland. This area in the city’s west side, is centered on University Rd, named for begin the location of the UPEI campus, and covers the broad area nestled between Mount Edward Rd and the North (Yorke) River. Between Mount Edward and University is a swath of institutional land, including the Experimental Farm, close to town, and further way the University of PEI and Holland College , and then Charlottetown Mall, the Island’s largest. The area to the west of University Rd is primarily residential. This area has ready access to the airport, the Trans-Canada #1 to the Confederation Bridge, as well as to Highway #7 to PEI National Park, and #2 to Summerside and he Islands west end.