Saskatchewan: #1 between Swift Current and Regina

Wheatfield and Saskatchewan Skies

Why Travel between Swift Current and Regina?

East of Swift Current is Lake Diefenbaker, which is out of site, but not far from the highway. The irrigation from here makes agriculture in Saskatchewan so productive. You curve around Moose Jaw, known for its 1930s-era bootlegger underground tunnel system and home to Canada's Snowbirds military aerobatic team. Then you pass just south of Regina and its airport.

Here is the itinerary for the 235 km along Highway #1 between Swift Current and Regina:

Grain Elevator, at a track in western Saskatchewan Southwestern Saskatchewan was at the foot of the Ice Age glaciers that covered much of the continent, and large leaks of meltwater formed in the area. The "north Hill" in Swift Current was the shoreline for the ancient lake. The glaciers left a high gravel morraine north of the highway between Waldeck and Rush Lake, and left hills at Ernfold and left beaches at Caron. The glaciers also left behind hidden underground rivers, still used to provide water to farmers and towns today.

Swift Current is the market town for farms and businesses in southwest Saskatchewan. The area was settled in the early 1900s by homesteaders from Germany, hence names like "Waldeck" which means a wooded corner, so named for the trees along the banks of Swift Current Creek.

Chaplin Lake lies in a basin with no exit, so water entering the lake from area streams can only leave by solar evaporation. This process leaves behind various mineral salts, and high salinity in the water. Chaplin lake is home to brine shrimp used in pet foods and by fish hatcheries, and the sodium sulphate is used in processing forest products.

The Trans-Canada between Valjean and Parkbeg passes through a field of small ponds, caused by large chucks of ice left behind by retreating Ice Age glaciers amongst the usual rocks and gravel. When the ice melted, a pond remained.

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Canada's Snowbirds Aerobatic team is based at CFB Moose Jaw, just south of the Trans-Canada Moose Jaw grew to be a major community initially because of the importance of Moose Jaw Creek to supply water to the railway's steam locomotives. The community's underground tunnel system made it a popular hideout for Prohibition-era smugglers.

McCallum Towers indotntown Region The open and flat Regina Plain stretching east from Moose Jaw used to be the bottom of Ice Age Lake Regina. The fine sandy soil was ideal for growing wheat. Canada's Durham wheat is used in many foods, including Italian (yes, Italian) spaghetti. The Durham wheat was specially created for Canada's short summers and grows to maturity in only 90 days.

The intense agriculture use of the land is helped with various fertilizers. A mine at Belle Plain extracts naturally occurring potash (Saskatchewan's second biggest export) from former ocean beds 1600 m (5200 ft) below the surface.

History of the Trans-Canada from Swift Current to Regina

Swift Current to Regina

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Saskatchewan Highways road condition reports for this segment.

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Highway Point & Features


Hwy 6 cloverleaf interchange, N to Albert St, all services, continuing into downtown, S to Rowatt, Weyburn and Estevan (Regina)  574.2 
access to downtown Regina..

Access to Weyburn, 115 km..

service stations to N of highway: Shell, 7-Eleven, Co-op, Esso..

Southland Mall , 1 km S of highway, shops & food court...

9 screen movie multiplex in Southland Mall..

Holiday Inn Express - Regina South, 1.6 km N of highway..

Travelodge Regina, 1.6 km N of highway..

West Harvest Inn, 3 km N of highway..

Saskatchewan Legislature Building, about 4,.7 km N of highway..

Taylor Field, home of Saskatchewan Roughriders, via Dewdney Ave, 6.6 km N of highway..

Downtown Regina hotels, over 15 listed..

Plains Hotel, 5.6 km N of hihgway..

Turgeon International Hostel, downtown, 5 km N of highway..

Regina photos..
Lewvan Dr N, access to Regina Airport, pond visible S of hwy (Regina)  571.2 
Regina International Airport, 5 km N of highway, with restaurants, car rentals..

Daybreak B&B, 2.2 km N of highway..

RCMP Heritage Centre, RCMP, Training Academy, Louis Riel Execution Site, via Dewdney Ave, 8.7 km N of highway..

Brandt Centre, home of Regina Pats, Soccer Facility, Indoor Skateboard Park 6 km N of highway..

