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Overnight Stops: Winnipeg - Regina - Saskatoon - Prince Albert 2 nights - Winnipeg

Fly into Winnipeg (1), and spend the night getting your feet settled. Start west along the Trans-Canada Highway to see the lush and hilly Manitoba farmlands and cross the border into Saskatchewan where the land is so flat you can almost see the curve of the earth along the horizon. Arrive in the modern capital city of Regina (2), and enjoy Wascana Park, a wetland oasis in a sea of otherwise relatively dry farming country. While here, visit the training ground for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and learn about the Northwest Rebellion that caused its formation. Head west to Moose Jaw and see the home of the Snowbirds, the Armed Forces aerobatic team, as well as the intriguing underground tunnels that reportedly protected Al Capone in his gangster heyday. Head north past the vast artificial Lake Diefenbaker, a vital tool for irrigation to the area's expansive farm fields.

View of River Landing in Saskatoon The next day, make your way to friendly and diverse Saskatoon (3), a commercial centre for Saskatchewan, with oilfields to the west, the potash mines to the south, the forests to the north, and the farmlands to the east. With its many bridges over the wide and winding South Saskatchewan River, it is a town with lots of culture. Visit the U of S Campus, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, or perhaps wander through the Diefenbaker Canada Centre. From here you journey north to beautiful Prince Albert (4,5), for two nights and Prince Albert National Park to marvel at its lakes, forest, and wild buffalo herds while enjoying some horseback riding, hiking or cycling.

Head southeast along the #16 Yellowhead Highway back across the Saskatchewan prairie through the commercial centre of Yorkton, home to the OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre. Continue east through Neepawa, the lily capital of the world, and Minnedosa, home to the Minnedosa Heritage Village, before ending back into Winnipeg (6).

View of swimmers at Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg If it's sun you're craving, you can take in Winnipeg Beach with its vast sandy beaches before heading into downtown Winnipeg (6) to enjoy a wide array of unique attractions. Make a trek to the Exchange District, north of downtown which has many buildings dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. The city is also home to a host of fashion designers, clothing retail chains, restaurants and great shopping.

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Overnight Stops: Winnipeg - Regina - Saskatoon - Prince Albert 2 nights - Winnipeg

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