This 5,800 resident community is in the middle of the Upper Gatineau valley located in the Outaouais region of Quebec and all its natural and recreational possibilities. Cantley is about 15 kilometres due north of Gatineau, Quebec and about 20 km southest from the town of Wakefield.

The Cantley post office was named in 1857, likely after a town in Norfolk, England (between Norwich and Great Yarmouth), the birthplace of an early pioneer. The largely rural municipality was severed from the city of Gatineau in 1989.

Municipalite de Cantley

History of Cantley, Quebec

The area around Cantley was long settled by the Algonquin people. The arrival of French explorers and fur traders in the 1600s marked the beginning of the fur trade and of  European presence in the region. The Gatineau River near Cantley, which flows into the Ottawa River was a vital waterway for fur trade activities.

The Outaouais region as well as Cantley experienced growth over the 1800s due to the lumber industry haresting the area’s extensive forests.

As the lumber industry declined, agriculture became more prominent in the region, as settlers took advantage for the cleared land and good soils.

Hydroelectric development of the Gatineau River happened in the early to mid 1900s nrought electrification to homes and businesses and grew economic opportunities  in the region.

Cantley was part of the township of Hull, and was officially incorporated as a municipality in 1989. Cantley  is attractive for residents who appreciate the natural surroundings and proximity to both Gatineau and Ottawa. The municipality has maintained a balance between rural landscapes and residential development. The region has natural beauty, including forests, lakes, and the Gatineau River.

Cantley Attractions

Ferme des 2 Mondes (Tour of 2 Worlds)

1118 Montee de la Source, Hwy 307

Visit a turn-of-the-century farm with activities, farm animals, herbs, vegetable crops, and field crops. The farm lies between two 100 year old churches, and showcases the Irish heritage of early settlers to the area. The Victorian-style farmhouse was build originally by Samy James McClelland, who with his five boys ran the farm. Guides in 1918 period costumes showcase the horse-drawn rides, country handicrafts, an old forge, and villages school, and the farming implements of the past. There are several recreational pathways and trails, and you can reserve a horseback ride. Group tours, special events. Reservations required.

Mont Cascades

7 km west on hwy 307 to 448 Mont Cascades Rd
819-827-0301 1-888-282-2722

This winter downhill ski area, and summer waterpark. The waterpark is open June weekends 10 sm to 5 pm, July & August daily 10 am to 6 pm. Admission $$$

Laflèche Caves

255 Route Principale, Val-des-Monts, QC J8N 4B7
(Hwy 366 & 307, Val-des-Montes, north-east of Cantley)
819-457-4033 1-877-457-4033

These are the largest caves in the Canadian Shield, with total length of 402 metres, a 30 metre long main chamber, and a 6 metre high ceiling. The caves are on two levels separated by a 20 metre vertical shaft, and are estimated to be between 12,000 and 20,000 years old. The caves have been open for tours since 1937 by hull businessman Zephir Lafleche, the first owner of the caves. Wear warm clothing a good walking shoes. Learn about the geological, biological and historical evolution of the region in the Visitor Centre (with summer snack shop). Explore the area’s nature trails and picnic areas. In the winter, see the water stalagmites and stalactites. Open year-round. Reservations a must. Admission includes a 1 hour guided tour, plus access to trails and observation tower. Admission $$$. There are 3 hours caving adventure tours, which includes areas not accessible to the general public, $$$

Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Church

Highway 366, Val-des-Monts (Perkins)

This 1907 church is built in Norman-style brick, and has five bells with an interesting ring, and a night-illuminated cross. Interior tours available upon request.

Cantley, Quebec Area Map