This intersection/interchange is undergoing major construction, begun in 2009 and expected to last several years. Exerise caution.
Pinkie Rd 570 
Sakimay First Nations, Reserve 74-6 (Grenfell band) to N of highway..
Government Weigh Scales, Telephone 569.4 
14  Sherwood Forest Rd, town of Grand Coulee, Sherwood Forest Country Club (Grand Coulee)  573.3 
Village of Grand Coulee, pop. 400, 4 km N of highway. No services...

Sherwood Forest Country Club, with golf, camping, picnic area. 5 km N of highway..
22  Highway Turnout, N side of highway 572.4 
26  Hwy 641 Keytowne Rd N, to Pense (2 km) (Pense)  573 
Village of Pense, 2 km N of highway, restaurants, auto repair..

Town of Rouleau, 30 km SE of highway. Set for town of 'Dog River' in popular Corner Gas comedy show

Set of Corner Gas TV show's 'Dog River' (see link to Google Maps)
37  Village of Belle Plaine, N of Hwy (Belle Plaine)  577.9 
Village of Belle Plaine, just N of highway, with motel, gas, restaurant...
39  Hwy 642 N 577 
46.4  Highway 639 S to Claybank 577.9 
Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site, about 39 km S of highway..
57  Highway 39 S Exit, half cloverleaf, S to Pasqua, Weyburn, and Hwy 301 N 542.5 
Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, canping, about 21 km N of highway..

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Campground..

City of Weyburn, 146 km to SE..

Pasqua, no services, 4 km S of highway..
59  Petrolia Rd exit and N& S service roads 547.1 
service station on S (EB) side..

Motel on S (EB) side of highway..
61  Crossing Moose Jaw River (Moose Jaw)  534 
Westbound sign: Welcome to Moose Jaw "The Friendly City"..
62  Caribou St intersection, EB exit to Hwy 2 S (Moose Jaw)  538.6 
62  Hwy #2 S Exit, WB ("Manitoba Expressway" intown (Moose Jaw)  531.9 
access to downtown Moose Jaw,all services..

Parke Lodge, just west of highway..
64  Thatcher Dr intersection, access to Prairie Oasis Campground, RV park (Moose Jaw)  563.9 
Prairie Oasis Tourist Complex, motel, camping, indoor waterslides, gas station, just W of highway...
65  EB access to Highland Rd, access to Western Development Museum (Moose Jaw)  568.8 
Western Development Museum, just S of highway..
66  North Service Rd Exit WB (Moose Jaw)  571.5 
66  Main St N Interchange, Highway 2 (Moose Jaw)  572.4 
Moose Jaw, access to downtown..

Casino Moose Joose Jaw, downtown, 3.3 km S of highway..

Murals of Moose Jaw, various buildings around downtown..

Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery, 3.3 km S of highway..

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum, about 18 km S of highway..

Western Development Museum, 2 km SE of highway, via Diefenbaker Dr..

Tunnels of Moose Jaw, downtown, 3,3 km S of highway..

Super 8 - Moose Jaw, 0.8 km S of highway..

Heritage Inn - Moose Jaw, 0/8 km S of hihgway..

Days Inn, 0.8 km S of highway..

Comfort Inn Moose Jaw, 0.8 km S of highway..

15 Wing Military Aviation Museum, at CFB Moose Jaw, home of Canada's Snowbirds. About 11 km S of highway...

Town 'N' Country Mall, 0.9 km S of highway..

Galaxy Cinemas at Town N Country Mall, 6 screen multiplex theatre, in mall just south of highway..
68  9th Ave NW intersection, access to North Service Rd (Moose Jaw)  569.7 
City of Moose Jaw..

This intersection has a number of accidents... no turning lane of eastbound traffic causing accidents with on-coming traffic..
80  Road S to town of Boharm (3 km) 566.9 
88  Village of Caronport (Caronport)  561.1 
Pilgrim Inn..
93  643 N to town of Keeler, 735 S 565.4 
99  Access Rd, south to Besant Trans-Canada Campground (in Caron) (Vesant)  601.4 
100  Roadside turnout, both directions 593.1 
106  Highway 735 N, Rose St, south to town of Mortlach (.5 km) continuing as Hwy 626 (Mortlach)  605.9 
Village of Mortlach, 5 km S of highway..
112  Access Rd, hwy divides to west 601.4 
120  Access Rd N & S t Hwy 627, town of Parkbeg to S (Parkbeg)  613.9 
121  Darmody Rd, Hwy 627 (Darmody)  621.2 
123  Road crossing 635.8 
125  Highway divides to east 646.2 
128  U-Turn for vehicles 680.6 
131  U-Turn for vehicles 679.4 
135  Secretian Rd, and rail underpass 703.2 
149  Highway 58, village of Chaplin, accommodation, salt ponds,, S to Gravelbourg (Chaplin)  669 
Silver Dollar RV Park & Campground, Chaplin, (306) 395-2332 just N of highway..

