Confederation bridge under construction

While until a few years ago, you could only reach (or leave) the Island by ferry, today, you can take the Confederation Bridge, which is not only faster, but open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in pretty well all kinds of weather.

The 12.9 km (9 mile) Confederation Bridge joins Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island and Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick and is the longest bridge over ice covered waters in the world.

The Bridge is privately maintained, managed and operated by border Crossing Ltd. and its subsidiary company border Crossing Bridge Ltd.
Confederation Bridge's Navigation Span
Opened on May 31, 1997, the bridge is 11 m wide and carries two lanes of traffic, each 3.75 m wide, with an emergency shoulder lane 1.75 m wide for each direction of traffic.

At the normal travelling speed is 80 km/h it takes approximately 10 minutes to cross the Bridge. Overtaking and passing are not permitted on the Bridge. Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods and Special Loads are required to report to the Bridge Control Centre to receive crossing information.

A round trip Bridge toll is paid on exiting Prince Edward Island. You can also take the ferry from Wood Island to Caribou, Nova Scotia

Additional Axle, over 2:$8.25

Services available on the Bridge include, full video surveillance, emergency call boxes, fire extinguishing, emergency alarm system, emergency response system. There is also a free shuttle service available for people travelling on foot or bicycle.

Confederation Bridge Area Map