La Poctiere, Quebec on the Trans-Canada Highway

This 5,000 population town on the souoth shore of the St Lawrence was founded in 1672. The Pocatiere seigneury was granted to Marie-Anne Juchereau, the widow of Fraoncoids pollet de la Combe-Pocatiere, and officer in the Caignan regiment. The seigneury passed through the hands of the d'Auteuil and later the Dionne family, In 1827, the town open a college, which founded Canada's first agricultural school in 1859.

Today, the town's main employer is a Bombardier factory,which builds subway cars used in Montreal and New York.


Museum François-Pilot
100, 4th Avenue
Pocatière (Quebec)
G0R 1Z0
(418) 856-3145 off season: (418) 856-3145 fax(418) 856-5611 off season: (418) 856-5611
Discover the history of sugars, the sugar trade and transport, as well as local ploughing implements and the coastal navigation. The restoration of a small-town dwelling, a farm, a school house, a general store and offices will take you back to the "olden days". Discover the tools for teaching of the sciences at the first agriculture college in Canada. There is also a collections of birds, stuffed animals, fish and shells, an international numismatic collection.Open daily yea-round: September - May (low season): Monday - Friday. Guided toursin French or English, though exhibits only in French.

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