Chaplin Hotel..
153  highway divides to west, to east passes N of Chaplin Lake 671.5 
157  Road south 664.5 
166  Highway 1/19 exit for Ernfold N of EB, S of WB (highway diviides to east) (Ernfold)  716 
172  Highway 19 S to Hodgeville (35 km) 707.7 
175  Reed Lake to S (WB) 690.7 
177  Hwy 644 N, and Town of Morse, 649 S across Reed Lake (Morse)  687.9 
Town of Morse..

Little House on the Prairie Bed & Breakfast..

Morse Campground..

Motel 9..

Morse Museum & Cultural Centre ..

Reed Lake habitat preservation..
179  Reed Lake Wildlife Observation Point (Morse)  689.5 
186  crossing Reed Lake to S of TCH 689.2 
187  Highway 612 S to Neidpath (20km) 689.8 
189  Highway 645 W to Herbert, gas, 1 km (Herbert)  699.8 
191  Highway 612 N to Herbert 100 m, north to Main Centre (Herbert)  700.7 
gas station in Herbert, just N of highway...
205  Rush Lake Rd, town of Rush Lake 1 km N (Rush Lake)  777.2 
209  Hwy 628 S 717.8 
217  Access Rd N & S 722.7 
218  Hwy 628 N, east Waldeck access road (Waldeck)  718.1 
219  Central Waldeck access road (Waldeck)  726.6 
220  West Waldeck access road (Waldeck)  727.3 
227  Airport Rd, S to Swift Current Airport 737.6 
Swift Current Airport, 6.4 km S of highway..
228  Access Rd N & S 733.7 
229  Access Rd N & S 729.7 
232  RV/Mobile Home Park on S side (Swift Current)  734.9 
Ponderos Campground, just south of highway..

Grandma Bep's B&B, just north of highway..
233  6th Ave NE underpass (Swift Current)  758.6 
Safari Inn, SE corner of intersection..

Thriftlodge, NW corner of intersection..

Super 8 Motel, NW corner of intersection..

Caravel Motel, NE side of intersection..

Days Inn Swift Current, NE side of intersection..
233  Junction 22 Ave NW / Highway 4 (Swift Current)  732.7 
Silver Saddle Suites, 2.3 km S of hihgway..

Oountry Comfort B&B, 3.7 km S of highway..

Green Hectares B&B, 1.5 km NE of intersection..

Doc's Town & Mennonite Heritage Village..

Kiwanis SK8 Park, 10,000 sq Street Style skateboarding park in Western Canada, along 13th Avenue NE at Riverdene Park. 1.4 km S of highway..

Elmwood Golf & Country Club, 1.7 km S of highway..

Swift Current Airpot, 8.5 km SE of intersection, via S Railway St..
233  Swift Current Creek crossing (Swift Current)  730.6 
235  Central Ave N intersection, S to downtown Swift Current, Highway 4 N to Leader, Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park (Swift Current)  766 
Best Western Inn, just S of highway..

Westwind Motel, just N of highway..

Cypress Regional Hospital, 1.4 km SE of highway, via Central 1st Ave and Lorne St E..

York Hotel, downtown, 1.7 km S of highway. ..

Imperial Hotel, downtown, 1.7 km S of highway. ..

Rainbow Motel, SE side of intersection ..

City Cenre Motel, SE side of intersection ..

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, on Lake Diefenbaker, 51 km N of highway. water sports, camping, golfing..

Swift Current Museum, just NW of intersection..

Sask Landing Golf Resort, 51 km N of highway...

Chinook Golf Course, at south end of town, along Swift Current Creek and Horseshoe Lake. 3.5 km S of highway..

Cinema Twin Theatres, in downtown, 1.6 km S of highway...


Highway Point & Features


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