Montreal downtown, viewed from across St Lawrence

Autoroute 40 east of Montreal

In 1997, the AutoRoute 40 outside of Montreal (other than the part called the Metropolitan Autoroute) was renamed Autoroute Félix-Leclerc after the late Quebec artist and political activist Félix Leclerc.

The western terminus of Autoroute 40 is located at the Ontario-Quebec border, where it continues westward as Highway 417 towards Ottawa. The portion of Autoroute 40 from the Ontario border to Autoroute 25 is part of the Trans-Canada Highway. The eastern terminus is in Boischatel, where it transitions into Route 138, which follows the north shore of the Gulf of St Lawrence, and a road link to Labrador.

Trois Riviere

Originally the route of A40 was planned to run north of Trois Riviere. Instead, A40 doglegs through Trois Riviere, as you drive east, the rote jumps south about 3 km, using 155/A-55, which continues to cross to the south shore to also connect with A-20.

AutoRoute 20 east of Montreal

The A-20 east of Montreal (from the A-25 junction to its easternmost terminus) is named after Jean Lesage, who served as Premier of Quebec from 1960 to 1966, during the Quiet Revolution.

A-20 passes through Drummondville and Victoriaville, and continues east past Riviere-du-Loup to Riviere-Trois-Pistoles, where it merges with 132, the road that has followed the south bank of the St Lawrence from Valleyfield, just east of the Ontario-Quebec border.

Saint-Vailier (Bellechasse)

On the south shore, at Saint-Vailier, the engineers discovered a very unstable zone of clay which required the construction of a drainage system, as a series of steel pipes with a diameter of 16 feet

Quebec City Region

The A-20 continues across the Quebec City via the Pierre Laporte Bridge. While the control city on the A-20 is listed as “Québec”, the Autoroute never enters the city proper. Before departing the region the A-20 bypasses suburban Lévis.

During the Ice Ages, this area was sunk below sea level by the weight of the ice above. When they recede the glacial meltwaters provided rich sediments on the lowest areas

Ferries across St Lawrence

There are five car ferry crossing points across St Lawrence east of Quebec City. As far east as Baeie Comeau and Godbout on the north shore, and as far as Matane on the south shore.

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